Proposal for Writing 191: Independent Study (R,W)

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Proposal for Writing 191: Independent Study (R,W)

(To be completed by student in consultation with instructor and submitted to TWP Director.)

Student _________________ Instructor _______________


Course Description:
Individual investigation, reading, and writing under the supervision of a faculty member leading to a substantial written document. Prerequisite: Writing 20. Consent of instructor and Director of Thompson Writing Program required. Instructor: Staff
Rationale for W (Writing) designation: Students in Writing 191 produce a substantial document (article, proposal, field report, etc.) in their field of study. Students engage in a process of drafting and revising throughout the semester. Writing assignments vary according to the discipline of the instructor, the interests of the student, and the goals of the approved independent study.
Rationale for R (Research) designation: Students in Writing 191 learn discipline-specific research methodologies in order to generate knowledge within a field of inquiry. This sustained, research- and writing-intensive work yields a substantial document that contributes knowledge to at least one discipline

Course Title

List both the full title of your independent study and a 20-character short title for the registrar.

Course Description

Describe the questions or issues your project will address, and the readings or materials you will focus upon. Model your description on the Writing 20 synopses posted at:


Describe the “substantial written document” you will produce. What sort of document do you intend to write? Approximately how long will it be?

Research Methods

Describe the academic discipline(s) you will be working within. What methods of research (e.g., contextualized close reading, archival study, field work, statistical meta-analysis) will you use to complete your project?


Offer a tentative schedule for your work over the course of a semester. How many drafts or stages of your project will you produce? How often will you meet with your instructor?

Students in Writing 191 meet regularly with their instructor and receive substantive and regular feedback on their writing. Substantive revision is a foundational element of the course. Students in Writing 191are invited to present a brief version of their projects at a TWP end-of-semester celebration.
Student Instructor Date

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