Public school 156 student/parent handbook 2008-2009

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Principal: Ms. Beverly Logan

Public School 156

104 Sutter Avenue

Brooklyn, N.Y. 11212

Phone: 718-498-2811

Fax: 718-346-2804



P.S. 156

Providing the Stepping Stones to Success.

The New York City Department of Education

Beverly Logan, Principal, P.S. 156

Beth Albano, Assistant Principal Ronda Phillips, Assistant Principal

The Waverly School of the arts

Public School 156

(718) 498-2811 Fax (718) 346-2804

Dear Parents/Guardians:

It is with great pleasure that I present to you our official Parent/Guardian handbook. This book is to be used by you as a resource to reference the policies and procedures that we use here at The Waverly School of the Arts. Here are some important information such as phone numbers, who to contact, and daily school operations are located now at your fingertips for your use at anytime. It is imperative that you take the time to read it with your child so that all of us who are a part of the village are on the same page. When we all communicate the same message to our children it helps with the collaboration of the school’s mission: to provide a nurturing, orderly and safe environment for our children to grow and learn.

Beverly Logan



Beverly Logan

Assistant Principals

Beth Albano

Ronda Phillips
Parent Coordinator: TBA
Community District Superintendent

Donald Conyers

School Support Organization Name

Knowledge Network Leaders Organization

Community School District:


P.S. 156 Mission

To establish and maintain a stimulating, challenging and nurturing environment which is skills based and arts driven producing well-rounded children.

Student Hours

The school day for students at P.S. 156 begins at 8:40 am. For students in morning school the day begins at 8:02am. Students should not arrive before 7:40 am because the gates will be locked and there is no one on staff to supervise them. Students should not be left at the gate unsupervised. There is no morning school on Fridays. Dismissal is at 3pm for students in kindergarten through fifth grade and at 2:15 for students in Pre k.

Breakfast Hours

For students in morning school breakfast begins at 7:40am. Students, who are not in morning school but wish to have breakfast, will be served between 7:50am and 8:20am. Students are encouraged to arrive early for breakfast. Students who arrive after 8:20 will not be allowed to have breakfast.

Staff Hours

P.S. 156 staff is on duty from 8:02 am until 3:00pm. Staff members are not allowed to meet or speak with parents during instructional time. If you wish to meet with your child’s teacher please make an appointment.

Office Hours

The main office is open from 6:30am until 4:00 pm. To reach the main office dial 718-498-2811. Office staff is not allowed to transfer any phone calls to classroom teachers during instructional time. They will take a message and the teacher will return the phone call as soon as they are available. If it is an emergency you should ask to speak with out parent coordinator who will try to assist you.


When your child is absent please send a note to the classroom teacher giving the reason(s) for the absence. If your child was absent due to a doctor’s appointment please send in a doctor’s note. An absent note should include the students name, dates of absence and a Physicians stamp/Signature.

Visiting school

We welcome parents to visit the school, but for the protection of our children and their instructional time please follow these procedures:

Procedures

  • All visitors must show photo ID. Visitors must sign in with School Safety Agents. School Safety Agents will give visitors a pass to the main office. Visitors are not allowed to go directly to any classrooms. When a visitor arrives at the main office the office staff will issue visitors pass to the classrooms.

Early dismissal of students

If a child has to leave school before dismissal, the child will only be released to those individuals on the emergency blue cards. If your child has an appointment and you know you will be picking up your child early, it would help if you send a note with the child so the teacher will have the homework ready and also to reduce your wait time. Parents/Guardian must sign the child out in the main office before leaving the building with the child.

Health related services

If your child has any medical needs please inform the school nurse as soon as possible. If a student is sick during the day, the parent will be called to pick up the sick child. Regular attendance is a very important part of education. In order for illness not to spread to other students and staff please keep your child home if he or she has:

  • Diarrhea

  • vomiting

  • Strep throat

  • Chicken pox

  • Pink eye

  • Ringworm

  • 100 degrees or higher fever

Reporting Academic Progress

  • Reports Cards

Report cards are issued two times a year at the Parent Teachers Conference. Report cards are not given to students, so parents/ guardians must attend Parent Teachers Conference to get the report cards.

  • Teacher Conferences

If there is a need for a conference, the classroom teachers and cluster teachers will request conference with the parent. Parents can also request conferences with the teachers.
Weekly Progress Report/Monthly Progress Report

Some weekly and monthly progress reports are sent home so parents can see the progress of their child. The progress reports are to be signed and returned to the classroom teachers. Please share and discuss the reports with your child.

Promotion Standard

Students must meet the promotion standards set by the Chancellor.

Students Conduct

  • Discipline

The reason students come to school is to learn. Students will not be allowed to engage in any behavior that obstructs teaching and learning.

P.S. 156 standard of conduct is based on Chancellor’s Regulation A-443 disciplinary procedures for all students whether in general education or special education.


P.S. 156 is a mandatory uniformed school. Students must wear their uniform every day of the week. Heelies are not allowed in school. If a child is caught wearing heelies the heels will be removed and confiscated. The uniform colors are blue and yellow.

  • Boys Uniform: Blue pants, yellow shirt, blue tie

  • Girls Uniform: blue pants, dress, jumper, or skirt, yellow shirt, and blue tie

Cell phones

Students are not allowed to carry cell phones to school. If your child has a medical condition which requires you stay in contact with the child please fill out a permission to carry cell phone form. You will have to provide a doctor’s note. If a child is caught using a cell phone it will be confiscated.

Electronic Devices & toys

Students are not allowed to carry electronic devices and toys to school. If a child is caught with electronic devices it will be confiscated and parents will be notified.

P.S. 156 Homework Policy

The frequency and quantity of homework assignment is based on the minimum guidelines established by the Chancellor of the Department of Education.

  • Homework is assigned daily, including weekends.

  • Children should not discard their checked homework. It should be available for inspection by both parents and teachers.

Textbooks and library books

Students receive textbooks and library books free of charge. However, if a student loses a book they will have to pay for the book. Students who lose library books will not receive report cards until books are returned or paid for.

Field trips

Field trips are coordinated with the curriculum and are scheduled during the year by classroom teachers and team leaders. Each child who participates must have a signed permission slip. Verbal permissions are not accepted. Some trips are by public transportation and some are by school buses. Students are allowed to carry a healthy bagged lunch on field trips; however, no glass bottles are allowed.

Inclement weather

If weather conditions (snow storm, flooding) are a threat to the students, the Mayor or Chancellor might close the school, delay opening or dismiss early. Please listen to your local radio station, television station or call 311.

Birthday Parties

Only students in grades Pre-k to 2nd grade are allowed to have birthday parties. Parents must get permission at least a week in advance from the child’s teacher to have birthday parties.

Lunch room rules

During lunch students must follow the rules of the school and the lunchroom. Students are to listen to the lunchroom staff members. Some of the lunchroom rules are:

  • Keep hands and feet to yourself.

  • Empty your tray.

  • Raise your hand for help.

  • Ask permission before leaving the table.

  • Do not play with food.

  • Leave the table and floor clean.

Parent Association

Schools cannot survive without parent support. Parents are encouraged to join the PA and participate in PA sponsored events. Any information regarding PA please call 718-498-2811 extension 147.

I received a copy of the Parent/Student handbook for the 2008-2009 academic school year. I read the handbook with my child and went over the schools procedures.

Child’s Name: ____________________ Class: _________ Date: ________

Child’s Signature: ________________ Class: _________ Date: ________

Parent’s Name: _______________________________ Date: __________________

Parent’s Signature: ___________________________ Date: __________________

(Please sign and return this form to your child’s teacher.)

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