Psychology 699 Undergraduate Research

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Psychology 699 - Undergraduate Research
What is Psychology 699?

What are the pre-requisites for Psychology 699?

    • Permission of the instructor. Check out the website for specific requirements for each lab.

Should I take Psychology 699?

    • This experience is strongly recommended for students wishing to pursue graduate study in psychology, particularly those considering research-based programs (e.g., Ph.D.). However, all Psychology majors interested in gaining research experience are encouraged to take Psychology 699.

Is Psychology 699 required for the Psychology major?

    • It is not required for the Psychology major, but we strongly recommend that students take Psychology 699 if they are interested in pursuing research-based graduate programs (e.g., Ph.D.) in psychology.

When should I take Psychology 699?

    • It is available throughout the year, including Summer Quarter. However, some projects are only available during certain quarters. Students interested in gaining a strong research background should begin taking Psychology 699 as soon as possible after completing Psychology 100.

How many credit hours is Psychology 699?

    • Credit hours are variable depending on the nature of the project and the time commitment of students. A maximum of 6 hours of Psychology 699 (or a combination of 4 hours of Psychology 489 and 2 hours of Psychology 699) can be applied towards the Psychology major. However, students can take additional hours of Psychology 699 towards their overall general (non-psychology) electives. Typically, students often take 2 to 4 credit hours of Psychology 699 per quarter.

How much time will I need to commit to Psychology 699?

    • You are expected to commit 3 hours per week in the lab for every credit hour you earn for Psychology 699. For example, taking Psychology 699 for 3 credit hours will mean that you are expected to devote at least 9 hours per week to the project.

How do I find out about the research projects being offered?

    • First, visit:

    • Second, listen in class for any announcements about Psychology 699 and look for any posted flyers in the Psychology Building and Lazenby Hall.

How do I find out about the research projects being offered?

    • Third, look for projects that spark your interest. Only contact the person managing that project if it will be offered during the quarter you wish to take it.

    • Fourth, carefully read over the Research Description and Student Participation by clicking on the Title link of the project. Does the project sound interesting to you? How comfortable are you with your expected duties and responsibilities? Do you meet the listed Special Qualifications Needed for the project?

Etiquette Tips: Is there anything specific I need to do or say when communicating with the Psychology 699 contact person?

    • YES. Etiquette is very important. Do your homework before you shoot off an e-mail! You should know about what kind of research the lab does. For instance, check out publications that the faculty member has before contacting the lab.

    • DO NOT say…Hey, I’m interested in your project. Do you have any openings? Thanks. Your e-mail will most likely be ignored or at best not responded to quickly.

    • DO say something like: Hello, Professor (his/her name): My name is (your name), and I am interested in your project on (name project). What interests me most about your research is (name a few items here you find interesting about this project and explain why you are interested in them). I have read some articles in your research area (cite names of relevant articles you have read on the subject) and so your research investigation really intrigues me. I would like to be able to contribute to your project in any way I can. I am in my (what year). I have taken (discuss coursework that is relevant to the lab, including statistics and research methods). I am hard-working, dependable, responsible, flexible, and willing to work (how many) quarters in your lab if selected (if a two quarter commitment is preferred for that particular project). Would you be willing and able to meet with me and discuss your research further? I am available (name specific days and times you are available – give a range). I can be reached at (your phone and e-mail contacts). Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Iam A. Student.

    • Note: Use the above as a format, but also try to set yourself apart. Bring up your unique experiences and traits that can help you contribute to the lab.

How do I register for Psychology 699 after I have been accepted?

    • After reading the above section on Etiquette Tips, you can now implement your specific ideas in terms of e-mailing the contact person. The contact e-mail is listed for each research project. If you are accepted into a project, you can then negotiate your working hours and responsibilities directly with that person.

    • You will need to bring a Course Enrollment form for the instructor to sign. Course Enrollment forms are available online at the Registrar’s Office website under Current Students/On-line Forms. You will need to ask the Psychology 699 instructor or your Psychology advisor for the unpublished enrollment number. Take the completed form to the College of Arts and Sciences in Denney Hall (non-honors) or Enarson Hall (honors).

Psychology Undergraduate Advising Updated: 10-09

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