Programming the porsche 993 remote control dan’s cheat sheet

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1. Get into car, open the driver’s window & lock the door using the remote, console switch or key. Review your cheat sheet.

2. Using the key, unlock, lock and unlock the door in rapid succession. (5 second limit to do this) by reaching through the open window or (much easier) with a helper.
3. Open the door right after you unlock it in step 2 and turn on the ignition. It is easiest to use a helper and a spare key. [Once the helper opens the door, insert the spare key into the ignition for this step.] The ignition is in the on position right before it engages the starter. -10 second limit
4. Wait for the warning light to go off (it is between 3 and 4 o'clock on the dash clock) . This should happen within 15 seconds.
5. After the light goes off, switch the ignition off and then back on. 5 second limit.
6. Wait for the warning light to start flashing after 15 seconds.
7. After the light starts flashing, you have 5 seconds to start entering your code. Note that the ignition is already in the “on” position at this point so the sequence to enter the code is off-on for each number. The number 3 for example is off-on, off-on, off-on.
8. After you input each number the warning light will come on to acknowledge the correct entry.
9. After all four numbers have been correctly entered the warning light will start flashing.
10. Now, press the remote button and keep it pressed until the red LED alarm light on the door sill starts flashing. Then, press the button on your next remote and keep it pressed until the red door light is flashing again and so on for up to four (4) remotes.

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