Project A: Anime Club Executive Application (summer) 2007-2008

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Project A: Anime Club Executive Application (summer) 2007-2008
Are you interested in getting involved with Project A: Anime Club? Well, of course you are, or else you wouldn't have downloaded this application form. We are looking for dedicated individuals for the following positions:
General Executive (3 positions available)

Assistant Booth Coordinator (1 position available)

Assistant Web Administrator (1 position available)

General Manager (2 positions available)

Assistant Treasurer (1 position available)

Vice President (1 position available)

For the Project A newsletter, we have separate positions for those who only wish to help out with the newsletter (executives are also expected to help with the newsletter), but do not want executive responsibilities.
Writer (infinite positions available)

Assistant Editor (1 position available)

Layout Designer (1 position available)
Job descriptions
General Executive: The General Executive can be described as being a Swiss army knife. The primary function of the GE is to sit at the anime club booth to help promote the club, collect membership and registrations for various events, and to answer any general inquiry about the club and anime itself. The General Executive also helps out at events when needed. This position is comparable to the “Junior Executive” position offered by other clubs. Social skills and “bedside manner” are a must. Punctuality is also an asset, as the club booth needs to be open when members expect it to be open, and also to make the transition between shifts smooth. Extensive knowledge about anime is also an asset.
Assistant Booth Coordinator: This position requires the exec to job shadow the current booth coordinator. He/she is also expected to sit at booth (please read the General Executive job description) but with fewer shifts. The booth coordinator is in charge of booking the club table every week with SCSU, and to coordinate the schedules of the GE's to form a booth schedule. They should also be keeping a log of attendance. Attendance is taken into account during executive evaluations at the end of the fall semester. Ideally, the Assistant Booth Coordinator will replace the current Booth Coordinator when he/she leaves the club/graduates.
Assistant Web Administrator: This position requires the exec to job shadow the current Web administrator. Web Design skills are required for this position. The Web Administrator maintains the club's website, which is often the most updated and relied on tool for communication between the club and its members. The Web Administrator must pay attention to the activities being planned by the club, and also to the forum where most club event discussions happen. The website is also used to direct members to the club forums where member's participation is encouraged. The Web Administrator works in conjunction with the Forum Administrator so that information in both places remain consistent. Sitting at booth is not required with this position. A good eye for layout and aesthetics is desired. Ideally, the Assistant Web Administrator will replace the current Web Administrator when he/she leaves the club/graduates.
General Manager: The General Manager is in charge of the club's inventory. This mainly entails prizes and food. It is their job to make sure that expired foods are not served to the members (this is an issue that really makes the club look irresponsible). They must work in conjunction with any executives planning events, as to keep inventory turnover in mind. For example, if there are 2 bags of chips that will expire at the end of the month, then the General Manager must make a note of this and inform the executives to not buy any more food, and to finish what the club already has before it expires. At times, the General Manager may be required to go buy prizes.
Assistant Treasurer: This exec will job shadow the current treasurer(s) and keep track of the club's finances. They are the liaison between the club and the bank. They set budgets for events and any purchases the club makes. Ideally, the Assistant Treasurer will replace the current treasurer(s) when he/she leaves the club/graduates. The treasurer is also expected to keep track of the cash box at booth, so coordination with GE's and the booth coordinator will be expected.
Vice President: The vice president (second in command) job shadows the president and functions much like a secretary. The VP will compile members lists, exec contact lists, and take meeting minutes. The VP will also stand in for the President if the President is unavailable or has delegated authority to the VP. Ultimately the VP will succeed the President once the President graduates/leaves the club. Organization skills, leadership skills and knowledge of Excel (or any spreadsheet program) is required.
Writer: The writer is committed to writing an article(s) for every club newsletter. English skills are an asset, but are not necessary, as long as any information presented in the article are accurate. The writer consents to having his/her article(s) edited by the editors as they see fit. If any significant change to the article needs to be made, the writer will be notified. An impressive knowledge of anime is an asset.
Assistant Editor: The editor is in charge of correcting spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. The writer should be expected to have accurate facts, but the assistant editor may be required to do additional research to confirm any claims the writer makes in his/her article.
Layout Designer: The layout designer will work in conjunction with the club's Artists (the club is currently not looking for any artists) to design the cover page of the newsletter, and to arrange the layout of articles and pictures. An eye for aesthetics is required. Knowledge of anime is an asset but not required.

Other Executive Positions

Project A currently does not have any positions available for the following jobs:

-Artists (in charge of making posters, and organizing art related contests)
Requirements of ALL Executives and additional information (excluding those only involved with the newsletter)
All Executives are required to help out with the newsletter by writing articles. This is a new initiative of the club and we hope that it will grow and become a staple in Project A's activities. Executives must also try their best to attend the majority of club meetings. Attendance in meetings is crucial since this is when we will discuss future events, designate executives to be in charge, and to give an update on the inventory and finances. At the end of the fall semester, all newly recruited executives will be evaluated based on their performance and attendance. Those who fail to rise to the expectations of their position will be put on trial by upper management, who will consider the executive's dismissal from the club executive.
Executives may ask for a letter of recommendation from the president to include with their resume. They also do not have to pay for club membership. Execs also have access to the private executive forum. Please think seriously about being an executive as it can be time-consuming, and you will need to balance school with the club and any other activities.
Benefits for the Newsletter team
The Newsletter team is granted access to the executive forums, and invited to executive socials. However they do NOT get free membership. Those dedicated to the newsletter will be eligible to receive a 50% refund on their membership at the end of the year. However to qualify, one must actually do consistent work for the newsletter. Members must commit to the newsletter FIRST, they are not eligible for 50% refund if they do freelance work for the newsletter throughout the year and then decide the amount of work they did warrants a refund.
You may apply to a maximum of 3 positions. Please fill out the attached application form and mail it to . You will be contacted by the Executive to confirm an interview date and time.
Applications are due March 11th at 12:00 AM Midnight.
If you have any questions please email

Project A: Anime Club Executive Application Form 2007-2008
Name: _________________________________________________________
Age: ________ Gender :______________
Phone Number: Day_________________ Night_______________________
Email: _________________________________________________________
Student Number:__________________________
Program of Study: _______________________________________________
Year of graduation: ______________________________________________
Desired Position (please list your most preferred position first if you have more than one):



Tell us why you are the most ideal candidate for this position(s):


Please list any relevant jobs or volunteer work you have done to reinforce your credentials for this position(s)


From Mon, March 12- Fri, March 22 (Excluding Fridays and weekends) please tell us which days and when you will be available for an interview. We will contact you later on to arrange an interview.


I, the applicant have read and understand the commitment required to be an executive: yes/no
Good Luck!

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