President Script for 4-h meeting

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President Script

for 4-H Meeting
The following guide can be used for planning and leading your 4-H club meeting. The terms/words to use for each part of the business meeting are listed in bold directly below each business meeting part. Keep this form for club records.

Agenda for (club name) meeting of (date) .

Pre-Meeting Activities
Meeting Person In Charge
Call to order President

This meeting will now come to order.”

Pledge of Allegiance led by

Please stand for the Pledge of Allegiance led by ________.”

4-H Pledge led by

__________ will now lead us in the 4-H Pledge.”

Roll Call Secretary

The secretary will now call the roll.”

Introduction of Visitors Various members

At this time would members please introduce their guests.”

Minutes from Previous Meeting Secretary

The secretary will now read the minutes of the previous meeting.”

Approval of Minutes President

Are there any additions or corrections to these minutes?

(Wait a moment.) If not they stand approved as read.” If there

are corrections they are made and the president says, “Are there

any further corrections to the minutes? (Wait a moment.) There

being no further corrections, the minutes stand approved

as corrected.”
Treasurer Report Treasurer

May we have the treasurer’s report.” This report and other

officer reports do not require further action.
Committee Reports Various members

Will the chair of the ______ committee please report.”

Following the report the President says. “Does any member

wish to present a motion to accept this report?” See below

for proper method for making a motion.

Old/Unfinished Business

Is there any old/unfinished business?” (Use one or the other term.)

New Business

We are now ready for new business. On the agenda is . . . .” After items on the agenda have been addressed say, “Is there any other new business?”


Are there any other announcements?”


Is there a motion for adjournment?” After the motion has been made the president says, “Is there a second?” After the second has been made the president says, “It has been moved and seconded that we adjourn. All in favor say ‘aye’,” (pause for vote), all opposed ‘nay’.” The meeting is adjourned.”


Steps in Making a Motion
If there is something the club members need to decide during the business meeting, it requires a motion, a second, open discussion, and a vote. The following steps are used to “entertain a motion” and to decide if club members are in favor of the item of business brought before the club.
The proper way to move a motion is to say, “I move,” not “I motion.” When an item of business is brought up for discussion these steps are used:
1. President says, “Is there a motion to _____________________?”

2. A member says, “I move _______________________.”

3. President says, “Is there a second to the motion?”

4. A different member says, “I second the motion.” If no second is made the motion dies and no further action is taken. If the motion is seconded, move on to step 5.

5. President says, “It has been moved and seconded to ____________________. Is there any discussion?”

6. President allows discussion on the motion.

7. When the discussion ends, the president says, “It has been properly moved and seconded that we (President states the motion or has the secretary read the motion). All in favor say ‘aye.’ (Pause for vote). “All opposed say ‘nay’.”

8. President says, “Motion passes.” or “Motion fails.”

NOTE: The following tool helps keep order when a member seeks the floor to make a motion or discuss business. No one should speak unless recognized by the chair and given the floor. When a person wishes to speak the president says, “The chair recognizes (name of speaker) and (name of speaker) has the floor.”

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