Practice under restricted permit

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32123932-1239.  Practice under restricted permit

A person to whom a  restricted permit is issued shall be entitled to practice dentistry only in the course of his employment by a recognized charitable dental clinic or organization as approved by the board, on the following conditions:

1.  He shall file a copy of his employment contract with the board and such contract shall contain the following provisions:

(a)  That applicant understands and acknowledges that if his employment by the charitable dental clinic or organization is terminated prior to the expiration of his restricted permit, his restricted permit will be automatically revoked and he will voluntarily surrender the permit to the board and will no longer be eligible to practice unless or until he has satisfied the requirements of section 32 1237 or has successfully passed the examination as provided in this article.

(b)  He shall be employed by a dental clinic or organization organized and operated for charitable purposes offering dental services without compensation.  The term "employed" as used in this subdivision shall include the performance of dental services without compensation.

(c)  He shall be subject to all the provisions of this chapter applicable to licensed dentists. 321239

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