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RD Instruction 1924-A

§ 1924.6 (b) (Con.)

(2) Acceptance and storage of material on site. The County Supervisor will advise the borrower that the acceptance of material as delivered to the site and the proper storage of material will be the borrower's responsibility.
(3) Payment for work done by the borrower method.
(i) Payments for labor. Before the County Supervisor countersigns checks for labor, the borrower must submit a completed Form RD 1924-11, "Statement of Labor Performed," for each worker performing labor during the pay period. Ordinarily, checks for labor will be made payable to the workers involved. However, under justifiable circumstances, when the borrower has paid for labor with personal funds and has obtained signatures of workers on Form RD 1924-11 as having received payment, the County Supervisor may countersign a check made payable to the borrower for reimbursement of these expenditures. Under no circumstances will the County Supervisor permit loan funds or funds withdrawn from the supervised bank account to be used to pay the borrower for the borrower's own labor or labor performed by any member of the borrower's household.
(ii) Payments for equipment, material or lump-sum agreements.
(A) Before countersigning checks for equipment or materials, the County Supervisor must normally have an invoice from the seller covering the equipment or materials to be purchased. When an invoice is not available at the time the check is issued, an itemized statement of the equipment or materials to be purchased may be substituted until a paid invoice from the seller is submitted, at which time the prepurchase statement may be destroyed.
(B) When an invoice is available at the time the check is drawn, the check will include a reference to the invoice number, the invoice date if unnumbered and, if necessary, the purpose of the expenditure.
(C) The check number and date of payment will be indicated on the appropriate Form RD 1924-11, invoice, itemized statement of equipment or materials and/or lump-sum agreement.


(Revision 3)

(5-12-87) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

§ 1924.6(b)(3)(ii) (Con.)

(D) Ordinarily, checks for equipment or materials will be made payable to the seller. Under justifiable circumstances, when the borrower has paid for equipment or materials with personal funds and furnished a paid invoice, the County Supervisor may countersign a check made payable to the borrower for reimbursement of these expenses.
(E) When an invoice includes equipment or materials for more than one item of development, the appropriate part of the cost to be charged against each item of development will be indicated on the invoice by the borrower, with the assistance of the County Supervisor.
(F) Payment made under lump-sum agreements will be made only when all items of equipment and materials have been furnished, labor has been performed as agreed upon, and the work has been accepted by the borrower and the Agency.
(G) Each paid Form RD 1924-11, invoice, itemized statement for equipment or material and/or lump-sum agreement will be given to the borrower in accordance with the FMI.
(c) Mutual self-help method. The mutual self-help method is performance of work by a group of families by mutual labor under the direction of a construction supervisor, as described in 7 CFR part 3550. The ways of doing the work, buying materials, and contracting for special services are like those used for the borrower method. Materials can be bought jointly by the group of families, but payments will be made individually by each family. In the case of RH loans to families being assisted by Self-Help Technical Assistance (TA) grants in accordance with subpart I of part 1944 of this chapter, the County Supervisor may countersign checks for materials and necessary contract work made payable directly to the TA grantee, provided the District Director determines that: (Revised 01-23-03, SPECIAL PN.)
(1) The grantee acts in the same capacity as a construction manager in the group Purchase of material and services.
(2) The grantee has an adequate bookkeeping system approved by the District Director to assure that funds in each RH account are properly distributed and maintained.


(Revision 3)

RD Instruction 1924-A

§ 1924.6 (c) (Con.)

(3) The grantee receives no compensation in the way of profit or overhead for this service and all discounts and rebates received in connection with the purchase of materials or services are passed on to the participating families.
(4) The grantee has a record-keeping system which shows that the costs of the materials and services were prorated to each borrower's account in relation to the actual material and service used by each borrower.
(d) Owner-builder method. This method of construction applies only to RRH loans made under Subpart E of Part 1944 of this chapter. Regulations governing this method are found at § 1924.13(e)(2) of this subpart.
§ 1924.7 [Reserved]
§ 1924.8 Development work for modular/panelized housing units.
(a) Exhibit B of this subpart applies to all loans involving modular/panelized housing units.
(b) Complete drawings and specifications will be required as prescribed in Exhibit C of this subpart. Each set of drawings will contain the design of the foundation system required for the soil and slope conditions of the particular site on which the modular/panelized house is to be placed.
(c) The manufacturer will provide a certification (Exhibit B, Attachment 5 of this subpart), stating that the building has been built substantially in accordance with the drawings and specifications. The builder will also provide a certification that the onsite work complies with drawings, specifications, and the applicable development standard (Exhibit B, Attachment 5 of this subpart).
(d) Responsibility for field inspections will be in accordance with §1924.9 (a) of this subpart. Frequency and timing of inspections will be in accordance with § 1924.9(a) of this subpart, except that the Stage 2 inspection should be made during the time and in no case later than two working days after the crews commence work on the site and the house is being erected or placed on the foundation, to determine compliance with the accepted drawings and specifications.

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