Project Update: June 2015

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Project Update: June 2015
We have completed education projects in 11 communities within Ankarafantsika National Park, giving away over 1000 lambas. Lambas are clothing worn by women and men in Madagascar similar to a sarong. We made a lamba that re-enforces our conservation message that healthy forests have lemurs. Working with adults and children, we have engaged community members to work towards keeping forests healthy and full of lemurs. During the project, we collaborated closely Madagascar National Parks and Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust.
To facilitate our work in Madagascar, we officially started the Planet Madagascar Association led by Mamy Razafitsalama, our in-country director, and made up of other Malagasy residents committed to conservation and community development in Madagascar.  We created a Collaborative Accord between Planet Madagascar Association and Ankarafantsika National Park. In the coming weeks, we will commence our fire management plan, building fire-breaks and creating a fire management response team in three communities in the National Park.

Mamy Razafitsalama teaching kids about what it’s like to be a lemur. Photo by Ndrina Andriamanantena

Local community residents showing off their new lambas as part of our adult education program. Photo by Mamy Razafitsalama

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