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Sun Garden

Cool Season Bedding Plants

  • Foxy Foxglove

  • Purple Bouquet Dianthus

  • Rose Magic Bouquet Dianthus

  • Dynasty Pink Magic

  • Corona Cherry Magic Dianthus

  • Nicki Nicotiana

  • Homestead Purple Verbena

  • Matrix Clear Orange Improved Pansy

  • Panda Deep Blue Blotch

  • Matrix Rose Pansy

Latest Ornamental Sweet Potatoes
The newest line of ornamental sweet potatoes for home gardeners and commercial landscapers is the ‘Sweet Caroline’ group originally developed by researchers at North Carolina State University in 2002. They have become more available recently and new and improved varieties have been released. Currently, the ‘Sweet Caroline’ series is available in green/yellow, red, light green, bronze and purple. The ‘Sweet Caroline Sweetheart’ series (with heart shaped leaves) is now available in light green, red and purple. There is also the stand alone ‘Bewitched’ variety with maple shaped purplish-black foliage. So, this is nine new varieties in addition to what we have already had – ‘Marguerite’, ‘Blackie’, ‘Black Beauty’, ‘Ace of Spades’, ‘Lady Fingers’ and ‘Pink Frost’ (aka ‘Tricolor’). These sweet potatoes have been selected for shorter internode lengths and reduced root size. They are more compact and mounded in habit than most other ornamental sweet potato varieties. Evaluations of all these varieties are underway at Burden Center and the Hammond Research Station.
Knock Out’ Roses – The Complete List of Varieties

  • Knock Out – AARS Winner 2000

  • Pink Knock Out – 2003 Release

  • Blushing Knock Out – 2003 Release

  • Double Knock Out – Fall 2006 Release (limited first year distribution via Novalis)

  • Rainbow Knock Out – AARS Winner 2007

  • Pink Double Knock Out – Fall 2007 Release (limited first year distribution via Novalis)

  • Sunny Knock Out – January 2009 Release Scheduled

Proven Winners’ Proven Selections Coleus
The Proven Winners coleus collection continues to expand. In the Proven Selections group of coleus from Proven Winners there are now 53 cultivars. Here is the list of those being evaluated in 2008 in LSU AgCenter trials.

  • Red Ruffles Improved

  • Dark Star

  • Dipt in Wine

  • Freckles

  • Kingswood Torch

  • Life Lime

  • Merlot

  • Pineapple

  • Gays Delight

  • Sedona

  • Pink Chaos

  • Coco Loco

  • Glennis

  • Merlin’s Magic

  • Rustic Orange

  • Black Knight

  • Royal Glissade

  • Fishnet Stockings

  • Zen Moment

  • Bug Red Judy

  • Tiny Toes

  • Pineapple Splash

  • Lemon Sunsation

  • Lencelot Velvet Moca

  • Gem

  • Gold Brocade

  • Mariposa

  • Ruby Ruffles

  • Splish Splash

  • Swallowtail

  • Red Hot Rio

  • Needlepoint

Other coleus in the Proven Selections group from Proven Winners are:

  • Juliet Quarterman

  • Mount Washington

  • Old Lace

  • Ocar

  • Pele

  • Pistachio Nightmare

  • Religious radish

  • Ruffles

  • Saturn

  • Sky Fire

  • Splash

  • Strawberry Drop

  • Swinging Linda

  • Texas Parking Lot

  • The Flume

  • Tuckerman Ravine

  • Velvet Lime

  • Amora

  • Black Knight

  • Black Prince

  • Brown Sugar Drop

  • Chocolate Drop

  • Christmas Cany

  • Coleusaurus Kiwi

  • Dappled Apple

  • Felix

  • El Brighto

  • Granny Smith

  • JoDonna

New ‘Toucan’ Series Purslane
The ‘Toucan’ series purslane is a new seed propagated Portucala oleracea from PanAmerican Seed. Cultivars being evaluated are listed below.

  • Toucan Scarlet Shade

  • Toucan Yellow

  • Toucan Fuschia

Toucan Hot Mix is also available. Other purslane/portulaca available from PanAmerican Seed include the Margarita series and the Tequila series.

Portulaca grandiflora (vegetatively propagated) introductions over the last five years from Ball FloraPlant have included the Rio and Fairytale series. Rio is available in scarlet, rose, yellow, white, apricot, and orange. Cultivars in the Fairytale series are Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. These have been trialed at Burden Center in Baton Rouge in landscape evaluations and have been above average performers.
New Lantana Cultivars
New Lantanas being evaluated by the LSU AgCenter over the last few years include the ‘Lucky’ and ‘Landmark’ series from Ball FloraPlant. In addition, the ‘Son’ series from Mississippi have been evaluated – this series includes ‘Sonrise’, ‘Sonset’, ‘Samson’ and ‘Sunshine’. Proven Winners’ new lantana cultivars include ‘Luscious Lemonade’, ‘Luscious Grape’ and ‘Luscious Tropical Fruit’. ‘Citrus Blend’ is a new lantana from Proven Winners in the Proven Selections program.

  • Florida Fuschia Mound

  • Florida Orange Mound

  • Florida Red Mound

  • Candy Apple Red

  • Lucky Lemon Cream

  • Lucky Pot of Gold

  • Lucky Yellow Improved

  • Pink Caprice

  • Sonshine

  • Sonrise

  • Tropical Fruit

  • Citrus Blend

  • Luscious Lemonade

New AARS 2009 Rose from Weeks
Cinco de Mayo is the newest rose from Weeks Roses. It is a floribunda and is an AARS winner for 2009. Lavender flowers with a hint of rusty red orange coloration to the petals. This rose is being grown under a “no fungicide” program at the Hammond Research Station.
Other AARS winners for 2009 are Carefree Spirit and Pink Promise. Carefree Spirit has deep-red flowers with white accents. It is a landscape shrub and was hybridized by Jacques Mouchotte and will be introduced by Conard-Pyle. Pink Promise, a hybrid tea with large, pink flowers and dark-green foliage, was introduced by Coiner Nursery. A percentage of sales from this rose will be donated to National Breast Cancer Foundation.
All three AARS roses for 2009 are being evaluated in the AARS Display Garden at Burden Center in Baton Rouge and at the Ornamental and Turfgrass Research Facility at Burden Center in Baton Rouge.
Foliage for the Landscape
Some foliage plants for the landscape being evaluated this year include:

  • Graptophyllum Chocolate (Athens Select plant)

  • Graptophyllum Tricolor (Athens Select plant)

  • Graptophyllum Black Beauty (Athens Select plant)

  • Cuban Gold Duranta (Athens Select plant)

  • Limon Talinum

  • Iresine

  • Purple Knight Alternanthera

Graptophyllum’s common name is caricature plant. Purple Knight is one of the largest growing joseph’s coats and is a Mississippi Medallion plant.

Tropical Plants
Panama Red hibiscus is one of the new foliage type hibiscus for the landscape. It is an Athens Select plant.
Cassia alata (new genus is Senna) is one of the tree main species of these plants grown in Louisiana. Common name is candlestick tree. Other species are Cassia splendida and Cassia corymbosa.
There is a new revoluation in copper plants – cultivars being evaluated in 2008 include Ceylon, Radiation, Beyond Paradise, Bourbon Street, and Sizzle Scissors.
Perennial Color
Black and Blue Salvia – nice cultivar of Salvia guaranitica

Golden Delicious Salvia – Proven Winners selection of Salvia elegans

Early Bird Gold Rudbeckia – new early flowering cultivar

Corries Gold Gaura – new variegated foliage selection from the United Kingdom

Mystic Blue Spires Salvia – Ball FloraPlant’s dwarf selection of Indigo Spires

Petite Indigo/Plum/Snow Buddleia – new “dwarf” buddleias from Monrovia Nursery

Cajun Blue Scaevola – Athens Select plant originating at Dupont Nursery
Serena is the first series of seed propagated angelonia. Available from PanAmerican Seed. Cultivars include white, lavender pink, purple, lavender and a mix.
AngelfFace is a vegetatively propagated series of angelonia from Proven Winners. Cultivars include white, blue, dark violet, wedgewood blue, Dresden blue and pink.
New colors continue to be added to the Profusion zinnias from Sakata Seed. Here is the list of currently available and soon to be available cultivars:

  • White (AAS 1999)

  • Cherry (AAS 1999)

  • Orange (AAS 2001)

  • Coral Pink

  • Fire

  • Apricot

  • Deep Apricot

  • Double Golden

  • Double Cherry

  • Double Fire

  • Double White

  • Knee High White

  • Knee High Red

The newest zinnias are the Zahara series from PanAmerican Seed. Colors are scarlet, yellow, white, and coral rose. Promoted as 20% larger flower that Profusions. First yellow and scarlet flowers in a Zinnia elegans x linearis cross.

New Ball FloraPlant Coleus
New coleus from Ball FloraPlant being evaluated at the Hammond Research Station in 2008 are Henna, Indian Summer and Mint Mocha.
Perilla Magilla (Purple) and Perilla Vanilla
A popular substitute for coleus are the new perillas. Magilla perilla debuted first followed by Vanilla perilla. The Magilla variety has reddish purple foliage while the Vanilla variety has green and white variegated foliage. While most sun coleus start to flower in late spring to early summer, both of these perillas are very slow to flower in the landscape – first flower is in October. This late flowering eliminates the need to dead-head. Perillas are great foliage plants for a full sun landscape. The newest perilla is Cage’s Shadow from Proven Winners.
New canna cultivars from Horn Canna Farm in Oklahoma being evaluated this year are Tangelo, Primrose Yellow and Scarlet Wave. See additional canna information in the care and maintenance descriptions.
Cuphea cultivars being evaluated this year are from Proven Winners - Totally Tempted, Flamenco Samba, and Flamenco Cha Cha.
Spirit Appleblossom, Spirit Frost, and Senorita Rosita are the cultivars of cleome being evaluated this year at the LSU AgCenter.
Hardy Hibiscus
Disco Bell and Southern Belle are older seed propagated series of hardy hibiscus. Most of these are just available in mixes.
Luna hibiscus is available in five colors – pink swirl, rose, blush, white and red. Luna hibiscus are available from PanAmerican Seed. Rose mallow/swamp mallows are perennially hardy.
Commotion Tizzy is a new gaillardia in the Novalis Plants that Work program. Torch Yellow and Torch Red Ember from Ball FloraPlant have been excellent performers in LSU AgCenter trials the last five years. These plants are reliable perennials.
New Woody Ornamental Shrubs
Frost Proof gardenia – becoming the industry standard gardenia

Pink Marble photinia – new variegated foliage photinia from Conard-Pyle

Calisto indian hawthorne – new cultivar with pink flowers from PDSI

Eleanor Tabor indian hawthorne – new cultivar with pink flowers from PDSI

Spring Sonata indian hawthorne – white flowering cultivar in Southern Living plant program

Purple Diamond loropetalum – new cultivar from PDSI (Purple Pixie also available)

Antiqua and Marvel series of African marigolds are being evaluated this year – along with French Vanilla. Durango and Safari French marigolds have been evaluated the last couple years, with the Durango series being the better performer. Petal blight is the major disease issue on marigolds in south Louisiana.
Petunias being used currently by landscape professionals and being sold in significant numbers at garden centers are the Waves. This groups of petunias includes the following series – Wave, Easy Wave, Tidal Wave and Shock Wave. All of the cultivars in these series have been trialed in LSU AgCenter landscape studies over the last couple years. Colors available in the Wave petunias are purple, pink, rose, lavender, misty lilac and blue. The best performers of these are pink, rose, lavender and misty lilac. Easy Wave colors include blue, coral reef, mystic pink, rosy dawn, red, shell pink, and white. Tidal Waves are available in hot pink, cherry, purple and silver with silver being the best landscape performer followed by hot pink and cherry. Shock Wave is the newest and smallest growing of the Wave petunias. Flower colors are pink shades, ivory, rose, pink vein and purple.
Explorer and Tidal Wave petunias are planted in the sun garden at the Hammond Research Station this year. Explorer petunias are available in several colors – rose pink, blue, coral, magenta, purple, rose, white and pink.
Other “new” petunias being evaluated are:

  • Supertunia Vista Fuschia

  • Vista Bubble Gum

  • Vista Silverberry

  • Vista Raspberry Blast

Vinca (not yet planted – coming mid to late May)
Many new vincas have arrived in the last few years. Titans from PanAmerican seed are the largest flowered of the seed propagated vinca. The Nirvana series from Fischer USA (now Syngenta Flowers) and the Cora series from Goldsmith seed are also new. The Nirvanas are vegetatively propagated while the Coras are seed propagated. Both are genetically resistant to Phytopthora root/stem rot.
Cora Vinca (being evaluated at the LSU AgCenter in 2008):

  • White

  • Violet

  • Apricot

  • Lavender

  • Burgundy

  • Deep Lavender

  • Experimental Pink

  • Experimental Punch

Nirvana Vinca (available cultivars):

  • Cascade Burgundy

  • Cascade Deep Pink

  • Cascade Lavender with Eye

  • Cascade Orchid

  • Cascade Pink Blush

  • Cascade Pink Splash

  • Cascade Rose

  • Cascade White

  • White ‘09

  • Violet

  • Sky Blue

  • Pink Blush

  • Raspberry Halo

  • Red

  • Rose

  • Lavender with Eye

  • Burgundy

  • Apricot Splash

Titan Vinca (being evaluated at the LSU AgCenter in 2008):

  • Burgundy

  • Lavender Blue Halo

  • Blush

  • Punch

  • Lilac

  • Rose

  • Polka Dot

  • Mix

Also being evaluated at the LSU AgCenter in 2008 are Victory Mix, Pacifica White, Pacifica Burgundy, Pacifica Really Red, Pacifica Orchid, and Pacifica Magenta Halo.

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