Policy 458 – exhibit lake mills area school district nutrition standards – regulations

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The following standards implement current United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Dietary Guidelines for all foods and beverages provided to students by the Lake Mills Area School District on school property during the instructional school day. The school district will not provide soda to students prior to and during the instructional school day.
The building principals, in cooperation with the Food Service Director, are responsible for compliance with this regulation and any related guidelines. An annual review of this policy will be conducted by the Lake Mills Schools and Community Wellness Partnership Council and reported to the Board of Education.





School or Class Activities/Incentives

  • Strong consideration should be given to non-food items as part of any staff-to-student incentive programs. Any food items used as an incentive should adhere to district nutrition standards.

  • Parents are encouraged to provide healthy snacks and treats for student celebrations and other events.

  • Recommended snack/treat choices are available at : http://www.lakemills.k12.wi.us/links/

Vending Machines

  • Food

Vending foods are not provided to students

  • Beverages

Vending beverages are not provided to students at the elementary level.

  • Milk, water, and beverages containing 100% real juice may be permitted both prior to, during, and after the instructional day.

  • The school district will not provide soda to students prior to and during the instructional day.

School Meals

  • Breakfast

  • Lunch

School breakfasts and lunches will meet or exceed nutrient standards established by the USDA. USDA guidelines are available at the following links:

http://www.lakemills.12.wi.us or www.mypyramid.gov

A la carte items are not available for purchase at the elementary and middle levels

The Food Service Director will be expected to follow the district nutrition standards when determining the items in a la carte sales.

Fundraising Activities

  • By students/staff

  • By parents

  • All fundraising is to be pre-approved through the District Administrator.

  • Items being sold must not interfere or compete with the National School Lunch or Breakfast program.

  • The following recommendations are made to promote healthy choices for students related to fund-raising activities supported by the school district:

    • Consider offering only non-food items that raise funds.

    • Whenever food and beverages are sold that raise funds for the school district, include at least some healthy choices.

    • Organizations operating concessions at school functions should include at least some healthy choices in their offerings. It is recommended that groups market these healthy options at a lower profit margin to encourage selection by students.

  • Ideas for fundraising are available at: http://www.lakemills.k12.wi.us/links/

Approved: 11/9/09

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