Peb 1102 – indoor cycling example Syllabus

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PEB 1102 – INDOOR CYCLING Example Syllabus
Instructor Email: Office:

Phone: Office Hours: Class Time: Class Location:HP39

Course Description: The purpose of the course is to provide the student with proper techniques of cycling to maintain or improve cardiovascular and neuromuscular health through instructor guided activities and assignments. Principles, techniques, and safe practices of cycling will be taught throughout the course.

Course Objectives:

  1. Students will learn healthy guidelines to improve cardiovascular and general physical fitness through the use of physical activity tracking and various assignments.

  2. Students will learn basic principles of safety and cycling through a series of quizzes and proper demonstration.

  3. Students will learn how to estimate target heart rate zone and use it as a tool to guide their physical activity level and fitness.

  4. Students will be able to identify and create healthy fitness goals for use through out the semester.

  5. Students will demonstrate knowledge of basic principles of aerobic activity through a group demonstration where students will lead a class for approximately 50 minutes.

Dress Code: Students should wear comfortable clothing. You may want to purchase bike shorts or pants that provide extra padding (or gel seat covering). If you do not have SPD cycling shoes, a cross training shoe will provide adequate support. You must bring a full bottle of water with you to each class. You will not be able to participate if you do not have water available during the workout. You will not be able to participate in any clothing not suitable for exercise (i.e. jeans, slacks, improper footwear). Students must also bring a workout towel for each class. Students enrolled in PEB classes may check out a pair of shorts, t-shirt, exercise towel, and bath towel on a class by class basis.

  • The final grade will be determined by attendance 40%, group assignment 20%, quizzes 20%, and completed folder 20%: Attendance means that you are dressed out, on time, and participating in activities; Quizzes and assignments will come from information presented in class; No assignments will be accepted late. No extra credit or make ups will be given.

  • Health and Human Performance Department Absentee Policy:
    Missing 6 or more academic hours of class is considered excessive. An hour class absence = 1 miss and a 1.5 hour class absence = 1.5 misses. In PEB classes students have the option of receiving an ‘S’ or a ‘U’ grade which will not be used in GPA calculation (with an ‘S’ you still get the hour credit). This will be contracted by the last formal day of class. You may not receive an ‘S’ if you miss more than 6 academic hours; you will receive the grade you earn. Once a grade has been issued, no S/U to letter grade change (or letter grade to S/U) will be permitted

  • Late arrival and/or early departure may be counted against the student’s attendance at the discretion of the instructor. Arrival after 10:15 am will count as late and 3 late arrivals equals 1 absence. Points will be given for everyday the student is present and participating. You will get ONE unexcused absence, every absence after that will be counted against you. No attendance make up is permitted.

  • The Grading System to be used is based on percentages: A = 94% and above, A- = 90-93, B+ = 86-89, B = 84-85, B- = 80-83, C+ = 76-79, C = 74-75, C- = 70-73, D+ = 66-69, D = 64-65, D- = 60-63, F = 59 and below. “I”s and “W”s are not available as a grade once coursework has been completed just because you do not like your grade.. If you stop attending class and do not have yourself formally dropped (your name is still on the roll), you will receive an ‘F’ in the class. Tuesday, November 4th is the last day to withdraw from a class. Remember that you are only allowed 6 Ws throughout your academic career and drops must be initiated by the student. Students need to get a drop form from the Welcome Center, fill it out, and have it signed by the instructor by the due date. Do this early as not all instructors are on campus full time.

Safety Concerns: As with any physical activity class, there is an inherent risk of injury associated with participation. The University of Houston does not carry Health Insurance for students in activity classes. The Department of Health and Human Performance and its instructors are in no way responsible for injuries as a result of participation in its classes.

ADA Statement: Whenever possible, and in accordance with 504/ADA guidelines, we will attempt to provide reasonable academic accommodations to students who request and require them. Please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 713-743-5400 for more assistance and present the proper paperwork to me as soon as possible.

Students are expected to abide by the university’s academic honesty policy in all matters concerning this course.  (  In particular, plagiarism, “Representing as one’s own work the work of another without acknowledging the source,” whether intentional or unintentional, will not be tolerated.  Students are subject to a failing grade or being dropped from the course.



Topic / Assignments

Aug 21

Introduction to Class and Bike Safety and Procedures

Aug 24

Cycling and Conditioning. Topic: Setting Goals

Aug 29

Rockport Walk/BYU Jog. Cycling and Conditioning.

Aug 31

Cycling and Conditioning. Topic: Heart Rate Zones

Sept 5

Cycling and Conditioning. Quiz: Bike Safety *************Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 1

Sept 7

Cycling and Conditioning. Assign groups for project.

Sept 12

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 2

Sept 14

Cycling and Conditioning. Quiz: Heart Rate Zones

Sept 19

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 3

Sept 21

Cycling and Conditioning.

Sept 26

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 4

Sept 28

Cycling and Conditioning.

Oct 3

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 5

Oct 5

Cycling and Conditioning,

Oct 10

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 6

Oct 12

Cycling and Conditioning. BYU Jog. Due: Final Routine and CD

Oct 17

Group Projects. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 7

Oct 19

Group Projects

Oct 24

Group Projects. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 8

Oct 26

Group Projects

Oct 31

Group Projects. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 9

Nov 2

Group Projects

Nov 7

Group Projects. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 10

Nov 9

Group Projects

Nov 14

Group Projects. Due My Pyramid Tracker Report 11

Nov 16

Cycling and Conditioning.

Nov 21

Cycling and Conditioning. Due: My Pyramid Tracker Report 12

Nov 23

No Class

Nov 28

Cycling and Conditioning. Due:: Completed Folders

Nov 30

Last Day!!! Cycling and Conditioning

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