Priests of moses versus the royal priests of god, our father

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Many go to Churches and meet a Dog-Collared Hireling of Mammon teaching them the Letters of the Bible. He himself has learnt the letters from his or her University Professors who too are the hirelings of Mammon. Monks if enlightened would throw Light on God and the Royal Kingdom of hearts. Here, I will describe the difference and to get rid of the Priests in Moses, our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus, the Royal High Priest shed his Blood to set us FREE. Mission of our Elder Brother Christ Jesus lasted for Four years, Parable of the Fig Tree, and during which He trained His Labourers so well that the Temple Priests needed an insider to identify the Real Jesus. So, Jesus acted as the Lamb of God and gave his Sacrifice to tear away the Curtain of the Holiest of Holy asking people to have direct approach to God through His Word learnt in Fellowships.
Churches of God were established in honour of Christ Jesus but the Messianic Jews, the Arid spirits of the destroyed Temple, the husbandmen of the Winepress of God, were useless and they could not find any customers. Then these psychic evil spirited Temple Priests infiltered into the Church of God and after becoming Bishops, they wanted to bring back their old customers into their fold. So, these Bishops bring in the Jewish Leaven, the rotten full of corruptions written Torah that Jesus had forbidden. They re-introduced sins into the Churches and put a heavier Yoke. John, the Baptist being Prophet Elijah and we in Jesus are greater than John, the Baptist need not have these Books on Moral Laws as we are no more slaves to sins but righteousness that the Gentiles used to be and they never died but had Rest. That is, Jesus put an end to the Moral Laws and sins. When Apostles used to visit these Churches and met these Bishops and their congregations drunk with the old wine of written Torah with no desire for the New Wine or Gospel, they were very upset and rebuked the Bishops for corrupting the Churches. Bishops of the Judea region expelled the Apostles first and then under Emperor Constantine, they burnt them at stake, fed lions on them, etc. You know what the hell Popes were doing. In short, Jesus described the situation in Matt.12.v43-45. Here, I am going to stress the Freedom that Jesus bestowed upon us by making us Royal Priests, Preachers of Gospel. Every one of us should endeavour to become a Fisher of Men. Here, the spiritual men are people who are masters of their own destnies i.e. solitary of both sexes are men. Our Mission is best understood in the light of what applies to Flesh in Adam, the opposite to spirit in God. Thus, the Priests of Adam who teach the Moral Laws of Adam sit in a house, Synagogue built by human hands and he is the owner of this House as defined in Matt.13.52 who bringeth out of the storeroom, treasures old, written Torah and new, Oral Torah. And the Royal Priests of God sit in the Temple of God, our physical body, not made by human hands but by Nature. The Innerman, the Christ sits in our hearts and we preach what pleases our Father. Priests are ordained by men and their praises lie with men who have ordained them whilst we, the Royal Priests are ordained by our Father and we are Protected by Him. Priests carry Scrips with them whilst we have the Gospel written over our hearts. This Jesus stressed that carry no copper, tunic, scrips, etc with you. Ask these dead in spirit Christians, what would they take on their teaching trips, the Bible is the answer. So, Gospel is received through revelations and not through the written Books. Gospel is buried under the Parables and you need holy spirit, common sense, to dig them out. People sold their possessions to become the diggers of these Treasures that no thief can steal. So, the Churches that have paid Dog-Collared Hirelings of Mammon, the Anti Christs, are producing fanatics. Ireland presents a good example. Pope or any other Priest cannot give your account to God but you yourself. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR HUMAN BIRTH THAT ENABLES YOU TO ENTER INTO THE ROYAL KINGDOM OF GOD FOR REST.

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