Programming Instructions: Genie 912 Remote On handheld unit

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Programming Instructions: Genie 912 Remote

  1. On handheld unit - Remove battery cover from remote: position remote so the button is facing up. Next, place your fingers in the indentation just below the button & pull while holding top of remote steady with your other hand. Once cover is removed you will see a set of switches just above the 9v battery. Set these switches to match any existing remote that is set to the current opener. If there is not another remote, proceed to Step 2.

  1. On ceiling unitRemove light bulb cover: There are two screws on the very top of this cover which can be removed with a screwdriver. You may need to use a step ladder to reach them. Proceed to Step 3.

  1. After removing coverLocate the set of switches: These switches are attached to a receiver board which is inside the unit. Only the switches will be visible. They will be located to the left of the light bulbs. Proceed to Step 4.

  1. Using the switches in ceiling unit – Set switches inside the remote to match those in the ceiling unit. A small flathead screwdriver or the end of a pen can be used to move the switches inside the remote. Remote switches should be set either towards the printed # or away from it.

    • For 12 switch setting - set switches numbered 1-12 in remote to match those in ceiling unit. These numbers will be located below the switches.

    • For 9 switch setting - set the switches on the remote numbered 1-9. These numbers will be located above the switches. For this setting you must also move the large switch to the right of the numbered switches into the up position. Below this switch are the letters CTS. Using your screwdriver or pen push this switch away from these letters.

5. Test remote to be sure that it is set correctly. Please confirm that there are no children, pets, or objects under or near the door before testing!

6. If you have any questions or the remote does not operate the door after programming call our office @ 352-372-6479. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you!

To program remotes with 2 or 3 buttons:

  1. Match the dipswitches in the remote to door operator #1(code switches are normally located under the light cover or rear panel depending on model).

  2. Then flip the run/set switch (next to the dipswitches in the remote) to the set position (down) and press the #1 button on the remote for 3 seconds.

  3. Flip the run/set switch back to run, test door.

  4. Follow the above steps for the remaining units, matching switches and going through the run set process.

Please be alerted that the 9 switch setting on the Genie 912 remote will not work with a Genie Blue Max that has only 9 switches. Remotes for that setting are no longer made! If your Blue Max has 12 switches this remote will be compatible.

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