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RD Instruction 1924-A

Table of Contents

Page 1

(Revision 1)

Subpart A - Planning and Performing Construction and Other Development

Table of Contents

Sec. Page

1924.1 Purpose. 1

1924.2 [Reserved] 1

1924.3 Authorities and responsibilities. 1

1924.4 Definitions. 1
(a) Construction. 1

(b) Contract documents. 1

(c) Contractor. 1

(d) County Supervisor and District Director. 2

(e) Date of commencement of work. 2

(f) Date of substantial completion. 2

(g) Development. 2

(h) Development standards. 2

(i) Identity of interest. 2

(j) Land development. 3

(k) Manufactured housing. 4

(l) Mechanic's and materialmen's liens. 4

(m) Modular/panelized housing. 4

(n) Project representative. 4

(o) Technical services. 4

(p) Warranty. 4A

1924.5 Planning development work. 4A
(a) Extent of development. 4A

(b) Funds for development work. 5

(c) Scheduling of development work. 5

(d) Construction. 5

(e) Land development. 8

(f) Responsibilities for planning development. 9

(g) Surplus structures and use or sale of timber, 14

sand or stone.

(h) Review prior to performing development work. 15

(i) Time of starting development work. 16

1924.6 Performing development work. 16
(a) Contract method. 16

(b) Borrower method. 28

(c) Mutual self-help method. 30

(d) Owner-builder method. 31

(03-16-94) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A

Table of Contents

Page 2

(Revision 1)

Sec. Page
1924.7 [Reserved] 31

1924.8 Development work for modular/panelized housing units. 31

1924.9 Inspection of development work. 32
(a) Responsibility for inspection. 32

(b) Frequency of inspections. 33

(c) Recording inspections and correction of

deficiencies. 35

(d) Acceptance by responsible public authority. 35

(e) Acceptance by project architect. 35

1924.10 Making changes in the planned development. 35
(a) Authority of the County Supervisor. 35

(b) Authority of the District Director. 36

(c) Recording changes in the planned development. 37
1924.11 District Director's review of incomplete development. 38

1924.12 Warranty of development work. 39

1924.13 Supplemental requirements for more complex construction. 40
(a) Architectural services. 40

(b) Other professional services. 45

(c) Drawings. 46

(d) Specifications. 46

(e) Methods of administering construction. 46
1924.14 - 1924.48 [Reserved] 71

1924.49 State supplements. 71

1924.50 OMB control number. 71
Exhibit A Estimated breakdown of dwelling costs for estimating partial


Exhibit B Requirements for modular/panelized housing units.

Exhibit C Guide for drawings and specifications.

Exhibit D Thermal performance construction standards.

Exhibit E Voluntary national model building codes.

Exhibit F Payment bond.

Exhibit G Performance bond.

Exhibit H Prohibition of lead-based paints.

Exhibit I Guidelines for seasonal farm labor housing.

RD Instruction 1924-A

Table of Contents

Page 3

Exhibit J Manufactured home sites, rental projects and

subdivisions: Development, installation and


Exhibit K Classifications for multi-family residential

rehabilitation work.

Exhibit L Insured 10-year home warranty plan


Exhibit M Seven Steps to Cost Certification.

Guides (Available in any Rural Development office)
Guide 1 Contract Documents.

Guide 2 Rural Development Design Guide.

Guide 3 Quality and Performance Criteria for Moderate


Guide 4 Attachment to AIA Document - Standard Form of

Agreement Between Owner and Architect.


(03-16-94) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1924-A


Subpart A - Planning and Performing Construction and Other Development
§1924.1 Purpose.
This subpart prescribes the basic Rural Development policies, methods, and responsibilities in the planning and performing of construction and other development work for insured Rural Housing (RH), and single unit Labor Housing (LH). It also provides supplemental requirements for Rural Rental Housing (RRH) loans, Rural Cooperative Housing (RCH) loans, multiunit (LH) loans and grants, and Rural Housing Site (RHS) loans. This subpart is inapplicable to Farm Service Agency, Farm Loan Programs. (Revised 01-09-08, PN 417.)
§1924.2 [Reserved]
§1924.3 Authorities and responsibilities.
The County Supervisor and District Director are authorized to redelegate, in writing, any authority delegated to them in this subpart to the Assistant County Supervisor and Assistant District Director, respectively, when determined to be qualified. Rural Development Construction Inspectors, District Loan Assistants, and County Office Assistants are authorized to perform duties under this subpart as authorized in their job descriptions.
§1924.4 Definitions.
(a) Construction. Such work as erecting, repairing, remodeling, relocating, adding to or salvaging any building or structure, and the installation or repair of, or addition to, heating and electrical systems, water systems, sewage disposal systems, walks, steps, driveways, and landscaping.
(b) Contract documents. The borrower-contractor agreement, the conditions of the contract (general, supplementary, and other), the drawings, specifications, warranty information, all addenda issued before executing the contract, all approved modifications thereto, and any other items stipulated as being included in the contract documents.
(c) Contractor. The individual or organization with whom the borrower enters into a contract for construction or land development, or both.


Construction and Repair

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