Proposal for Psychology 444

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Proposal for Psychology 444

Prior to registering for an independent study in psychology (Psychology 444), a student should complete the items below in consultation with the faculty member who will be supervising the independent study. This form should be submitted to the department chair for approval.

Should the chair deem the request to be unclear, outside his/her area of expertise, or problematic in any way, s/he may forward the completed form to the Department.

From the College Catalog:

444. Independent Study

The student designs and executes an experimental research project terminating in a written report or completes readings in an area of psychology. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor and administrative consent of the chair. May be repeated. (Credit, half or full course.) Staff


1. Psychology minors may count one Psyc 444 (4 credit hours) toward their six courses in Psychology.

2. Psychology majors who take the minimum 10 Psychology courses may count only one Psyc 444 (4 credit hours) toward their major; Psychology majors who take more than 10 Psychology courses may count two Psyc 444 courses (8 credit hours) toward their major.


Faculty Supervisor:

Semester during which the proposed independent study will take place:

Half course or Full course

Briefly describe the topic and scope of the proposed independent study.

Briefly describe the basic structure of the proposed independent study (i.e., in general, how frequently will the student and faculty supervisor meet, and what will generally take place during these meetings and in between meetings?)

How will performance in this course be evaluated?

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Student's Signature Faculty Supervisor's Signature

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