Plant insect-friendly plants

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Plant insect-friendly plants

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Green Christian: Summer 2011 Issue 71

Plant insect-friendly plants:

By Rosemary Richardson
Planting insect-friendly plants that will bloom throughout the spring & summer is a simple & effective way of encouraging beneficial insects to your garden. The birds will benefit as well.
Below are some suggestions, with the approx. times they will flower. Further intensification of agriculture, new housing, and road building account for massive loss of habitat. Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" seems ominously near. Insect pollinators, including bees, are reckoned to contribute 14.2 bn euros to Europe's economy and supply much of our food.
PRIVATE GARDENS ACCOUNT FOR OVER 1 MILLION ACRES OF LAND. ** This is more than the area of all the national nature reserves.
Let's have a renewal of Dunkerque spirit !

March - April:

aconites, crocuses (Thomasina if you want them to naturalise), snowdrops, cillas, grape hyacinths, irises (plant in July), anemone blanda, winter jasmine, apple, bluebells, broom, bugle, cherry, heather, flowering currants, lungwort (pulmonaria), pear, plum, pussy willow, red dead nettle, rosemary, white dead nettle.
May - June:

alliums, aquilegias, bergamot, birds-foot trefoil, broad beans, bugle, campanula, ceanothus, chives, clover, comfrey, coriander, cotoneaster, escallonia, everlasting peas, everlasting wallflowers, foxgloves, geraniums, honeysuckle, laburnum, lupins, monkshood, poppies, raspberries, red campion, roses (singles), sage, salvia, thyme, wallflowers, wisteria.
July - September:

borage, buddleia, catmint, cornflowers, delphiniums, heathers, hebe, hollyhocks, hyssop, ice plant, ivy, knapweed, lavender, marjoram, mint, penstemons, polemonium, purple loosestrife, rock roses, scabious, sea holly, sedum, snapdragon, St John's-wort, sunflowers, thistles.
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** This estimate is published in C J Wildlife's 2009 catalogue, and is based on information from the Wildlife Trust's website & a government website - directgov. main public service - that there are 15 million gardens in the UK which are reckoned to cover 270,000 hectares. For a free catalogue with more information 'phone 0800 731 2820.
If everyone who receives a copy of this page spends £1 on making 10 photocopies to distribute to friends, at work, social clubs, church, sports club, gym, garden centres, pub, etc., and then plants some things, we can have an impact for nature.

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