Processing and certification of students

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15174415-1744.  Processing and certification of students

A.  The board shall, within the limitations and on the terms fixed by the commission and by this article, determine the number of students desiring to take advantage of the educational facilities afforded by the compact and, from those indicating such a desire, select a group in each allowable professional field.  In making the selections the board shall only include students who:

1.  Have at least an average scholastic attainment record.

2.  Are citizens of the United States.

3.  Have been actual bona fide residents of Arizona for at least the last five years.

4.  Have completed such preliminary education as will qualify them for admission to the professional or graduate school provided by the commission.

B.  The names of the students selected shall be certified by the board to the commission through the Arizona members of the commission, along with such data as the commission may require. 151744

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