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(Revision 2)

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

§1924.5 (f)(l) (Con.)
(iii) Rural Development will accept final drawings and specifications and any modifications thereof only after the documents have been certified in writing as being in conformance with the applicable development standard if required under paragraph (d)(l) of this section. Certification is required for all Single Family Housing (SFH) thermal designs (plans, specifications, and calculations). (Revised 08-26-94, SPECIAL PN.)
(A) Certifications may be accepted from individuals or organizations who are trained and experienced in the compliance, interpretation or enforcement of the applicable development standards for drawings and specifications. Plan certifiers may be any of the following:
(1) Licensed architects,
(2) Professional engineers,
(3) Plan reviewers certified by a national model code organization listed in Exhibit E to this subpart,
(4) Local building officials authorized to review and approve building plans and specifications, or
(5) National codes organizations listed in Exhibit E to this subpart.
(B) The license or authorization of the individual must be current at the time of the certification statement. A building permit (except as noted in paragraph (f)(l)(iii)(C)(2) of this section) or professional's stamp is not an acceptable substitute for the certification statement. However, a code compliance review conducted by one of the National recognized code organizations indicating no deficiencies or the noted deficiencies have been corrected is an acceptable substitute for the certification statement.
(C) For Single Family Housing (one to four family dwelling units) Rural Development may also accept drawings and specifications that have been certified by:
(1) Registered Professional Building Designers certified by the American Institute of Building Design.


(Revision 2)

RD Instruction 1924-A

§1924.5 (f)(l)(iii)(C) (Con.)

(2) A local community, if that community has adopted, by reference, one of the model building codes and has trained official(s) who reviews plans as well as inspects construction for compliance as a requisite for issuing a building permit. The building permit, issued by the community, may serve as evidence of acceptance. The State Director will determine eligible communities and publish, as a State supplement to this section, a list of those communities that qualify.
(3) A plan service that provides drawings and specifications that are certified by individuals or organizations as listed in paragraphs (f)(l)(iii)(A) or (f)(l)(iii)(C)(1) and (2) of this section as meeting the appropriate State adopted development standard.
(4) Builders/Contractors who provide 10-year warranty plans for the specific Rural Development financed dwelling unit that meet the requirements of Exhibit L of this subpart.
(5) Builders/Contractors that are approved by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for self-certification.
(D) The modifications of certified drawings or specifications must be certified by the same individual or organization that certified the original drawings and specifications. If such individual or organization is not available, the entire set of modified drawings and specifications must be recertified.
(E) The certification of modifications for single family housing (SFH) construction may be waived if the builder provides a written statement that the modifications are not regulated by the applicable development standard. The County Supervisor may consult with the State Office Architect/Engineer as the acceptance of the statement and granting a waiver.
(F) All certifications of final drawings, specifications, and calculations shall be on Form RD 1924-25, "Plan Certification." (Revised 08-26-94, SPECIAL PN.)


(Revision 2)

(05-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

§1924.5 (f) (Con.)

(2) Responsibility of the County Supervisor or District Director. In accordance with program regulations for loans and grants they are required to process, the County Supervisor or District Director, for the sole benefit of Rural Development, will:

(i) Visit each farm or site on which the development is proposed. For an FO loan, the County Supervisor and the applicant will determine the items of development necessary to put the farm in a livable and operable condition at the outset. Prepare Form RD 1924-1, when applicable in accordance with the Forms Manual Insert (FMI) for the form, after a complete understanding has been reached between the applicant and the County Supervisor regarding the development to be accomplished, including the dates each item of development will be started and completed.


(Revision 2)

RD Instruction 1924-A

§1924.5 (f) (2) (Con.)

(ii) Notify the loan or grant applicant in writing immediately if, after reviewing the preliminary proposal and inspecting the site, the proposal is nor acceptable. If the proposal is acceptable, an understanding will be reached with the applicant concerning the starting date for each item of development.
(iii) Discuss with the applicant the Rural Development requirements with respect to good construction and land development practices.
(iv) Advise the applicant regarding drawings, specifications, cost estimates, and other related material which the applicant must submit to the Rural Development for review before the loan can be developed. Advise the applicant of the information necessary in the drawings, how the cost estimates should be prepared, the number of sets of drawings, specifications, and cost estimates required, and the necessity for furnishing such information promptly. Advise the applicant that Rural Development will provide appropriate specification forms, Form RD 1924-2, "Description of Materials," and Form RD 1924-3, "Service Building Specifications." The applicant may, however, use other properly prepared specifications.
(v) Advise the applicant regarding Publications, plans, planning aids, engineering data, and other technical advice and assistance available through local, state, and Federal agencies, and private individuals and organizations.
(vi) Review the information furnished by the applicant to determine the completeness of the plans, adequacy of the cost estimates, suitability and soundness of the proposed development.
(vii) When appropriate, offer suggestions as to how drawings and specifications might be altered to improve the facility and better serve the needs of the applicant. The County supervisor or District Director may assist the applicant in making revisions to the drawings. When appropriate, the contract documents will be forwarded to the State architect/engineer for review. For revisions requiring technical determinations that Rural Development is not able to make, the applicant will be requested to obtain additional technical assistance.

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