Process for ieee p1451. 5 Rf protocol Adoption

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Process for IEEE P1451.5 RF Protocol Adoption

  1. The Wireless Sensor Working Group (WG) members may make a motion to form a Protocol Subcommittee (PS) to develop a wireless protocol stack description for adoption by the P1451.5 draft. The proposed protocol stack may include components from open-standards and proprietary systems. Per IEEE rules, ALL proprietary content must be declared and published with enough specificity and completeness to provide a knowledgeable practitioner with the necessary information to design a compatible product, and any essential Intellectual Property must be made available on the customary “Reasonable And Non-Discriminatory” basis.

  1. A new Protocol Subcommittee is enabled by a favorable 51% majority vote of the WG.

  1. Upon completion of a draft specification, the draft is circulated to the WG membership for review, vote & comment. (All votes are public, and votes AGAINST must be accompanied by one or more explanatory comments.)

  1. After receiving commented votes AGAINST, the Subcommittee shall inform the voters of the resolution to the comment (i.e., changes in language adopted, explanation of comment error, rejection of comment as editorial, etc. NO votes not containing an explanation are, by definition, editorial).

  1. A 75% favorable majority WG vote shall be required for ratification of a Protocol Subcommittee draft.

  1. A 75% favorable majority WG vote shall be used to adjudicate any disagreements on the disposition of WG member comments.

  1. Each Protocol Subcommittee draft will be added as an annex to the P1451.5 draft for purposes of the sponsored-ballot ratification process.

  1. The Wireless Sensor WG, with a 51% majority, may choose to go forward without one or more protocols if a particular Subcommittee is unable to complete their work according to the schedule adopted by the WG.

  1. All voting referred to in 2, 5, and 6 shall be done using e-mail according to the voting rules. All voting shall be published on the website for seven days with all voting completed within seven days following that.

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