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(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

Exhibit B

Attachment 2

Page 1
John Douth Manufacturing Company

3444 Residence Avenue

Elkton, Indiana 00051

Dear Sirs:
Although the documents submitted to this office have only received a cursory review, they appear to be in substantial compliance to qualify your firm for the type of acceptance indicated on the attached list.
The acceptance being issued is subject to this letter of conditions, compliance with HUD handbook 4950.1, Technical Suitability of Products Program Technical and Processing Procedures, compliance with Rural Development Thermal Performance Construction Standards, and compliance with the conditions set forth in the HUD acceptance document, if applicable, those number appears on the acceptance.
The manufacturer and the authorized builder-dealer bear the responsibility of complying with the above, the exhibits submitted and the applicable development standards.
The manufacturer and/or builder-dealer also shall:
1. Provide positive identification of the modular unit by model, date of manufacture and factory in which the unit has manufactured.

2. Furnish with each home to be financed by Rural Development in___ State ____, a written certificate (Attachment 5 to this Exhibit B) endorsed by the builder-dealer certifying that all requirements have been satisfied.

3. Furnish the local Rural Development County Supervisor with a complete set of drawings including site plans, description of materials, structural engineering bulletins when applicable in the state, and documentation relating to the manufacture, transportation, erection, and installation for each model of modular/panelized housing to be financed in the county. Electrical, plumbing and heating plans must be furnished for each model in addition to the basic drawings. Floor plans and elevation drawings may vary from those listed in Attachment 1 of Exhibit B to RD Instruction 1924-A to reflect each of the manufacturer's models provided they are in compliance with the applicable development standard and the Rural Development Thermal Performance Construction Standards and provided they have been accepted and listed in this state's approval of manufactured structures. No field alterations to the accepted models will be allowed.

4. Furnish, when required by the County Supervisor, foundation drawings (including special foundation design considerations when the unit is to be erected in seismic zones 1, 2 or 3) adapting the modular home to any unusual site conditions needing information additional to that furnished by the standard drawings.

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

Exhibit B

Attachment 2

Page 2

5. Furnish the County Office with a copy of inspection reports of the manufacturing facilities immediately after the inspection reports have been completed.

6. Allow Rural Development personnel to inspect the manufacturing facilities at any time and furnish all Rural Development State Offices, where acceptance has been obtained, with a copy of any Rural Development Inspection reports immediately after the inspection reports have been completed.
7. In the event there are major changes to the submitted drawings, obtain approval under the HUD Technical Suitability of Products Program and submit verification of this approval to the County Office for listing on the state's accepted list. Any modular home shipped with major changes incorporated, without such changes on file at the County Office may be rejected.
(Add state and local requirements appropriate to this letter of conditions.)
This acceptance may be subject to corrective action when deficiencies are noted in the product, field inspections, manufacturing facilities, or when there is noncompliance with the provisions of the HUD technical Suitability of Products Program.
The inclusion of these models on the accepted list is based only on the material and structural aspects of the manufactured units. Final determination of acceptability rests with Rural Development personnel. Other factors relating to the property in its entirety such as appraisal, location, sustained market acceptance, architectural planning and appeal, thermal qualities, mechanical and electrical equipment, etc., must be considered in the final determination.
Your cooperation in this acceptance program is appreciated.

State Director

RD Instruction 1924-A

Exhibit B

Attachment 3

Date _______________ File No._____




_________________________________ Acceptance Document______________
_________________________________ Type of Acceptance:
_________________________________ ___ Regular
_________________________________ ___ Temporary, Expires _________
Plant locations:_____________________________________________
Date of Latest Plans Revised ________________________________
Date of Latest Factory Inspection ___________________________
Acceptance Document Review Date _____________________________

RD Instruction 1924-A, Exhibit D


State Office Review National Office Review

(Exh. D, IV, C, 1, a or b) (Exh. D, IV, C, 2)

Maximum Winter Degree Days for State ___ Walls R ____ Glazing/Gross Wall

Area Ratio _______%

Ceilings R ______ Glazing _____ Pane(s) Floor R ____ Glazing ___ Pane(s)
Insulated Door____ Wood & Storm____ Insulated Door____ Wood & Storm ____
Models Accepted:

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

Exhibit B

Attachment 4

John Douth Manufacturing Company

3444 Residence Avenue

Elktown, Indiana 00051

Dear Sirs:
As set forth in acceptance letters issued by this office, acceptance of modular/panelized homes in this state is based on HUD's Technical Suitability of Products Program and the conditions stated in the acceptance letter. Your file has been reviewed and the following has been noted.
_____________ An inspection report of your manufacturing facilities is

overdue. Inspections are required twice yearly. The last

inspection report on file at this office is dated ________.
_____________ Your Structural Engineering Bulletin No. ____ dated _______

has not been reviewed by HUD. Reviews are generally

required every three years. Temporary acceptance will be

considered when you provide evidence that the review

documents have been submitted to HUD.
_____________ The drawings being used for the construction of your homes

are not listed in your Structural Engineering Bulletins.

Drawings used in the field should be those upon which the

Structural Engineering Bulletin was issued.

_____________ There have been _____ revisions to the development

standards since ______, the date of the last drawings we

have on file for your homes. It is recommended that you

review the revisions to ascertain whether your drawings

need to be updated.
Please submit a written response and appropriate documents for the above items within _______ days, or your product will be removed from the accepted list until your firm can again quality. If you have any problems furnishing the above within the time stated, please contract this office.
We look forward to receiving the materials indicated so that your firm's listing may be continued.

State Director

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

Exhibit B

Attachment 5

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