Phy 2048 Calculus Physics I fall 2006 Section 80182 Four Semester Hours 50/1102 Tuesday & Thursday 9: 25 am – 10: 40 pm, Friday 12 – 12: 50 pm

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PHY 2048 Calculus Physics I

Fall 2006 Section 80182 Four Semester Hours 50/1102

Tuesday & Thursday 9:25 AM – 10:40 PM, Friday 12 – 12:50 PM

Course Website:
This course is the first physics course for students who would like to become a scientist or an engineer. It is the foundation for all remaining physics, other sciences, and engineering studies. The course builds on your previous physics problem-solving skills and provides background that is essential to further study in the sciences and engineering.

Dr. J. Garner

To Reach Me:

Science & Engineering Building #50 Room 1532 phone 620-1947

Office Hours: TBA in class
A high school physics course with minimum grade of B or Introduction to Physics (PHY 1020C) with minimum grade of B; Calculus I. These are essential. See me after class if you lack this background. This course also involves a lot of algebra and so you will need to brush up on your algebra skills (e.g. solving simultaneous equations) if you are rusty.
Calculus II See me after class if you lack this background.
Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Volume I, Mechanics, Waves, and Heat by Tipler (5th Ed., 2004).

Webnotes (these can be found at the UNF physics homepage listed at the top of this page)

Schaum’s Outline Physics (optional)

Study Guide (Optional)

CD of above textbook (Optional)
The goal of this course is to build on your basic physics concepts and problem-solving skills in the following core areas of physics: classical mechanics (motion); vibrations and waves; and thermodynamics(heat).

The aim is for this course to help you understand fundamental physical principals and to encourage you to learn how to solve physics problems. Here is an overview of topics:
●  vector addition, subtraction and multiplication (dot and cross products)

●  handling units and converting units (e.g. mph to m/s)

●  position, velocity, acceleration, free fall motion, projectile motion, and circular motion (this requires some calculus)

●  Newton’s laws of motion with friction present (mostly algebra of simultaneous equation)

●  work, potential energy, kinetic energy, total energy, and power (some calculus)

●  system of particles, rigid bodies, rotational kinematics and rotational dynamics (some calculus)

●  conservation laws for motion (energy, momentum, and angular momentum)

●  gravitation (force, field, and potential energy)

●  vibratory motion and wave phenomena (springs, standing waves, traveling waves & wave interference) (some calculus and trigonometry here)

● thermodynamics (temperature, heat, internal energy, entropy, calorimetry, heat transfer, ideal gases, specific heat, latent heat, 1st and 2nd laws of thermodynamics) (some calculus)

I will lecture with ample illustrations and examples. You should read the textbook before class and bring the webnotes to class. The webnotes summarize the textbook for you. Feel free to ask questions in class. Sometimes I will do a demonstration or (rarely) a short film. At times I will ask you to work on a problem in class and then I will present the solution and ask if there are any questions. A substantial fraction of the learning in this class necessarily takes place outside of class as you work on problems. Problem solving is a skill and so it can only be mastered by practice, practice, practice!

This course touches on several areas of importance for general education by

● “demonstrating a general knowledge of current scientific understanding of the history and nature of the universe”

●“demonstrating a general knowledge of the methods and traditions of analysis in the natural sciences”

●“use systematic processes, including the collection and analysis of evidence, to form and support conclusions”

●“demonstrating proficiency in solving problems using mathematical concepts and quantitative reasoning”

● “demonstrating a general knowledge of the nature, origins, and contributions of major civilizations”

Homework Quizzesa ………………………...……………….……...…….. 25 points

Semester Examsb 4 x 12.5 pts → 3 x 16.67 ………..……………………… 50 points

Comprehensive Final Exam …...…………………………………………… 23 points

Webnotesc ………….……………………………………………………… 2 points

a I encourage you to work on the problems in teams of two or three people. Each Thursday there will be a quiz over the previous week’s homework problems. There are no make up quizzes. I will drop your lowest quiz score but if your final exam score is greater than your average of the four semester exams, I will drop your two lowest quiz scores.
b Everybody has a bad day every now and then or sometimes has to miss a class. Therefore, I will drop your lowest semester exam score so each of the three remaining scores will count as 50/3 = 16 2/3 points. If you miss a semester exam for any reason, this will be your dropped exam since there are no make ups. I will provide an equation sheet (see website) that you are free to use during the semester exams but not during the quizzes. The exams will be mostly multiple choice but there will be at least one problem on each exam for which you can receive partial credit.
c You will earn two points if you go to the course website, download the webnotes, and bring the webnotes to my office during my office hours before the first exam in the class.
Grading Scale:
100 to 82 A to A- The final class average usually falls in the range 70 to 66, which is B- to C+.

81 to 70 B+ to B- The student with the highest grade in this course and its

69 to 57 C+ to C sequential will win the sophomore physics award.

56 to 47 D

46 F
Free tutoring is available at the Academic Resource Center. Also, feel free to visit me during my office hours. On my website I have included some words of help should you encounter difficulties in the class. I know the only way I learn physics is by taking my own notes as I read and work many problems.
Drop Deadline: November 9, 2006

It is not uncommon for some students in this class to drop the course. This occurs for any number of reasons. Usually this occurs because of a deficiency in algebra or physics problem solving skills. Sometimes a person is trying to pass the course without spending sufficient time on the reading and problems. It is impossible to learn physics by only watching someone else work problems. To learn physics you must work problems yourself and even then problem solving is a skill that only improves via practice. The rule of thumb is, spend three hours outside of class for every hour inside. For this course that rule translates into 12 hours outside study each week and this doesn’t include the lab. See me if you are having difficulties as we proceed and I can try to help you out. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the course!

Below is a tentative schedule. If changes are made they will be announced in class. If you miss a class it is your responsibility to find out about announcements.


SCHEDULE Fall 2006

J. Garner

The soluti

ons to all assigned homework

will be on the webpage a few days

before the exam.

[Ch 1 mks units & convert.

units, etc., read on own]




Week 1

Aug 29th

Aug 31st

Sep 1st


1-d kinematics Ch2Secs 1-2

const. acceleration Ch 2 Secs 3-4

vectors Ch 3 Secs 1-2

Probs. 11

Ch2: 49,57,65

Ch2: 73,81,89,97,121,129

Ch3: 41,49

Week 2

Sep 5th

Sep 7th

Sep 8th


vect. kin.& pm Ch3Secs 3-4

pm & ucm Ch 3 Secs 4-5

newt’s laws Ch4Secs 1-2

Probs. 12

Ch 3: 57,65,73,81,89

Ch 3: 97,105,113,121

Ch 4: 31,33,37

QUIZ over week 1 hmwk

Week 3

Sep 12th

Sep 14th

Sep 15th


newton’s laws Ch 4 Secs 3-6

newton’s laws Ch 4 Secs 6-7

friction Ch 5 Sec 1

Probs. 12

Ch 4: 41,49,57,65,73

Ch 4: 81,89,97

Ch 5: 25,33,35,49

QUIZ over week 2 hmwk

Week 4

Sep 19th

Sep 21st

Sep 22nd


curves & friction Ch 5 Sec2

Exam I Chs 2,3,4

work&kin. en.Ch 6Sec 1

Probs. 8

Ch 5: 57,65,73,81,89,105

Ch 6: 23,25

Week 5

Sep 26th

Sep 28th

Sep 29th


work & pot. en.Ch6 Secs 2-4

conserva. of energy Ch7 Secs 1-2

conserve of en.Ch7Sec2

Probs. 13

Ch 6: 41,49,57,65,73,81

Ch 7: 17,25,33,41

Ch 7: 49,69,73

QUIZ over week 4 hmwk

Week 6

Oct 3rd

Oct 5th

Oct 6th


motion of cm Ch8 Secs 1-3

momentum conserva. Ch8Secs4-6

mom&collisions Ch8Sec 6

Probs. 12

Ch 8: 33,41,49

Ch 8: 53,57,65,73,81,97

Ch 8: 113,129,137

QUIZ over week 5 hmwk

Week 7

Oct 10th

Oct 12th

Oct 13th


rotatonal kin. Ch 9 Secs 1-2

Exam II Chs 5,6,7,8

rot dynamics Ch9Sec 3,4

Probs. 8

Ch 9: 31,33

Ch 9: 39,41,49,65,71,73

Week 8

Oct 17th

Oct 19th

Oct 20th


rotational dyn. Ch 9 Secs 4-6

ang. mom. conserv. Ch10Secs 1-3 Ch10 Sec 3

Probs. 12

Ch 9: 97,133

Ch 10: 33,41,45,49,55,57

Ch 10: 69,81,83,89

QUIZ over week 7 hmwk

Week 9

Oct 24th

Oct 26th

Oct 27th


gr. force& pot.Ch 11 Secs 2-3

gr. pot. en. & field Ch 11 Secs 3-4

shm Ch 14 Sec 1

Probs. 12

Ch 11: 25, 33,41,49

Ch 11: 53,59,61,83

Ch 14: 25,27,31,33

QUIZ over week 8 hmwk

Week 10

Oct 31st

Nov 2nd

Nov 3rd


shm Ch 14 Secs 2-3

Exam III Chs 9,10,11

shm& resonCh 14 Sec 3-5

Probs. 8

Ch 14: 35,39,41,47

Ch 14: 61,93,97,111


Withdraw Deadline Nov 9

Week 11

Nov 7th

Nov 9th

Nov 10th


waves Ch 15 Secs 1-2

wave addition Ch 16 Secs 1-2


Probs. 8

Ch 15: 25,41,43,101

Ch 16: 25,33,49,59

Veteran’s Day

QUIZ over week 10 hmwk

Week 12

Nov 14th

Nov 16th

Nov 17th


stand. wavesCh16Sec 2

temp.& id gas Ch 17 Secs 1-4

Kin.thygasesCh17Sec 5

Probs. 12

Ch 16: 65,69,73,85

Ch 17: 33,39,43,49

Ch 17: 57,61,67,69

QUIZ over week 11 hmwk

Week 13

Nov 21st

Nov 23rd

Nov 24th


heat&1stlaw Ch18 Secs 1-4



Probs. 4

Ch 18: 25,33,41,49

Thanksgiving Day

Week 14

Nov 28th

Nov 30th

Dec 1st


thermo. proc.Ch18Secs5,6,9

Exam IV Chs 14,15,16,17

ent.&2ndlaw Ch19Secs1,4

Probs. 8

Ch 18: 57,65,73,89

Ch 19: 21,23,25,29

Week 15

Dec 5th

Dec 7th

Dec 8th


entrpy&2ndlaw Ch19 Secs 6-9

heat exp.&trans Ch20 Secs1,4


Probs. 11

Ch 19: 41,47,49,55,57,75

Ch 20: 25,39,49,53,65

(Last) QUIZ over week 14 hmwk

Week 17

Info. about the final ex.

is on the 2048 webpage.

Good luck on the


Comprehensive Final Exam!

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