Professional staff work rules

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RULE (1)
1. All professional staff members shall, under the direction of the district administrator, abide by and uphold the laws of the United States and the State of Wisconsin. They are also expected to observe and enforce all policies and rules of the Board and faithfully perform the duties to which they have been assigned. Professional staff members shall familiarize themselves with the policies and rules of the Board.
2. Professional staff members are required to abide by such standard of conduct, which is in keeping with community morals, to encourage good citizenship and to be an example of self-discipline for their students. Further, professional staff members are required at all times not to engage in misdeeds which may lose them the respect and appreciation of the parents/guardians of students and the people of the community.
3. Professional staff members shall display adequate moral and ethical behavior.

  1. Teachers shall avoid discriminating against their pupils, educating every student

the fullest potential and encouraging the expression of every child's unique nature.
5. Professional staff shall not engage in intimate or sexual relationships with students whether consensual or otherwise.
6. Teachers shall accept a proportionate share of the responsibility for discipline, health, and safety of the students of the school during the school day. They shall endorse all rules governing the conduct of students as such rules may be prescribed by the district administrator; they shall maintain hygienic conditions and practices in their classrooms as these may affect the physical or mental health of the students; and shall report promptly to the administrator any serious accident or illness affecting students in their charge.
7. No professional staff member shall send a student on an errand off school premises during school hours. Students shall not be sent on personal errands of any kind, nor be required to do any service not connected with their duty in the school.
8. Teachers shall be on duty in the building at such places and times as may be assigned by the district administrator in accordance with prescribed practice.


RULE (2)
9. Teachers shall keep all records required and shall report to the district administrator's office at the time and in the manner prescribed, all absences and all failures to obtain satisfactory excuses for absences of students.
10. Professional staff members shall support the district's attendance policies in dealing with student absences, tardiness, or dismissal before the close of school.
11. Teachers shall report all absences and all cases of suspected communicable disease.
12. Teachers are expected to report all cases of suspected injury or illness to the district administrator. This shall include a recommendation for excluding those students whose health is deemed detrimental to other students.
13. It shall be the duty of each teacher to prepare and submit to the administrator, within five (5) days after the opening of each semester, a schedule of the daily program for the term. All teachers shall prepare and submit to the district administrator their weekly lesson plans.
14. Teachers shall administer any marking system or other means of evaluating students' achievement that may be prescribed for the school, and report to the parents/guardians the progress of their children as directed by the district administrator.
15. No professional staff member shall attempt to indoctrinate the students with his/her own political or religious beliefs.
16. Professional staff members shall participate in staff development programs and curriculum evaluation processes. They are expected to work to improve their instructional effectiveness, and to assist the implementation of the district's educational goals through curriculum development and in their individual classrooms.
17. Teachers are expected to refer questions regarding the interpretation of school policy to the district administrator/designee.
18. All official communications from the Friess Lake Education Association that are to be shared with parents shall be submitted to the district administrator/designee for approval prior to distribution.
19. Any employee or professional organization of employees may address all communications on matters affecting their welfare to the Board.


RULE (3)
20. Teachers are expected to respect the confidentiality of personal information concerning their pupils, their behavior, or their families, and to use that information only to help the child involved and to comply with state and federal

laws designed to protect the confidentiality of information about students. They therefore shall furnish to no one, other than school personnel, any list of names or addresses of pupils, and they shall limit the use of commercial advertising in their classroom to those items that have the advance approval of the district administrator.
21. Professional staff members shall allow no portion of their school time or that of the school to be occupied in school hours by agents of advertisers, or vendors of any kind, but shall give their undivided attention to the instructional program of the school.

  1. No professional staff member shall sell or be interested in the sale of any books, maps, stationery, or other merchandise to any student(s), except such books, maps, stationery, or other merchandise furnished or authorized by the Board of Education, or which may be adopted for uniform use in the schools, and which may be ordered and sold at cost. Further, no teachers shall give awards to students under their charge, unless approved with the consent or direction of the Board or the district administrator/designee.

23. Professional staff members should use careful judgment in accepting gifts from students so that at no time will students feel that they are expected to give gifts to professional staff members.

24. No curriculum shall be pursued or textbooks used in school except for those approved by the Board. In the area of human growth and development, supplementary materials used will be approved by the board.
25. Teachers shall not propose or survey student or parent/guardian interest in, encourage or propose in any way, or be associated with a trip outside the Continental United States until an entitlement to plan has been approved by the Board.
26. Employees may not use equipment or property of the school district for personal usage or gain.
Violation of these prohibitions by employees will lead to the discipline of employees up to and including dismissal.


RULE (4)


118.19 Teacher Certificates and Licenses

121.02(1)(a) & (q) School District Standards


PI 3

PI 8.01(2)(Q)
CROSS-REFERENCE: 531 Professional Staff Positions

533 Professional Staff Recruiting/Hiring

431 Religious Instruction

361 Use and Selection of Paperback Books

362 Materials Selection Guidelines

Approved: April 13, 2000


Hubertus, Wisconsin

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