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RD Instruction 1942-A

Table of Contents

Page 1

(Revision 1)

Subpart A - Community Facility Loans

Table of Contents

Sec. Page
1942.1 General. 1

1942.2 Processing applications. 2

(a) Preapplications. 2

(b) Environmental review. 5

(c) Applications. 5

(d) Review of decision. 6

(e) Joint funding. 6
1942.3 Preparation of appraisal reports. 7

1942.4 Borrower contracts. 7

1942.5 Application review and approval. 7
(a) Procedures for review. 7

(b) Projects requiring National Office review. 10

(c) For all applications. 11

(d) Loan approval and obligating funds. 12

1942.6 Preparation for loan closing. 13
(a) Obtaining closing instructions. 13

(b) Verification of users and other funds. 13

(c) Initial compliance review. 14

(d) Ordering loan checks. 14

(e) Multiple advances of Rural Development funds. 14
1942.7 Loan closing. 15
(a) Authority to execute, file, and record legal
instruments. 15

(b) Preparation of mortgages. 15

(c) Source of funds for insured loans. 15

(d) Unused funds. 15

(e) Loan disbursements. 15

(f) Supervised bank accounts. 15

(11-17-04) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1942-A

Table of Contents

Page 2

(Revision 1)
Sec. Page

1942.8 Actions subsequent to loan closing. 15

(a) Mortgages. 15

(b) Notes and bonds. 16

(c) Multiple advances - bond(s). 16

(d) Bond registration record. 16

(e) Disposition of title evidence. 16

(f) Material for State Office. 16

(g) State Office review of loan closing. 16

(h) Safeguarding bond shipments. 17

(i) Water stock certificates. 17
1942.9 Planning, bidding, contracting, and constructing. 17
(a) Review of construction plans and specifications. 17

(b) Contract approval. 17

(c) Bid irregularities. 17

(d) Noncompliance. 17

1942.10 - 1942.11 [Reserved] 17

1942.12 Loan cancellation. 17A

(a) Form RD 1940-10, "Cancellation of U.S. Treasury

Check and/or Obligation." 17A

(b) Notice of cancellation. 17A
1942.13 Loan servicing. 17A

1942.14 Subsequent loans. 17A

1942.15 Delegation and redelegation of authority. 17A

1942.16 State supplements and guides. 17A

(a) State supplements. 17B

(b) State guides. 17B

1942.17 Community Facilities. 18

1942.18 Community Facilities - Planning, Bidding,

Contracting, Constructing. 75

1942.19 Information pertaining to preparation of notes or bonds and

bond transcript documents for public body applicants. 96

1942.20 Community Facility Guides. 107

1942.21 Statewide Nonmetropolitan Median Household Income. 108

1942.22 - 1942.49 [Reserved] 108

1942.50 OMB control number. 109

Exhibit A OMB CIRCULAR NO. A-128

Exhibit B USDA Regional Inspector General (OIG) Contacts for Audits

Automation Supplement Engineering Fee Analysis (Distribution: WS only)


RD Instruction 1942-A
Subpart A - Community Facility Loans
§ 1942.1 General.
(a) This subpart outlines the policies and procedures for making and processing insured loans for community facilities except fire and rescue and other small essential community facility loans and water and waste disposal facilities. This subpart applies to Community Facilities loans for fire and rescue and other small essential community facility loans only as specifically provided for in subpart C of this part. Water and waste loans are provided for in part 1780 of this title. The Agency shall cooperate fully with State and local agencies in making loans to ensure maximum support to the State strategy for rural development. State Directors and their staffs shall maintain coordination and liaison with State agency and substate planning districts. Funds allocated for use under this subpart are also for the use of Indian tribes within the State, regardless of whether State development strategies include Indian reservations within the State's boundaries. Indians residing on such reservations must have equal opportunity to participate in the benefits of these programs as compared with other residents of the State. Federal statutes provide for extending the Agency’s financial programs without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, age, or physical/mental handicap. The participants must possess the capacity to enter into legal contracts under State and local statutes. Any processing or servicing activity conducted pursuant to this subpart involving authorized assistance to Agency employees, members of their families, known close relatives, or business or close personal associates, is subject to the provisions of subpart D of part 1900 of this chapter. Applicants for this assistance are required to identify any known relationship or association with an Agency employee. (Revised 02-09-04, SPECIAL PN.)
(b) Indian tribes on Federal and State reservations and other Federally recognized Indian tribes are eligible to apply for and are encouraged to participate in this program. Such tribes might not be subject to State and local laws or jurisdiction. However, any requirements of this subpart that affect applicant eligibility, the adequacy of the Agency's security or the adequacy of service to users of the facility and all other requirements of this subpart must be met.

DISTRIBUTION: WSAL Loan and Grant Making



(Revision 10)

(2-6-85) PN 956

RD Instruction 1942-A

§ 1942.1 (Con.)

(c) Loans sold without insurance by the Agency to the private sector will be serviced in the private sector and will not be serviced under this subpart. The provisions of this subpart are not applicable to such loans. Future changes to this subpart will not be made applicable to such loans. (Revised 10-20-87, SPECIAL PN.)

(d) The Area Office will normally be the entry point for preapplications and serve as a local contact point. Applications will be filed with the Area Office and loans will be processed to the maxium extent possible by the Area Office staff. The applicant's governing body should designate one person to coordinate the activities of its engineer, architect, attorney, and any other professional employees and to act as contact person during loan processing. Agency personnel should make every effort to involve the applicant's contact person when meeting with the applicant's professional consultants and/or agents. The State Office staff will monitor community programs loanmaking and servicing, and will provide assistance to Area Office personnel to the extent necessary to assure that the activities are being accomplished in an orderly manner consistent with the Agency’s regulations. (Revised 05-19-92, SPECIAL PN.)
§ 1942.2 Processing applications.
(a) Preapplications.
(1) The Area Office may handle initial inquiries and provide basic information about the program. They are to provide the preapplication, SF 424.2, "Application for Federal Assistance (For Construction)." The Rural Development Manager will assist applicants as needed in completing SF 424.2, and in filing written notice of intent and request for priority recommendation with the appropriate clearinghouse. The Rural Development Manager will inform the applicant that it may be necessary to apply for credit from commercial sources. It will be explained that if credit for the project is available from commercial sources at reasonable rates and terms the applicant is not eligible for the Agency’s financing. The Rural Development Manager will meet with the applicant, whenever appropriate to discuss the

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