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(Revision 6)

§1942.17 (f)(2) (Con.) RD Instruction 1942-A

(i) The primary purpose of the loan is to upgrade existing facilities or construct new facilities required to meet applicable health or sanitary standards. Documentation will be obtained from the appropriate regulatory agency with jurisdiction to establish the standard, to verify that a bona fide standard exists, what that standard is, and that the proposed improvements are needed and required to meet the standard; and (Revised 3-1-88, SPECIAL PN.)

(ii) The median household income of the service area is below the poverty line for a family of four, as defined in Section 673 (2) of the Community Services Block Grant Act (42 U.S.C. 9902(2)), or below 80 percent of the Statewide nonmetropolitan median household income. (Revised 3-25-86, SPECIAL PN.)


(Added 05-19-92, SPECIAL PN)

(2-6-85) PN 956

§1942.17 (f) (Con.) RD Instruction 1942-A

(3) Intermediate rate. The intermediate interest rate will be set at the poverty line rate plus one-half of the difference between the poverty line rate and the market rate, not to exceed 7 percent per annum. It will apply to loans that do not meet the requirements for the poverty line rate and for which the median household income of the service area is below the poverty line or not more than 100 percent of the nonmetropolitan median household income of the State. (Revised 10-28-87, PN 67.)
(4) Market rate. The market interest rate will be set using as guidance the average of the Bond Buyer Index for the four weeks prior to the first Friday of the last month before the beginning of the quarter. The market rate will apply to all loans that do not qualify for a different rate under paragraph (f)(2) or (f)(3) of this section. It may be adjusted as provided in paragraph (f)(5) of this section.
(5) Prime farmland. For essential community facilities loans, the rate indicated by paragraphs (f)(2), (f)(3) or (f)(4) of this section will be increased by two per centum per annum if the project being financed will involve the use of, or construction on, prime or unique farmland in accordance with RD Instruction 440.1,
Exhibits B and J (available in any Rural Development office).
(6) Income determination. The income data used to determine median household income should be that which most accurately reflects the income of the service area. The service area is that area reasonably expected to be served by the facility being financed by Rural Development. The median household income of the service area and the nonmetropolitan median household income of the State will be determined from income data from the most recent decennial census of the U.S. If there is a reason to believe that the census data is not an accurate representation of the median household income within the area to be served, the reasons will be documented and the applicant may furnish, or Rural Development may obtain, additional information regarding such median household income. Information will consist of reliable data from local, regional, State or Federal sources or from a survey conducted by a reliable impartial source. The nonmetropolitan median household income of the State may only be updated on a national basis by the Rural Development National Office. This will be done only when median household income data for the same year for all Bureau of the Census areas is available from the Bureau of the Census, or other reliable sources. Bureau of the Census areas would include areas such as: Counties, County Subdivisions, Cities, Towns, Townships, Boroughs, and other places. (Revised 10-28-87, PN 67.)


(Revision 5)

(02-06-85) PN 956

RD Instruction 1942-A

§1942.17 (f) (Con.)

(7) Repayment terms. The loan repayment period shall not exceed the useful life of the facility, State statute or 40 years from the date of the note(s) or bond(s), whichever is less. Where Rural Development grant funds are used in connection with an Rural Development loan, the loan will be for the maximum term permitted by this subpart, State statute, or the useful life of the facility, whichever is less, unless there is an exceptional case where circumstances justify making an Rural Development loan for less than the maximum term permitted. In such cases, the reasons must be fully documented. In all cases, including those in which the Rural Development is jointly financing with another lender, the Rural Development payments of principal and interest should approximate amortized installments. (Revised 06-26-91, PN 168.)

(i) Principal payments may be deferred, in whole or in part, for a period not to exceed 36 months following the date the first interest installment is due. If for any reason it appears necessary to permit a longer period of deferment, the State Director may authorize such deferment with the prior approval of the National Office. Deferments of principal will not be used to: (Revised and Renumbered 03-01-88, SPECIAL PN.)
(A) Postpone the levying of taxes or assessments.
(B) Delay collection of the full rates which the borrower has agreed to charge users for its services as soon as major benefits or the improvements are available to those users.
(C) Create reserves for normal operation and maintenance.
(D) Make any capital improvements except those approved by Rural Development determined to be essential to the repayment of the loan or to the obtaining of adequate security thereof.
(E) Accelerate the payment of other debts.
(ii) Payment date. Loan payments will be scheduled to coincide with income availability and be in accordance with State law. If consistent with the foregoing, monthly payments will be required and will be enumerated in the bond, other evidence of indebtedness, or other supplemental agreement. However, if State law only permits principal plus interest (P&I) type bonds, annual or seminannual payments will be used.

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