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(Revision 3)

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

§ 1924.5(d)(1) (Con.)

(vii) Farm service buildings should be designed and constructed for adaptation to the local area. In designing and locating farm service buildings, consideration will be given to practices recommended by agriculture colleges, the Extension Service (ES), Natural Conservation Resources Service (NCRS) and other reliable sources.
(2) Drawings, specifications, and estimates will fully describe the work. Technical data, tests, or engineering evaluations may be required to support the design of the development. The "Guide for Drawings and Specifications," Exhibit C of this subpart, describes the drawings and specifications that are to be included in the application for building construction, and Subpart C of Part 1924 of this chapter describes the drawings that should be included for development of building sites. The specific development standard being used, if required under paragraph (d)(1) of this section will be identified on all drawings and specifications. (Revised 6-22-87, SPECIAL PN.)
(3) Materials acceptance shall be the same as described in paragraph X of Exhibit B to this subpart. (Revised 1-27-88, PN 75.)
(4) Except as provided in paragraphs (d)(4)(i) through (iii) of this section, new building construction and additions shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the earthquake (seismic) requirements of the applicable Agency’s development standard (building code). The analysis and design of structural systems and components shall be in accordance with applicable requirements of an acceptable model building code. (Added 01-10-97, SPECIAL PN.)
(i) Agricultural buildings that are not intended for human habitation are exempt from these earthquake (seismic) requirements.
(ii) Single family conventional light wood frame dwellings of two stories or 35 feet in height maximum shall be designed and constructed in accordance with the 1992 Council of American Building Officials (CABO) One and Two Family Dwelling Code or the latest edition.
(iii) Single family housing of masonry design and townhouses of wood frame construction and additions financed (either directly or through a guarantee) under title V of the Housing


(Revision 3)

RD Instruction 1924-A


Act of 1949 are recommended to be designed and constructed in accordance with the earthquake (seismic) requirements of one of the building codes that provides an equivalent level of safety to that contained in the latest edition of the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program’s (NEHRP) Recommended Provisions for the Development of Seismic Regulations for New Building (NEHRP Provisions).

(iv) Acknowledgment of compliance with the applicable seismic safety requirements for new construction will be contained in the certification of final plans and specification on the appropriate Agency form.
(e) Land development.
(1) In planning land development, consideration will be given to practices, including energy conservation measures, recommended by agricultural colleges, ES, NCRS or other reliable sources. All land and water development will conform to applicable laws, ordinances, zoning and other applicable regulations including those related to soil and water conservation and pollution abatement. The County Supervisor or District Director also will encourage the applicant to use any cost-sharing and planning assistance that may be available through agricultural conservation programs.
(2) Site and subdivision planning and development must meet the requirements of Subpart C of Part 1924 of this chapter. (Revised 6-22-87, SPECIAL PN.)
(3) Plans and descriptive material will fully describe the work.
(4) The site planning design, development, installation and set-up of manufactured home sites, rental projects and subdivisions shall meet the requirements of Exhibit J of this subpart and Subpart C of Part 1924 of this chapter. (Revised 6-22-87, SPECIAL PN.)


(Added 01-10-97, SPECIAL PN)

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

§1924.5 (e)(4) (Con.)

(i) Plans for land leveling, irrigation, or drainage should include a map of the area to be improved showing the existing conditions with respect to soil, topography, elevations, depth of topsoil, kind of subsoil, and natural drainage, together with the proposed land development.

(ii) When land development consists of, or includes, the conservation and use of water for irrigation or domestic purposes, the information submitted to the County Supervisor will include a statement as to the source of the water supply, right to the use of the water, and the adequacy and quality of the supply.
(f) Responsibilities for planning development. Planning construction and land development and obtaining technical services in connection with drawings, specification, and cost estimates are the sole responsibility of the applicant, with such assistance form the County Supervisor or District Director (whichever is the appropriate loan processing and servicing officer for the type of loan involved), as may be necessary to be sure that the development is properly planned in order to protect Rural Development's security.
(l) Responsibility of the applicant.
(i) The applicant will arrange for obtaining any required technical services from qualified technicians, tradespeople, and recognized plan services, and the applicant will furnish the Rural Development sufficient information to describe fully the planned development and the manner in which it will be accomplished.
(ii) When items of construction or land development require drawings and specification, they will be sufficiently complete to avoid any misunderstanding as to extent, kind, and quality of work to be performed. The applicant will provide Rural Development with one copy of the drawings and specifications. Approval will be indicated by the applicant and acceptance for the purposes of the loan indicated by the County Supervisor or District Director on all sheets of the drawings and at the end of the specifications, and both instruments will be a part of the loan docket. After the loan is closed, the borrower will retain a conformed copy of the approved drawings and specifications, and provide another conformed copy to the contractor. Items not requiring drawings and specifications may be described in narrative form.

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