Policy Title – Examination and Copying of Public Records

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Policy Number - 1402

Policy Title – Examination and Copying of Public Records

Date Adopted: 3/11/08 Date Revised: Date scheduled for review: 2009

Scope - This policy applies to all families with children enrolled in the Appoquinimink School District, to all members of the general public, and to all school district employees.

Purpose – To provide information about examination and copying of public records

The custodian of records shall be the Superintendent of Schools.

All public records shall be open to inspection and copying of any citizen of the State of Delaware during regular business hours by the custodian of records.
Reasonable access to and reasonable facilities for copying of these records shall not be denied any citizen.
If the record is in active use or in storage, and, therefore, not available at the time a citizen requests access, the custodian shall so inform the citizen and make an appointment for the citizen to examine such records as expediently as they may be made available.
Expense involved in copying of such records shall be levied as a charge on the citizen requesting such copy. Charge for copying readily obtainable material requests by a citizen shall be two dollars ($2.00) for a single copy of five or less pages and ten cents ($.10) per page thereafter. Any copying which requires more shall be charged at the rate of ten dollars ($10.00) per hour. Payment for such services shall be by check payable to the Appoquinimink School District for deposit in the general funds of the district.

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