Policy Title 6 Drug Free Sport and World Anti-Doping Agency Guidelines Policy Objective drug free sport

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Approved By: Board of Directors
Effective Date: Jun, 1997
Updated: Sep, 2012

Alberta Alpine Ski Association
Policy Title

2.6 Drug Free Sport and World Anti-Doping Agency Guidelines

Policy Objective


Alberta Alpine fully supports drug free sport and the policies of the F.I.S., the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (CCES). Competitors at the national or international level may therefore be subject to, in or out of competition, testing for performance enhancing substances. Coaches and competitors are encouraged to consult the following web sites to familiarize themselves with the most current policies and procedures:

Federation Internationale de Ski (FIS) www.fis-ski.com
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport www.cces.ca
World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) www.wada-ama.org

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List Published

There are important changes made periodically to the WADA prohibited list. Athletes racing at the Nor Am Cup and Senior National Championship level should ensure that they review these updates, and we recommend all FIS athletes, coaches, and club administrators do so. Of particular note is that pseudoephedrine, which is found in several over the counter cold remedies is prohibited, and Salbutamol (asthma inhaler) no longer requires a TUE, but DOES require a "declaration of use.

For more information on Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUE) and / or Declaration of Use visit the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport at www.cces.ca. Athletes on prescription medication should check with their doctor and consult the WADA list to see if the medication they are taking includes a banned substance. If you have an existing TUE please check it to ensure that it is valid for the current season.

It is also recommended that athletes review the CCES policy on supplementation.


Alberta Alpine staff and volunteers inform athletes and coaches of these guidelines and require adherence verbally.

All employees and volunteers of Alberta Alpine.
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