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IPC/C 387/97




Comments were received from the following Offices: EP,US,JP,CA,FR and GB. All commenting Offices support PT idea to create new subgroups in B60J11/00.
As to the way this should be done there is not unanimous opinion. Some consensus was achieved as to:

  • Delete in the subclass title the expression “not in use” since this expression is not perhaps exact although many covers are used for parked vehicles.

  • Creation of 11/02 subgroup with a different wording from what was initially proposed by PT, in order to become more clear that the new entry includes coverings for the roof.

Having EP counter-proposal in mind R. proposes the adoption of the following changes:
11/00 Removable external protective coverings for vehicles e.g. parking covers (parking covers for cycles B62J19/00, tent-like garages E04H)

11/02 . specially adapted for covering at least the roof

11/04 .. covers wound on rollers

11/06 . specially adapted for covering specific parts of the vehicle, e.g. for doors or wheels (11/02 takes precedence)

11/07.. covers wound on rollers

11/08.. for windows or windscreens

11/10.. for wheels
R. suggests to concentrate the discussion at WG on the following questions:
1-Subgroup 11/04 relates to covers wound on rollers. It should be a one or two dots subgroup? This has implications on 11/07 entry.

2-Is it necessary to create 11/07 ? Are there enough documents to place here?

3-Is it necessary to create a new one dot group with the wording “ characterised by the material of the covers” as proposed by JP?

Lisboa, 1999-01-14

José Silva Carvalho

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