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RP 1162


Alabama One Call, upon the request from the Alabama Natural Gas Association (ANGA) and some of our pipeline members, has agreed to develop a public education program to assist our member gas industry members in meeting the federal requirements of the RP 1162 Public Awareness Programs for Pipeline Operators mandate.

Why Alabama One Call?

  • Established with statewide name recognition and public awareness programs

  • Developed on a co-operative basis utilizing direct input from sponsoring companies on the program development and criteria

  • Structured as a direct cost program with no profit margin included

  • Input from regulatory officials monitoring gas industry programs

  • Ability to include other educational efforts of the Alabama One Call in this program to allow for flexibility and cost containment

  • Cafeteria type program allowing participating sponsoring members to choose which portion of the program to utilize in their overall RP 1162 compliance

  • Unified Message

What Will Program Consist of?

  • Educational Awareness Programs to meet the required RP 1162 baseline frequency messages for the target audiences or “stakeholder group” of Affected Public, Emergency Officials, Local Public Officials, and Excavators

  • Documentation and reference material provided to those receiving the training, as specified by the regulation, to ensure their ability to respond to a gas or pipeline emergency in the proper manner

  • Documentation to participating cooperative members of the program itself, who the program targeted and who attended

  • Evaluation of the programs’ effectiveness and revisions of program to meet improvement standards

  • Periodic audit of program to ensure program effectiveness and modifications made as necessary

  • Written documentation of program structure and functionality to be included in participating cooperative members’ in-house written plan

How Is Program Developed?

  • Program development will be on an ongoing basis to ensure program is effective and meeting the needs of the target groups as well as the participating cooperative member

  • Developed by a Committee of participating cooperative members as well as Alabama One Call staff

  • Initially State will be divided in “zones” grouping counties together to best utilize the service areas represented by the participating cooperative members and the geographical region

  • Initially one educational effort will be held PER ZONE focusing on the required stakeholder group. These educational efforts may vary in future years based on the needs of the target groups in that area. All educational efforts will be in line with RP 1162 requirements and based on the recommendation of the development committee. Target groups may be included in one large meeting or in individual meetings as needed

Participating Cooperative Member Requirements?

  • Initial two year commitment agreement to allow for better program planning and budgeting

  • Annual Administrative Fee, if charged, paid separate from individual meeting costs

  • Provide company specific information (i.e. emergency contacts, company procedures, location of facilities, etc) to be included in training manual to be presented to appropriate stakeholder group

  • Representation by at least one company employee at educational programs to address specific company related questions

  • Serve on development committee, if desired

What are the Associated Costs?

  • Annual Administrative Fee, if applicable

  • Cost associated with educational efforts divided between participating sponsoring members. These costs could include such things as:

    • Meeting space, if applicable cost

    • Meals for attendees

    • Development and mailing costs of invitation

    • Supplies for required documentation manual

    • Mailing of documentation manual to non-attendees

    • Event evaluation

  • Cost associated with ROW mailings

    • Development cost for mailing piece

    • Postage charges

  • Audit entire program every four years

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