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DJ MichaelAngelo’s Want List

crossed out mixes = existence not confirmed mixes in italics = ones I really really want!
If You Have Any Of These Mixes And

Would Like To Trade, Please Email Me:


Paula Abdul: Spinning Around (demo version)

If I Were Your Girl (Single Version) 3:50 [CD rip only]

No Scrubs (demo version)

U (1979 demo version by Prince & The Rebels)

Ace Of Base: Every Time It Rains (Jenny

Berggren Lead Vocals Version)

Aerosmith: Don’t Want To Miss A Thing

(Diane Warren Demo Version)

Christina Aguilera: Genie In A Bottle

(LTI Aphrodisiac White Label Mix)

(songwriter’s original demo version)

I Turn To You (Ultimix)

Come On Overy Baby [All I Want Is You]

(Christina Aguilera demo version)

(songwriters demo version)

Ain’t No Other Man (Junior's Xtina Going To #1 Mix)

Amber: If You Could Read My Mind

(Hex Hector’s Disco & Tribal Mix)

Yes (HQ2 Instrumentals – any)

Tori Amos: This [w/ Mad@Chris] (Original Version)

(E-Smoove Without Moving Mix)

(Devious Mix)

Anastacia: Left Outside Alone (Dave Aude Mix)

(Boris & Beck Mix)

Marc Anthony: I Need To Know

(Joey Musapha 7” Radio Edit)

Aqua: Cartoon Heroes (Hot Play Mix)

Around The World (Hot Play Mix)

Tina Arena: Chains (Love To Infinity Master Mix)

I Want To Spend My Lifetime Loving You

(Tony Moran Mix)

Backstreet Boys: Quit Playing Games With My Heart

(Jazzy Jim’s Illusion Epic Mix)

Just Want You To Know (Joe Bermudez Mix)

I Want It That Way (Remix! Club Edit) 5:40

Incomplete (Josh Harris Full Mix)

I Still (Passengerz Full Club Mix)

As Long As You Love Me (Hot Tracks Mix) 6:39

More Than That (Soul Solution Club Mix)

Get Down (CL’s Vocal Journey) 8:09

Bananarama: Love In The First Degree

[1998 cover version by Sushi] 5:40

The Bangles: Eternal Flame (Steinberg & Kelly Demo)

Walk Like An Egyption (Liam Sternberg Demo

Version – sung by Marti Jones)

Gary Barlow: Love Won’t Wait (Tony Moran Mix)

Mary J. Blige: Be Happy (Massive Noodles Mix)

(Bad Boy Butter Mix Edit) 4:24

Reminiscence (Sure Is Pure Vocal Remix)

Family Affair (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Joy (E-Smoove Dub) 8:19

(E-Smoove Joyous Dub) 7:10

Blondie: Heart Of Glass (E-Smoove Mix)

(2003 White Label Mix)

Maria (Alternative Rock Mix Edit)

Studio 54 (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Blu Cantrell: Make Me Wanna Scream

(Bennet’s This Is Acid Mix)

Michael Bolton: Can I Touch You There

(Classic Radio TV Mix) 3:54

Murder My Heart [w/ Lady Gaga] (Chris Cox Mix)

Bon Jovi: Thank You For Loving Me

(Ferreo & Del Morel Mix)

Let’s Make It Baby (demo, written by Prince)

Boy Krazy: That’s What Love Can Do

(Extended Mix) 7:10

(R ‘n B Mix) 7:10

Boyz II Men: Doin’ Just Fine (Soul Solution Tribal Mix)

(Boris & Beck Roxy Club Mix)

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday

(Original Version by GC Cameron)

Michelle Branch: Breathe (Dave Aude Mix)

(Seismic Crew Remix)

Brandy: The Boy Is Mine (Man!ak Remix) [w/ Monica]

(Brandy-Only Solo Vocals Demo Version)

What About Us (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Angel In Disguise (George Calle Mix)

Have You Ever (George Calle KTU Mix)

Toni Braxton:

He Wasn’t Man Enough (Dark Child Radio Mix)

(any Charles Roane mixes)

(any Todd Terry mixes)

(any Basement Boys mixes)

(Richie Santana Unreleased Mix)

Yesterday (Avicii’s Replacer Remix)

Un-break My Heart (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix)

(Danny Tenaglia Radio Mix)

(Santana Lover That You Are Mashup Mix) 9:20

(Diane Warren Demo Version)

You're Makin' Me High (Classic Dub) 6:13

[digital/lossless CD rip .wav only!!!]

That Somebody Was You (White Label Club Mix)

(White Label Promo Anthem Mix)

Hit The Freeway (Sweat & Pain Vocal Club Mix) 9:03

(DJ Saman Mix)

(Papi Project Club Mix)

Emma Bunton: Maybe (Joe Bermudez Mix)

(Dr. Octavo Mix)

Mariah Carey: Fly Like A Bird (Tony Moran Mix)

After Tonight (Hex Hector Mix)

(Duet Version w/ Luis Miguel)

Dreamlover (Dave “Jam” Hall Demo Version)

(Morales 2003 Club Mix) – CD rip/wav only

(Desire Mix) [from Re-mi’ks Vol. 1 w/l 12” vinyl]

H.A.T.E.U. (Cajmere Wray Mix aka CCW Mix)

It’s Like That (Quentin Harris Mix)

(Peter Rauhofer Mix)

Someday (Blue Amazon DMC Mix) 6:50

Heartbreaker (Pop Version)

Fantasy (rough demo version, unmixed)

Boy [I Need You] (Morales Mix)

Love Takes Time (Ben Margulies Piano &

Vocal Demo Version)

Angel Fire (Glitter sdtk demo w/ Madonna,

Patrick Leonard, & William Orbit)

Say Something (Peter Rauhofer Mix)

(Pound Boys Mix)

Hero (alternate vocal demo versions – any)

Always Be My Baby

(Masters At Work Funk Mix) 4:26

(Masters At Work Original Mix) 5:46

We Belong Together (Ralphi Rosario Mix)

(David Morales Mix)

Forever (David Morales Mix)

The One (Joe Bermudez Mix)

(Johnny Rocks Full Mix)

Through The Rain (Widelife Mix)

I Still Believe (original by Bunny DeBarge, from 1986)

When You Believe (any Hex Hector mixes)

Belinda Carlisle: In My Wildest Dreams

(from Mannequin sdtk) 4:26 – lossless/wav only

Heaven Is A Place On Earth

(first demo version w/ different verses)

(Album Version Instrumental)

Falling Into You [cover of Celine Dion song]

The Ballad Of Lucy Jordan

[cover version by Lee Hazelton]

Stuff And Nonsense (original version by Split Enz)

I Get Weak (Extended Version) 5:38 [note: not 12”!!]

Mad About You (Instrumental) 3:30

(Single Mix) 3:30 [direct CD/vinyl rips only]

Summer Rain (Demo Version by Maria Vidal)

Demos [from 4-trk CD-R single – any versions!]

The Kiss, Sweetest Sin

Cher: Paradise Is Here (any David Morales mixes)

Dove L’amore (demo produced by Junior Vasquez)

(Tee’s Freeze Radio Mix)

(Tee’s New Radio Mix)

(Tee’s Capella)

(Tee’s Capella 2)

(Tee’s Radio One Instrumental)

Love Is A Lonely Place Without You

(Manny Lehman Mix)

(Brother Brown Mix)

Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (full unedited 10min

Jr Vasquez Mix) – digital/lossless wav file ONLY

All Or Nothing (Almighty 12” & 7” Instrumental Mixes)

Believe (Phat-n-Phunky Razzal-Dazzal Mix)

(Almighty Definitive Radio Edit)

(any early demo versions)

Strong Enough (LA Mix)

(Club 69 Future Beats)

Kelly Clarkson: Walk Away (Joe Bermudez Mix)

Behind These Hazel Eyes (Soda Club Mix)

(and/or any of the 3 mixes by Love To Infinity)

A Moment Like This (Tamyra Gray Demo Version)

(Nikki McKibbin Demo Version)

(Justin Guarini Demo Version)

(Kelly Clarkson Demo Version)

My Life Would Suck Without You (Dave Aude Mix)

Already Gone (First Demo Version)

(Second Demo Version w/ Alt Lyrics)

Paula Cole: I Believe In Love

(Yogi Master BD Down) 10:00

(Yogi Master BD Normal) 10:15

(Instrumental) 10:16

Deborah Cox:

Play Your Part (Jonathan Peters Mix)

Mr. Lonely (Original Version)

(Hex/Mac Instrumental) 6:30

It’s Over Now (Hex’s Instrumental Dub) 7:23

(Junior Beats) 1:54

September (Hex Hector Club Mix)

Starting With You (Junior Vasquez Mix)

(Joe Bermudez Mix)

Crush: Love’s Hold (Pete Hammond Remix) 7:32

Cynthia: If I Had The Chance (Acapella) 2:02

(Timber Crossover Edit) 4:23

(Slammin’ Sam Radio Edit) 3:43

(Cruz & Lucci’s Mix) 4:11

(Drumapella) 5:28

Taylor Dayne: Tell It To My Heart

(X-Mix) 4:31 [from 1992, remixed by DJ Click]

(Discotech Mix) [from Issue #41]

(original version by Louisa Florio from 1987)

(Seth Swirsky & Ernie Gold Demo Version)

(Ralphi Rosario Mix ’95)

Promise (Christmas track by Cyber-X)

Original Sin (any remixes by Jellybean Benitez)

Say A Prayer (Morales Holy Club Mix)

(David Morales Holy Radio Edit)

Don’t Rush Me (Mike Carroll Ultimix Edit)

Hour Of Love (Studio Version) [unreleased

song from 1992, produced by The Stand]

Love Will Lead You Back (Diane Warren demo)

Whatever You Want (original 1992 demo version)

I’ll Be Your Shelter (Diane Warren demo)

(Extended Disco Mix)

(Groove For Dayne’s Dub)

Don’t Break A Heart (from German promo cassette)

I’m Not Featuring You (Nikolas & Sibley Full Mix)

Don’t Leave Me This Way [Thelma Houston cover]

(Shep Pettibone/Tony Shimkin demo version)

Wait For Me (Original 1987 Version by Amazulu)

The Entity [Sex] (cover of the Nia Peeples song)

any tracks/demos from the unreleased album “Trust”

Dead Or Alive: You Spin Me Round Like A Record

(Johnny Vicious White Label Mix)

Cathy Dennis:

Inspiration (Unreleased Todd Terry song, any mixes)

Is There Life After You (Todd Terry production)

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (demo for Kylie)

Destiny’s Child: Nasty Girl (Victor Calderone Mix)

Independent Woman (Beyonce Solo Demo Version)

Cater 2U (Dr. Octavo Shoestring Mix)

DHT: Total Eclipse Of The Heart (Jump Mix)

Alone (Original Vocal Version ‘01) 4:53

(Reverse Cut) 4:57

(Cindarella Remix) 6:13

Listen To Your Heart (DJ Manian Remix)

(Friday Night Posse Remix Radio Edit) 4:34

(DJ Joker's Harmony Mix)

My Dream (Wierzbicki Extended Trance Mix) 5:49

Uninvited (Jan Vervloet Radio Edit) 3:28

(Hardhouse Single Edit)


(Original Hardcore Remix) 4:06

Dido: Here With Me (Boris & Beck Vocal Mix)

(Deep Dish Club Mix)

Hunter (Rollo + Sister Bliss Mix)

(Rollo’s Chillin’ With The Family Mix)

Celine Dion: To Love You More (Matt & Vito Radio Mix)

(Tony Moran Hard Anthem Vocal)

Because You Loved Me (Chris Cox Mix) [wav only]

My Heart Will Go On (Gomi's Anthem Mix)

(Gomi's Private Collection Mix – both)

(Tony Moran Crossover Mix)

(Matt & Vito Classic Radio Mix)

(Original Demo Version – Old Vocals)

(Hollywood Radio Mix)

Call The Man (any demos, acapellas,

or official instrumental versions)

I Drove All Night (Matt¹s Too-Fabulous

Classic Hi-NRG Mix) 6:09

Falling Into You (cover version by Belinda Carlisle)

(Early Version w/ alt. arrangement)

Dream: This Is Me

(Mike Rizzo Hyper Extended Instrumental) 6:37

(Mike Rizzo Get Off The Wall Radio Edit) 3:39

Kim English: Every Day (HQ2 Bonus Beats) 3:40

Jocelyn Enriquez: A Little Bit Of Ecstasy

(Razor-n-Guido Musik Dub ’99)

Erasure: Run To The Sun (Diss-Cuss Mix)

Rapture (Bewitched Edit) 7:26

Gloria Estefan: Oye Mi Canto (Henrick Schubert Mix)

(DJ Spinny Remix)

Reach (Love To Infinity Classic Paradise Mix)

Higher (Junior’s Underworld Dub)

Tres Gotas De Agua Bendita [w/ Celia Cruz]

(Rosabel's Cubarican Radio Edit) 3:22

Anything For You (Piano-Only Demo Version)

You’ll Be Mine [Party Time] (Macarena Party Mix)

(400 kHz Remix Edit)

(Vibes Dub) - all from France 12” 664419-6-PRO

Don’t Stop (any remixes except TM Stress Test Mix)

Expose: What You Don’t Know (Paradise Version)

Tell Me Why (Rehashed For '94 By All

Boxed In DMC Mix) 9:18

Point Of No Return [Original 1984 Version]

(7” Edit) 3:10

(Part II) 2:30

Fiona: Don’t Come Crying To Me (LP Version)

Samantha Fox:

Nothin’s Gonna Stop Me Now (SFB white label mix)

Make You A Man (Unreleased Demo)

Touch Me (original 13-min demo by Mark Shreeve

called “And Still They Scream” [?] from 1982)

(demo sung by Sally Ann Triplett from Bardo)

When The Bell Rings (Theme from “Fighting Fit”)

Black Glove (Unreleased Demo)

any Richard Niles Demo Versions

Aretha Franklin: A Rose Is Still A Rose

(London Connection Radio Edit) 5:00

(London Connection 4x4 Mix)

Here We Go Again (Hex Hector Mix)

Nicki French: Did You Ever Really Love Me

(Gasparian Overature Mix)

(Instrumental) 3:30 [.wav / CD rip only]

(Dazzling Diamond Instrumental) 5:25

Gabrielle: Should I Stay (5 O'Clock Architechs Mix)

Going Nowhere (Joe T. Vanelli DMC Mix)

Gloria Gaynor: I Will Survive (Ville Grant Radio Edit)

I Never Knew (S.A.F. Club Mix)

BBC “Women’s Hour” Interview from July 13, 2007

Debbie Gibson: Staying Together (Dub / TV Track)

Naked (Ivan Xsentrix Mix)

Over The Wall (Dub) 4:26

Foolish Beat (demo version)

Crystal Lite Jingle [Studio Version from “Celebrity

Apprentice” produced by Ernie Lake]

Gina G: Love The Life (Rave Edit) 3:30

(Dance Mix) 6:41

(Original Radio Edit) 4:12

(Rave Remix) 7:36

(Love The Trance Mix) 5:54

Gioia: Why Did You Call Me (Michael Tank Mix)

Waterfalls (Ford Remix)

Amy Grant: Baby Baby (Junior Vasquez Mix)

(Demo Version)

House Of Love (Alternate/Unreleased Version

produced by Michael Omartian)

Every Heartbeat (Sixpence None The Richer cover)

Oh How The Years Go By (Radio Edit)

(Live Version)

Mary Griffin: Perfect Moment (Dataluxe Radio Edit)

[cover version by Rochelle]

Geri Halliwell: Walk Away (Orchestral Version) 6:17

(Orchestral Radio Edit) 4:32

(Orchestral Instrumental) 6:17

100% Pure Love (Original Version)

Hanson: Mmm…Bop (Bass Mix Club Mix) 4:31

(Paid In Full Radio Mix) 3:23 [from S.I.N. 1997]

Harlan: Land Of Love (Jason Nevins Vocal Club Mix)

Debbie Harry: I Want That Man (Paul Van Dyke Mix) 5:19

Invocation Song & Send Love Through

[from Rock & Rule soundtrack]

Sophie B Hawkins: Strange Thing (Spanish Version)

As I Lay Me Down (Junior Vasquez full mix)

Only Love [Ballad Of Sleeping Beauty] (Demo)

No Connection, Strange Thing, Lose Your Way

(Remixes from 11/30/98 Columbia promo CD-R)

No Connection, Strange Thing (Alternate Versions

from 1999 Sony Music promo CD sampler)

Heart: Never (Remix) 4:05

All I Want To Do Is Make Love To You

[original 1979 version by Dobie Gray]

These Dreams (Instrumental Remix) 4:35

(Remix) 4:14

I Want You So Bad (Extended Version)

Alone (2nd demo version by Steinberg/Kelly)

[any acapellas or instrumentals from Brigade, Bad

Animals, Heart, or Desire Walks On albums]

Faith Hill: The Way You Love Me

(Love To Infinity Instrumental) 6:31

Jordan Hill: For The Love Of You (Acapella) 3:31

(Moran Dub) 6:58

(Musto Radio Edit) 4:07

(Moran Dub Instrumental) 6:57

Deni Hines: I Like The Way (GT’s Way 12” Mix)

Jennifer Holiday: Think It Over (Junior Vasquez Mix)

(Acapella) 8:10

(Daryl James Soulful Club Mix) 8:46

No Frills Love (Classic Paradise Instr) 6:45

(Deep Love Instrumental) 8:07

(Love To Infinity Deep Love Mix) 8:09

And I Am Telling You (Benny Maze Club Mix) 6:03

Whitney Houston:

Love Will Save The Day

(Jr. Vasquez 2000 Club Mix) 11:55

I Learned From The Best (Jr’s MixShow) 4:52

How Will I Know (Songwriter Demo Version)

So Emotional (M&M Traxx Mix)

(The Ones Flawless Diva Mix)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody

(Junior’s Happy Handbag Instrumental)

(Junior’s Carnival Tech Mix)

(Junior’s 2000 Mix Instrumental)

Heartbreatk Hotel (Instrumental) 3:59 - wav only

Whatchulookinat (Ernie Lake Mix)

My Name Is Not Susan (David Morales Mixes) [1991]

One Of These Days (Jonathan Peters Mix)

(Seismic Crew Remix)

(Nick Fiorucci Hi-Bias Mix)

I Look To You (Wayne G Mix)

So Emotional (Steinberg & Kelly Demo Version)

Where Do Broken Hearts Go (Songwriters Demo

Version by Franki Wildhorn & Chuck Jackson)

It’s Not Right But It’s Okay

(Thunderpuss Instrumentals – any)

Love Will Save The Day (David Morales Mix) [1996]

Crack Is Wack (Steve Travolta Mix)

(M Mendosa Mix)

(Scotty TPA Mix)

If I Told You That (Peter Rauhofer Mix)

Greatest Hits Megamix (12:00)

[B-side of Heartbreak Hotel UK promo 12”]

Same Script, Different Cast

(Jonathan Peters Jungle Dub) 11:49

(Jonathan Peters Vocal Dance Mix Pt. 1) 3:17

(Jonathan Peters Vocal Dance Mix Pt. 2) 6:06

(Jonathan Peters Club Dub) 5:46

(Friburn & Urik Global Script Mix) 11:55

(Mel Hammond Sweet As Sugar Dub) 10:11

I Will Always Love You (David Foster’s Final Master)

(Nita Whitaker ‘92 studio demo version) [not live]

I Have Nothing (Nita Whitaker demo version)

Adina Howard: Freak Like Me

(E-Smoove Freakin’ House Instrumental)

(Low Down House Instrumental)

Enrique Iglasias: Bailimos (Tracy Young Mix)

(Davidson Ospina Club Instrumental) 6:08

(demo version sung by songwriter Paul Barry)

Be With You (Thunderpuss Anthem 12” Mix) 12:34

Janet Jackson: Love Will Never Do Without You

(Danny Tenaglia 1997 Nite At Twilo Club Mix)

(Love To Infinity Full CP Mix & Master Mix)

R&B Junkie (Al B. Rich Full Mix)

(Hi-Bias Mix)

Miss You Much (DJ Nineteen69 Mix)

Someone To Call My Lover (Hex Hector/Mac

Quayle Progessive Vocal Mix) 9:54

I Want You (Boris & Beck Mix)

Again (Ralphi Rosario Mix)

If (Rhythmic Cousin's Mix)

(Brothers In Rhythm Soundtrack Club Mix ‘95)

Feel It Boy [w/ Beenie Man]

(Hex Hector Unreleased Mix)

All For You (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Doesn’t Really Matter (Hex Hector Mix)

Black Cat (Jam & Lewis Demo Version)

Because Of Love (Frankie & David Club Mix)

[note: not the 7:48 classic mix!]

Frankie & David Bonus Mix (6:02)

You Want This (Danny D 12” Mix) 12:50

(Monster Club Mix) 8:21

(Beatapella) 5:09

(7 Minutes Of Dub) 7:11

(Percapella) 5:07

Michael Jackson:

Liberian Girl (White Label Track Mix ’02)

Beat It (Mike “Hitman” Wilson Remix)

You Rock My World

(Junior Vasquez Club Mix) [note: not Ruff Mix]

(Junior Vasquez Tribal Mix)

(Junior Vasquez Dub)

(Junior Vasquez Bonus Beats)

Money (Fire Island Full Remix) [not edit!]

Off The Wall (Maurice Joshua Mixes)

(E-Smoove Mixes)

Shake Your Body (Tommy Musto Mix)

Thriller (Danny Tenaglia Club Mix)

(David Morales 2003 Remix)

(Junior Vasquez Mix)

(Bottom Heavy Dub)

(Def Thrill Dub)

(Red Zone Dub)

Is It Scary (Tommy D Is It Scary Remix) 4:21

(Tommy D Is It Scary 12” Remix) 6:39

Morphine (Keith Cohen Addictive Radio Mix) 5:36

(Keith Cohen Extended Addict Remix) 7:01

(Keith Cohen Album Remix) 6:28

Dangerous (Roger’s Funky Jeep Mix) 6:15

(Subterranian Dub 1) 7:05

(Funky Jeep Radio Mix) 4:40

(Bad Boy Beats) 3:27

(Jeep Instrumental) 6:15

(Roger’s Tribal Treatment) 4:53

(Subterranian Dub 2) 5:39

Billie Jean (Ronnie Ventura Mix)

(Tony Moran Mix)

(Tony Moran Dub)

Earth Song (The Hani Earth, Wind & Fire Club Mix)

Jerry Springer Opera: I Just Wanna Dance

(Pete’s Phela Style Vocal) 7:50

Jewel: Stand (Mike Rizzo Global Mix) 6:40 – not 8:03!!!

Serve The Ego (Ford Mix)

Standing Still (Seismic Crew Remix)

Elton John: When The Money’s Gone [w/ Bruce Roberts]

(Maurice Joshua Mixes)

Your Song (Almighty UK Mix)

(Almighty US Radio Edit)

(Almighty UK Radio Edit

Ke: Strange World (Jr’s Strange Mix Edit) 11:27

(Alternate Radio Mix)

(Chris Shaw Mix)

(Harder Dance Mix)

(Jr’s Strange Mix Edit) 6:24

Chaka Khan: Never Miss The Water (TV Mix)

(Stylus’ Straight Through Pass) 5:34

(Addis/Polvere Remix) 6:12

Diana King: Ain’t Nobody (Extended Club Mix) 5:56

L-L-Lies (Double Deceoption Instrumental) 7:55

(Step One Instrumental) 5:25

Kristine W: Feel What You Want (Rollo’s Night Mix)

(Olle Phil Remix)

Don’t Wanna Think (Our Tribe Dub)

I’m Coming Out (Twisted Dee Mix Pt. 1)

Don’t We Look Good (duet w/ Billie Ray Martin)

(2nd Demo Version) 8:47

Shower The People (Peter Reis Mix)

Someone Watching Over Me (Eddie Baez Mix)

Clubland (Jonathan Peters’ Mix)

(Tony Moran Mix)

Sweet Mercy Me (Dekkard Club Mix)

(Rollo & Sister Bliss Unreleased Mix)

(Junior’s Club Dub Mix)

(Junior’s Riff Dub Mix)

(Junior’s Main Club Mix)

(Junior’s Tribal Beats)

(Junior’s Alt Club Mix)

(Junior’s Instrumental) [from D.A.T.]

The City Is A Jungle (Nikolas & Sibley Mix)

The Boss (Wayne G Mix)

(Ralphi Rosario Mix)

Land Of The Living (Paul Goodyear Mix) 7:56

Crazy Life (Trendroid Club Mix)

Adam Lambert: Whattaya Want From Me

(DJ Smirnov Remix) 4:59

Cyndi Lauper: Oooh Child (Junior Vasquez Mix)

I Don’t Wanna Be Your Friend (Diane Warren

Demo Version, written for Heart)

That’s What I Think (Junior's Hard Mix)

(cover version by Tommy Page)

Sisters Of Avalon (Hani Rainbow Vocal Mix) 4:39

(Hani Midi-Storm Dub) 4:18

Big Black Hole (Unreleased Jan Palsford Demo)

True Colors (cover version by Belinda Carlisle) [live?]

(First Steinberg & Kelly Demo w/ alt verse lyrics)

White Christmas

(Unreleased David Schnaufer Demo)

Same Ol’ Story (Razor ‘n Guido Instrumental)

Shine (Victor Calderone Mix)

You Make Loving Fun (Single Vocal Version)

A Part Hate (80’s Demo from True Colors sessions)

Early Christmas Morning (New Version Edit) 4:26

Hat Full Of Stars (1997 cover by Nicky Holland)

What A Thrill (original version by Blue Angel)

Change Of Heart (Special Version) 5:52

(AOR Mix) 4:24

Searching (Demo Version by Jan Pulsford)

Baby Workout (studio version) 5:36

All Through the Night (cover version by The Cars)

Avril Lavinge: Complicated (Pablo LaRosa full mix)

(Brother Brown Mix)

(Miles & Billmix Full Remix)

Le Click: Call Me (Junior Vasquez Mix Edit) 3:57

(BMW One & Marc Acardipane’s 5am Mix)

Annie Lennox:

Into The West (The Passengerz Middle Earth Mix)

(The Passengerz Entropy Club Mix)

(Orange Factory Club Mix)

(Alex Gold Mix)

Leona Lewis: Bleeding Love (demo by Jesse McCartney)

Huey Lewis & The News: Jacob’s Ladder

(demo version by Bruce Hornsby)

Livin’ Joy: Don’t Stop Moving (Tin Man DMC Mix)

Kimberley Locke: Coulda Been (Joe Bermudez Mix)

Lisa Loeb: Stay [I Missed You] (Nikolas & Sibley Mix)

Lindsay Lohan: Speak (Hex Hector Mix)

(Scumfrog Mix)

Rumors (Seismic Crew Remix)

Jennifer Lopez: If You Had My Love

(Metro Extended Mix) 9:45

Waiting For Tonight (Hex Hector Soul Anthem Mix)

(Hex Hector 12” Instrumental) 11:17

(Hex Hector 7” Instrumental) 3:52

Jenny From The Block (AFTC White Label Mix)

(Andy & The Lamboy Mix)

I’m Glad (Seismic Crew Remix)

Feelin’ So Good (Thunderpuss Radio Instr) 3:50

(Thunderpuss Club Instrumental) 9:00

(Thunderpuss Radio Tweaks – Bass/Vox Up)

I’m Gonna Be Alright (Jonathan Peters Mix)

The One (Seismic Crew Remix)

Ain’t It Funny (Pablo Flores Euro Dub)

No Me Amas (Pablo Flores Mix)

Cheryl Lynn: Got To Be Real (Classic Paradise Instr)

Kevin Lyttle: Turn Me On (Full Acapella) [not duet pella!]

M2M: Everything (Andy & The Lamboy Mix)

Madonna: Love Profusion (Eddie Baez Mix)

American Pie (Spin´s Radio Remix) 5:22

(Spin´s Best Thing Vocal Mix) 6:38

Secret (The Juniorverse 1998 Soulful Mix)

Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Love To Infinity Mix)

(Jr. Vasquez Mix)

Skin (Club 69 Future Anthem Radio Edit) 4:22

(Nic's Anthem Club Mix Short Edit) 7:48

This Used To Be My Playground (Jr. Vasquez Mix)

Like A Prayer (Robbie Tronco Mix)

(2003 White Label Mix)

(Edlom & Marco Kay Kegel Limelight Mix)

Frozen (Dimitri´s Vocal Widescreen MC Mix) 6:24

(Reinvention Tour Remix)

(Wayne G Mix)

Celebration (Chris Lake Remix)

(Felguk Vocal Mix)

(Wayne G Mix)

It’s So Cool (Wayne G Rerub Dub)

Express Yourself (Queen On Her Throne Acapella)

You’ll See (Def Club Vox)

(Junior’s X-Beats Mix)

I Want You (Junior Vasquez Mix) [the real one!]

Over And Over (Tracy Young Mix)

Into The Hollywood Groove (Peter Rauhofer 2nd Mix)

Bedtime Story (Peter Rauhofer Mix)

(David Morales Mix)

(Roger Sanchez Mix)

Don’t Tell Me (2003 White Label Prodigy Mix)

(Above & Beyond Mix)

Be Careful [duet w/ Ricky Martin] (Pablo Flores Mix)

(Victor Calderone Mix)

I’ll Remember (Junior Vasquez Mix)

The Power Of Goodbye

(Dimitri's Karma Radio Mix) 4:40

Music (Superchumbo Mix)

(DJ Paulo Mix)

What It Feels Like For A Girl (Soul Solution Mix)

(Victor Calderone Mythodical Mix)

(DJ Paulo Mix)

(Nikolas & Sibley Mix)

I Will Always Have You (Shep Pettibone

early version of “Inside Of Me”)

Something’s Coming Over Me (Shep Pettibone

early version of “Secret”)

Sidewalk Talk (Madonna Solo Vocals version)

Get Over (Madonna Solo Vocals version)

Just A Dream (Madonna Solo Vocals version)

Warning Signs (from Vision Quest sdtk – unreleased)

Posessive Love (Madonna Solo Vocals version)

Ain’t No Big Deal (Mark Kamis/Jellybean production)

(1983 cover version by Barracuda)

First Is A Kiss (Like A Prayer unreleased track)

Love Attack (Like A Prayer unreleased track)

Dick Tracy (I’m Breathless unreleased track)

To Love You (I’m Breathless unreleased track)

Jitterbug (Erotica unreleased track)

Good Time, Tounge-Tied, Bring It, Keep On, Right

On Time (Bedtime Stories unreleased tracks)

Hands Down (William Orbit demo)

Don’t Love A Stranger/Forever (Babyface demo)

Can’t You See My Mind (Mirwais demo)

Alone Again (Rick Nowels demo for Kylie Minogue)

Cherish (Hank Shocklee & Phil Castellano Remix)

Miles Away (Kaskade Mix)

(Headcleanr Remix)

Easy Ride (Tracy Young Unedited Mix)

Ray Of Light (Mac Quayle Veronica Electronica Mix)

Die Another Day (Paul Oakenfeld Mix)

(Scumfrog Mix)

(DJ Josh Share Another Day Mix)

Open Your Heart (Demo Version by Jason Scheff)

(Final Demo sung by Donna DeLory)

Nobody Knows Me

(Peter Rauhofer Private Life Anthem Mix Pt. 2)

Into The Groove (Friburn & Urik Mix)

(Peter Rauhofer Mix

Holiday (Original Demo Version by Pure Energy)

Sooner Or Later (cover by Jane Krakowski)

(cover by Karen Akers)

(cover by Rebecca Kyler Downs)

(cover by Erich Kunzel & Cincinnati Pops)

Masterpiece (Just Blaze Full Remix)

(Steve Smart & West Funk Full Remix)

(Louis La Rouche Mix)

Martika: Spirit (House Mix)

Rub U Down, Beautiful Fabulous, The Do

(unreleased tracks / Martika’s Kitchen outtakes)

Coloured Kisses (Club Mix) 7:23

(Clivilles & Cole Remix)

Billie Ray Martin: Twisted Lover (Junior Vasquez Mix)

Don’t We Look Good (duet w/ Kristine W) 8:47

(2nd Demo Version)

(CeCe Peniston Demo Version)

Your Loving Arms (DP’s Bonus Beats X-Mix) 6:55

Ricky Martin: Livin La Vida Loca (Ponch Mix)

Loaded (Pablo Flores Club Mix)

Amor (Jonathan Peters Full Mix – not edit)

Joey McIntrye: Rain (Tony Moran Mix)

(Hex Hector Mix)

Brian McKnight: Back At One (Nino Remix)

Melanie C: Yeh Yeh Yeh

(Shanghai Surprise Instrumental)

Feel The Sun (Hex Hector Mix)

Bette Midler: In These Shoes (Victor Calderone Mix)

Dannii Minogue: Disrememberance

(Tasha Killer Pussies DMC Mix)

Success (Maurice Joshua Vocal Mix)

Kylie Minogue: In Your Eyes (Powder’s 12” Mix) [vocal]

Butterfly (Steve Anderson Original Version)

(Craig J’s Harmonic Mix)

I Believe In You (Shapeshifters Remix)

Cowboy Style (House Of Spensane Remix)

Love At First Sight (Album Acapella – not Scumfrog)

(Jean Jacques Smoothie Remixes)

(D-Bop Remixes)

Kangaroo Minimix (Megatrax Medley on 12”) 7:01

Exclusivo Mix (Promo Megamix) 4:36

Music Factory Megamix (from issue 59) 9:45

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (Wayne G Mix)

(Superchumbo Bomundo Mix)

(demo version sung by Cathy Dennis)

Light Years (Future Shock Mix)

Some Kind Of Bliss (Lenny B Remixes)

(Lisa Marie Experience Remixes)

Can’t Forget You (Sonia Demo Version)

The Loco-Motion (Acapella Mix)

(Original Kaj Dahlstrom Production Demo)

Put Yourself In My Place (David Morales Mix)

Got To Be Certain (Yo-Yo’s Dance Mix)

One Love At A Time (Early Demo of IYWWMN)

Automatic Love (Early Demo Version)

When Are You Coming Home (Unreleased Demo)

The World Needs Love (Jimmy Harry Demo)

Intuition (Jimmy Harry Demo)

Early Pre-1986 Demo Versions (Dim All The

Lights, Just Once, and New Attitude)

Steve Anderson Demos: Something That We

Started, Floating, Fallen Angel, Prisoner Of Time, All Right Now, Something Sacred,

Looking Down On Me, Let It Go, Love Is In

Your Life, I’m Ready, Miles

Where Has The Love Gone (Roach Motel Dub)

Falling (Recall Mix)

Time Will Pass You By (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Shocked (Pete Waterman LP Master Mix) 11+ min

Keep On Pumpin’ It (Mastermix 1995 Loveland Mix)

Red-Blooded Woman (Demo Version w/ rap)

Je Nes Sais Pas Pourquai (Acapella Mix)

(L’amour Remix)

If I Was Your Lover (Original Production Mix)

Jump (Rob Dougan Vocal Test Mixes x3)

Sweetest Summer (w/ Olive)

Be Til I’m Over (Unreleased Demo)

So Now Goodbye (Steve Anderson Original Version)

Soon (Rob Dougan Mix) [w/ Nick Cave]

Better The Devil You Know (Harding/Curnow Mix)

Did It Again (Trouser Enthusiasts

Dark Honeymoon Mix & Dub)

Made In Heaven (Steve Anderson 2004 G-A-Y Mix)

Hand On Your Heart (Girl Meets Boy Mix)

(W.I.P. unreleased radio edits – 3 of them)

Where Is The Feeling (K-Klass Mixes)

(Brothers In Rhythm Ultraflux Mix)

Spinning Around (Johnny Douglas Version)

(Messy Boys White Label Remix) 5:18

I Should Be So Lucky (Lisa Abbot Demo/Cover)

(Natalie Robb Cover “Girls Girls Girls” Megamix)

Step Back In Time (cover version by Bedazzled)

Monica: Angel Of Mine (any club remixes)

Mandy Moore: Cry (S.A.F. Club Mix)

Crush (Andy & The Lamboy Mix)

Have A Little Faith (Dr. Octavo Mix)

Debelah Morgan: I Remember (Pablo Flores Club Mix)

(Lenny B X-Mix Mixshow Edit)

Dance With Me (Eddie Baez Mix)

Alanis Morisette: Feel Your Love (Bad Dawg Mix)

(Muzzle Mix)

Are You Still Mad (Soul Soluton w/l Mix)

Uninvited (Andy & The Lamboy Mix)

Mousse T vs. Hot ‘n Juicy: Horny ’98

(Horny Instrumental Extended)

Samantha Mumba vs. Mickey Modelle: Gotta Tell Ya

(any versions)

*N-Sync: Tearin’ Up My Heart

(Ron Hester's Hot Tracks Extended Mix)

Bye Bye Bye (E-Smoove Mix)

112: Dance With Me (Roger Sanchez Mix)

Olive: Miracle (Black Olive’s Radio Edit)

(Beloved Surge Mix)

Stacie Orrico: More To Life (Seismic Crew Remix)
O-Town: Liquid Dreams (Love To Infinity Club Mix)

All Or Nothing (Lenny B Mix)

Jennifer Paige: Crush (Rhythmic Mix) from US promo cd

(Dance Instrumental) 3:24

(Crushapella) 3:26

Always You (Main Acapella & BG Acapella)

(O’Mega Radio Remix) 3:44

(O’Mega Club Mix) 7:43

Robert Palmer: Addicted To Love

(original un-edited mix w/ Chaka Khan vocals)

Dolly Parton: Peace Train (Da Slammin’ Remix) 7:30

(Da Slammin' Bibib Dub) 5:38

(Sparky’s Funky Mix Radio Edit) 3:50

(Dee’s Bitchie Zone Mix) 9:31

(3000 Beats Mix)

(Train Acapella)

(Wayne G Vocal Mix) [note: not the dub]

CeCe Peniston: Finally (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

I’m Not Over You (Phil Kelsey Mix)

Hit By Love (Laffin’ Mix / Piano Mix)

Pet Shop Boys: Saturday Night Forever

(Love To Infinity full mix – not edit!)

Chynna Phillips: I Live For You (David Morales remixes)

Pink: Feel Good Time (Dave Aude Mix)

(Al B Rich full Mix)

Get This Party Started (AFTC White Label Mix)

(DJ Strobe Mix)

Pretty Poison: Catch Me I’m Falling

(Vocal/Spanish Ultimix) 6:28

(Belladonna Mix) 5:58

Kelly Price: Same Script Different Cast

(duet w/ Shay Jones, unreleased)

Prince: 1999 (DJ Scissorhands Mix)

Public Enemy: Security Of The First World (1:21)

Quad City DJ’s: C’mon Ride The Train (Eric Morillo Mix)

LeAnn Rimes: Can’t Fight The Moonlight (Dataluxe Mix)

(Sharpapella) 4:57

But I Do Love You (Motiv8 Radio Edit)

Feels Like Home (Dance Remix) 4:37

(Extended Dance Remix) 6:32

Life Goes On (Joe Bermudez Mix)

(Graham Stack Radio Edit) 3:26

(S.A.F. Club Mix)

(Graham Stack Extended Mix) 5:53

Dee Robert: Separate Ways

(Ford’s Journey Dub) 6:58

Robyn: Do You Know What It Takes

(Dee’s Club Mix) 5:41

(Kojo’s Street Mix) 5:16

Diana Ross: Until We Meet Again

(Love To Infinity Starbuster Remix + Instr)

I’m Coming Out (David Morales 2007 Remix)

Roxette: Listen To Your Heart (live acoustic version)

Church Of Your Heart (MTV Unplugged Version)

Wish I Could Fly (Jonathan Peters Mix)

Rozalla: Everybody’s Free 2000 ( X-Mix)

(Original Instrumental) 6:13

(3MI Remix Instrumental) 7:24

Losing My Religion (Love To Infinity Anthem Of

Love Mix) - wav/digital copy only, not vinyl/mp3

RuPaul: A Little Bit Of Love (Junior Vasquez Demo Mix)

S Club 7: Never Had A Dream Come True

(Junior Vasquez Mix)

(George Calle Mix)

(Almighty Club Mix)

(Junior’s Radio Edit)

Savage Garden: Truly Madly Deeply (any club remixes)

Break Me Shake Me (David Morales Mix digital copy)

Affirmation (TV Edits – 6 track promo CD-R)

I Want You (Xenomania Funky Radio Mix)

Seal: My Vision (Magik Muzik Remix) 8:38

Newborn Friend (David Meets Terry Mix)

(David Morales 2005 Remix)

Jon Secada:

Do You Believe In Us (Tommy Musto Mix) 4:28

Too Late Too Soon (JPO & Beam Club Mix) 5:48

(JPO & Beam Radio Edit) 3:58

Seiko: Good For You (Spike Club Vocal)

(Radio Remix w/o Rap)

Shakira: Eyes Like Yours (Hex Hector Mix)

Simply Red: Ain’t That A Lot Of Love (Tracy Young Mix)

Jessica Simpson:

Irresistable (Dezrok Latin Style Club Vocal)

(Lenny Bertoldo Club Mix)

(Jonathan Peters Vocal Mix)

Sweetest Sin (Johnathan Peters Mix)

Take My Breath Away (Dr. Octavo Mix)

(Joe Bermudez Hot Tracks Mix)

Angels (Dr. Octavo Mix)

I Wanna Love You Forever (Soda Club Dub) 6:28

A Little Bit (Cibola Extended Mix)

(A Little Loaded Mix)

Kym Sims: I Must Be Free

(Doc Barren Vocal) 6:46

(DJ Pierre’s Wild Pitch Mix) 6:46

Sir Mix-A-Lot: Baby Got Back

(Tekno-Metal Club Mix) 8:00

(Hard Beats) 4:52

(Glamorous Techno Dub) 6:46

Sisqo: Incomplete (original version by Sam Salter)

Slinkee Minx: Summer Rain (Friday Night Posse Mix)

(So Pure Mix)

Will Smith: Miami (DJ Strobe Mix)

Soul Decision: Faded (Hex Hector/Mac Quayle Remix)

Britney Spears:

Oops, I Did It Again (Ospina Millenium Funk Mix)

I’m Not A Girl Not Yet A Woman (Boris & Beck Mix)

Toxic (Ralphi Rosario Mix)

Every Time (Seismic Crew Remix)

Someday [I Will Understand] (Richard X Mix)

(K-klub Vocal Remix)

Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know

(Plasmic Honey Mix)

Stardust: Music Sounds Better With You

(Stardust vs. Robin S white label mix)

Jade Starling: Take On Me (Andrews & Federici Mix)

Safe Keeping (DJ MacGuyver vs.

System Overload Remix) 9:27

Brenda K. Starr: I Still Believe (Cibola Mix)

(Steve Chavez Mix) 7:02

If You Could Read My Mind (Rocket Fuel Dub)

Starship: It’s Not Over [Til It’s Over]

(Rock Mix) 4:32

(Tom Mix) 4:16

Beat Patrol (Extended Club Remix) 7:09

(Dub) 4:19

(Acapella) 6:01

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now

(Original Diane Warren Demo Version)

Sting: Brand New Day (Hex Hector Mix)

Strike: U Sure Do (Tony De Vit Trade Mix)

My Love Is For Real (Original Version)

Donna Summer: Love Is The Healer (Gomi Mix)

I’m A Fire (Summer 2K’s Mix) 8:53

I Will Go With You (Groovy G Radio Mix)

(Messy Boys Jazzy Remix)

Now I Need You ’98 (David Morales remixes)

[the real ones, in HQ, not bad fan-made demos]

My Life (Junior Vasquez Full Remix – HQ)

La Vie En Rose (LMFG Mix)

(Little Bobo & Micky Milan Remix)

(Dr. Phat & Micky Milan Remix)

Sweet Sensation:

Each And Every Time (Extended Version) 6:07

Sincerely Yours (Acapella Version) 4:10

(Charlie D Basement Beat Version) 4:30

Dawn Tallman: Wake Up (Hex’s Radio Edit) 3:43

(Tiko’s Club Mix) 6:08

Tamia: Things To Wait For Love (Hex Hector Mix)

Tamperer: If You Buy This Record (X-Mix)

The Original: I Love U Baby

(Dancing Divaz Instrumental)

(Dancing Divaz Rhythm Mix) 5:23

(Dancing Divaz 2003 Remix) 6:27

(Swing Mix) 6:44

(8 Ball Radio Mix)

(Matt Bradshaw Remix) 7:40

(K-Klass Alternative Club Remix) 8:34

Rob Thomas: Lonely No More (Ford Mix)
Ever The Same (Francois K Mix)

(Davidson Ospina Mix)

Thunderpuss: Dive In The Pool (Ralphi Rosario Mix) Tiffany: any demos versions from her first 3 albums

(any instrumental .wav files or acapellas)

Move Your Body (Dave Aude Remix)

Justin Timberlake: Like I Love You

(Miguel Migs Vocal Mix)

(Andy & The Lamboy Club Mix)

Senorita (Seismic Crew Remix)

T’pau: Only The Lonely (Guitar Remix) 4:03

Bridge Of Spies (AOR Mix)

Thank You For Goodbye (Rides Again) 4:10

(4-Track Demo Version)

Soul Destruction (Remix)

Whenever You Need Me (Extended Mix) 6:15

Road To Our Dream (Full Length Version) 4:41

(Instrumental) 4:42 – wav files only

Carrie Underwood: How Great Thou Art

(Studio Version – No Applause At End)

Luther Vandross: I’d Rather (Karmadelic Club Mix)

Veronica: Let Me Go [Release Me] (Hani Mix)

Crystal Waters: Nights In Egypt (Swen G* Radio Edit)

(Radio Mix)
(Swen G* Rremix)

Jody Watley: I’m The One You Need [wav file only]

(Funky Chickstrumental) 6:27

When A Man Loves A Woman (David Morales Mix)

Karyn White: Superwoman (Groove That Soul Mix)

Whitesnake: Here I Go Again (1982 LP version

from Saints & Sinners album) 5:08

Wild Orchid: Do Me Right (Jonathan Peters Vocal)

Only Time (Extended Mix)

(Radio Mix)

Talk To Me (Junior Vasquez Deluxe Club Edit) 3:50

(Stonebridge & Nick Nice Club Edit) 3:30

At Night I Pray (any dance remixes)

Kim Wilde: T-Rexx Megamix ’98 (Parts 1&2)

I Can’t Say Goodbye (Extended Version)

Because The Night (from Philharmonia album)

(original demo version)

You Have To Learn To Live Alone

(duet with Michel Berger)

Kids In America ’94 (Rapino Bros. Mix)

(Development Corp. Mix)

(Utah Saints Mix)

(X Club Dub) 6:00

(Reggae Radio Mix) [from Swedish promo tape]

Heaven (Matt Darey Dub)

(Mat Darey 7”) 3:16

Unreleased MCA album from 1996 (or 1998?)

Vanessa Williams: Love Is (Instrumental) 4:45

[CD rip / wav file only]

Save The Best For Last (songwriter demo version

sung by Wendy Waldman)

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