Pre-Departure The minimum flight attendant compliment for the A319, A320 and A321 is as follows: fom 9

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AIRBUS A319/320/321

Sample Oral Questions
April 1, 2002

(Updated 3/02/03)


1. The minimum flight attendant compliment for the A319, A320 and A321 is as follows: FOM 4.3.9


PAX Boarding /

At gate with
PAX aboard









2. The captain arrives at the aircraft and observes that the inbound crew made an entry into the ME-100 describing the APU as being inoperative. The APU is then placed on the MEL by Maintenance. Since this MEL is not on the original dispatch release, is an amended release required? FOM 5.3.9
Yes – An amended Flight Release is required when a change is made in MEL/CDL items.
Additional changes requiring an amended Flight Release:

  • T.O. Min fuel quantity

  • Gate Release fuel quantity (decrease only)

  • Destination

  • Alternate(s)

  • Aircraft tail number

  • Remarks content

3. During the exterior aircraft inspection, the pilot notices that the horizontal stabilizer is set at 5 units of nose up trim. What action should the pilot take? PH 12.1.2
Contact maintenance. The stabilizer is electrically controlled by one of three motors, or mechanically controlled by the pitch trim wheels (through a cable), provided green or yellow hydraulic power is available. Mechanical pitch trim control has priority over electrical control. The trim wheels move any time the stabilizer moves. After touchdown, the stabilizer trim is automatically reset to 0.
4. During the exterior aircraft inspection, it is noted that the red disk associated with the APU extinguishing agent is missing. What does this signify? PH 8.2.2
Indicates the agent has discharged overboard due to bottle overpressure.
5. During preflight of the GNADIRS panel, if the IRUs were not previously aligned, the crewmember should select ALIGN IRS on the MCDU _____ to avoid excessive ADIRS drift. PH 3.4.1
If Inertials not previously aligned:

If Inertials previously aligned:

  • Wait at least 3 minutes after the aircraft comes to a complete stop

  • MODE Selectors … OFF then NAV within 5 seconds

  • Select ALIGN IRS (3R) on MCDU during the 30-second realignment

Note: The IRSs are normally aligned to the departure airport reference point coordinates. Use these coordinates, as stored in the navigation database for any flight with GPS. Use of gate coordinates (insert/slew in the INIT A page) should be reserved for aircraft with both GPSs inoperative.

6. It is permissible to use both APU bleed air and external (LP) conditioned air simultaneously if conditions such as very high ambient temperatures are present (True or False). PH 2.9.3
Do not use external conditioned air simultaneously with the airplane air conditioning packs.
7. Is it permissible to use high-pressure (HP) ground air to provide an air supply to the packs for heating or air conditioning? PH 2.9.4
Airplane air conditioning packs may be used with high-pressure ground air provided the air supply is free of oil contamination.
8. If the APU is supplying bleed air for air conditioning, the pack controllers select ____ flow automatically, regardless of the PACK FLOW/ECON FLOW switch position. PH 3.4.1
Pack controllers select High flow (A319/320) or Normal flow (A321) automatically.
9. The A319/320/321 batteries supply power for: PH 7.1.4

10. What electrical power sources may be used for refueling? PH 9.1.6

  • External power

  • APU

  • Battery

A fueling/defueling point and refueling control panel is located under the right wing. The wing tanks can also be refueled through overwing refueling points. Fueling is normally accomplished automatically by pre-selecting the required fuel load on the fueling panel. External power, the APU, or battery power can be used for refueling.

11. During preflight, the flight crew notices that the accumulator pressure is not in the green band on the ACCU PRESS indicator. What is the required action? PH 3.4.1
The accumulator must be in the green band. If required, use the YELLOW ELEC PUMP to recharge the brake accumulators.
WARNING: Yellow and Green hydraulic systems are pressurized from the Yellow electric pump through the PTU. Check with ground crew prior to activating the pump.
12. While reviewing the fuel slip and comparing it with the fuel on board, a discrepancy between the "Gate Release" fuel load and the actual fuel on board is noticed. What is the maximum variance between the gate release fuel load and the actual fuel on board? FOM 5.3.12
A variance of 500 pounds or 1% of the Gate Release fuel load (whichever is greater) is allowed.

If the FOB is ____ than
the allowable variance …

Then notify the Dispatcher to …


No further action required providing T.O. MIN fuel and maximum

takeoff/climb weights requirements are met


correct the W&B or defuel


correct the W&B and obtain an amended Flight Release (if fuel is not added)

or add fuel

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