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Senior level positions in Sales and Marketing with an organization of high repute

Expertise in blending creative intellect/insight and sharp planning skills for managing business operations & meeting top/bottom-line objectives

P&L Operations

Channel Development

New Product Launch

Strategic Alliances

Go-to-Market Strategies

Techno-Commercial Operations

Training and Development

Team Management


  • A competent professional with nearly 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing with extensive experience in Sales Strategy & Execution, New Product Launch, BTL & Trade Promotion, Product Positioning, Customer Loyalty Programs, and Sales Forecasting along with handling supervising accounts, commercial, administrative & legal jobs for the organization

  • Demonstrated abilities with significant achievements across geographies in Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF Ltd- Amul)

  • Successfully handled Amul products such as Butter, Cheese, Ice-Cream, Milk Powders, Ghee, Edible Oil, Pouch Milk , Curd etc with extensive exposure for developing marketing strategies and distribution network for Urban, Tier-2 cities and rural markets across Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, West Bengal and Orissa

  • Skilled in executing plans to reach out unexplored market segments & customer groups for business expansion; handling the study & generation of enquiries, preparation & submission of proposals as per terms & conditions

  • Efficient in managing all aspects of New Product Launches, Distribution Management and Super stockist concept

  • A strategist cum implementer with recognized proficiency in spearheading business to accomplish corporate plans and goals successfully


  • Defining and managing a comprehensive go-to-market strategy and plan that includes positioning, launch strategy, public relations and sales support

  • Lead cross-functional teams in reviewing operational lead times, financial and forecast data to identify and resolve quality or other logistics issues, which enhanced time-to-market deliverables to customers

  • Conducted ROI analysis on product investments, strategized on impacting customer decision criteria to push sales for the company's product

  • Looking after project operations involving feasibility studies, enquiry generation, order execution, collection of receivables and after-sales service; holding techno-commercial discussions, finalizing contracts, preparing tender documents & bills of quantity and ensuring timely release of payments to contactors & sub-contractors

  • Establishing distribution network with reliable dealers & stockiest; appointing them in non-performing areas, developing infrastructure for new channels and optimizing their performance levels

Achieved year-on-year profit for the organization across the tenure:
Nov’ 98 – Jul’01 Annual T.O- US$ 15 million

Aug’01 – Aug’04 Annual T.O- US$ 28 million

Sep’ 04 – Jun’ 08 Annual T.O- US$ 35 million

Jul’08 – Jan’11 Annual T.O- US$ 120 million

Feb’ 11 –Dec ’12 Annual T.O- US$ 300 million

Feb’11 to Dec’12: Asst. General Manager (Regional Sales Manager), GCMMF Ltd., Mumbai Zone

Looked after operations in Mumbai, Rest of Maharashtra and Goa region


  • Lead a team of 100 professionals with annual sales turnover over US$ 300 million by expanding distribution network and appointment of super-stockist in upcountry markets

  • Launched wide range of fresh products such as Flavoured Milk, Butter Milk, Lassee etc in the region

  • Achieved sales growth of over 20% during two successive financial years (2012-13, 2013-14) by reorganizing and expanding distribution network

  • Developed alternate channel distribution by direct supervision of opening company owned outlets in Mumbai and ROM region that helped increase market penetration and visibility of entire range of products

  • Achieved expansion of competency based distribution network adding 100 new distributors/Super Stockists, thereby increasing market penetration by 50%

  • Enacted as part of the core team of SAP- ERP implementation at GCMMF Ltd. and contributed significantly to SD module helping the organization in implementing real time ERP System

Jul’08 to Jan’11: GCMMF Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat as Asst. General Manager (Regional Sales Manager for Ahmedabad Region)

Handled Gujarat, Rajasthan, MP and Chhattisgarh Region


  • Led the team in creating 700 Franchisee owned exclusive Amul outlets across the region for increasing market penetration, availability of entire range of products and increasing visibility of the brand.

  • Handled a turnover of US$ 120 million per annum for Amul range of products with 40% turnover growth year on year

  • Contributed to wide scale expansion of distribution network with appointment of 200 Distributors for Fresh/refrigerated/ambient/frozen products to improve presence in Tier II and rural areas.

  • Successfully re-organized marketing efforts resulting in business turnaround in Madhya Pradesh increasing profitability by 20% or increasing market share by 25%

  • Created 2 QSRs and 50 company owned outlets in Gujarat

Sep’04 to Jun’08: GCMMF Ltd., Kolkata, West Bengal as Head-Fresh Products


  • Successfully launched Amul Pouch Milk and Curd in Kolkata and rest of West Bengal region and achieved Annual T.O- US$ 30 million during first year of launch in 2005-06

  • Achieved market leadership in pouch milk segment in West Bengal within 3 months of launch with a market share of 35%

  • Established Amul Curd as the market leader with annual turnover in excess of US$ 1.5 million

  • Developed infrastructure of 200 Distributors, 7000 retailers and 60 specialized fleets for the short shelf life product to ensure a flawless distribution of Fresh milk and curd

Since Jun’13 Mother Dairy Fruit and Vegetable Private Limited, Mumbai, Maharashtra as General Manager (Sales)

Key Result Areas:

  • Conducted the pre-launch study of Innovative AVM (Automated Milk Vending Machines) milk sales channel and suggested launch plan to the organization


  • Successfully handled the launch of innovative Kamdhenus (Vehicle Mounted Milk Vending) milk sales channel

  • Achieved highest ever sales in Mumbai market with Annual T.O- US$ 40 million for Mother Dairy milk in 2013-14

  • Successfully managed turnaround with respect to profitability of the Mumbai unit by re-engineering sales processes and promotional strategies

  • Restructured/revamped distribution network and launched Bulk Vending Milk that helped in additional sales of 10%.

Jan’13 to June’13 IFB Industries Ltd. (Home Appliances Division), Mumbai, Maharashtra as Regional Sales Head (West)
Key Result Areas:

  • Hired and developed new sales force and lead a team of 100 people

Jan’96 to Dec’12 Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd. (GCMMF Ltd. - Amul)

Growth Path:

Jan’ 96 – Oct’ 98: Senior Executive, Cooperative Services, Head Office, Anand

Nov’ 98 – Jul’01: Branch Manager, Cuttack, Orissa (Annual T.O- US$ 15 million)

Aug’01 – Aug’04: Branch Manager, Kolkata, West Bengal (Annual T.O- US$ 28 million)

Sep’ 04 – Jun’ 08: Head - Fresh Products, Kolkata (Annual T.O- US$ 35 million)

Jul’08 – Jan’11: Regional Sales Manager, Ahmedabad (Annual T.O- US$ 120 million)

Feb’ 11 –Dec ‘12: Regional Sales Manager, Mumbai (Annual T.O- US$ 300 million)

Jun’95 to Dec’95 Gujarat Ecological Commission, Bhuj, Gujarat as Manager-Projects

1995 MBA from IRMA, Secured 66%

1992 B.Sc. (Forestry) from Orissa University of Agriculture & Technology, Bhubaneswar; secured 82%

1988 12th from Stewart Science College, Cuttack; secured 73%

1986 10th from PBK High School, Orissa; secured 80%

  • Well versed with MS Office Suite and internet applications


Date of Birth: 28th Feb 1971

Address: K-73, Mahindra Park, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai, 400086

Languages Known: English, Hindi, Bangla, and Oriya

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