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PEB 1101 – HEALTH AND FITNESS Example Syllabus




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Course Description:

This course is designed to encourage the adoption of healthy lifestyles habits through class discussions and lab experiences. The focus is on exercise, health, and fitness as they relate to a healthy lifestyle and the prevention of cardiovascular disease. The course will consist of instructor lecture based on the text and lab work to provide practical experience.

Course Objective:

  1. Students will be able to calculate a variety of fitness related measures by participating in in-class labs.

  1. Students will be able to design a sound fitness program according to their personal goals.

  2. Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of fitness principles by selecting correct answers on a variety of multiple choice quizzes and exams.

Required Text:

Fahey, Insel, & Roth. Fit and Well; Core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness. Brief edition, 8th ed., ISBN 978-0-07-332565-1
Dress Code:

Suitable clothing for athletic activity such as t-shirt, gym shorts, sweatshirt, and sweatpants are needed for lab activities. Proper footwear, such as aerobic or running shoes, must be worn. Students enrolled in PEB classes may check out a pair of shorts, t-shirt, exercise towel, and bath towel on a class by class basis.


  1. 50% of your grade will be based on the labs.

  • All labs must be completed using your individual data and submitted via WebCT (see Course Navigation document for details). Late labs will not be accepted. If you have a physical limitation that will prohibit you from performing lab exercises, your instructor will assign you to another student whose data you will use.

  • There will not be any make up for missing labs.

  1. The remainder of your grade is weighted: 10% attendance, 10% quizzes (there will be many quizzes available to you on WebCT), 15% midterm exam, and 15% final exam. The midterm and the final will be given in class. THERE WILL NOT BE ANY MAKE-UP EXAMS. The grading system to be used is based on percentages: A = 94% and above, A- = 90-93, B+ = 86-89, B = 84-85, B- = 80-83, C+ = 76-79, C = 74-75, C- = 70-73, D+ = 66-69, D = 64-65, D- = 60-63, F = 59 and below

  2. Department of Health and Human Performance Absentee Policy:

Missing 6 or more academic hours of class is considered excessive. An hour class absence = 1 miss and a 1.5 hour class absence = 1.5 misses. In PEB classes students have the option of receiving an ‘S’ or a ‘U’ grade which will not be used in GPA calculation. This will be contracted by the last formal day of class. You may not receive an ‘S’ if you miss more than 6 academic hours; you will receive the grade you earn. Once a grade has been issued, no S/U to letter grade change option (or letter grade to S/U) will be permitted. Late arrival and/or early departure may be counted against the student’s attendance at the discretion of the instructor. Arrival of 10 minutes after class start time will count as a ½ absence.

Safety Concerns:

As with any physical activity class, there is an inherent risk of injury associated with participation. The University of Houston does not carry Health insurance for students in activity classes. The Department of Health and Human Performance and its instructors are in no way responsible for injuries as a result of participation in its classes.
ADA Statement:

This course is dedicated to providing the least restrictive learning environment for all students. This class promotes equity in academic access through the implementation of reasonable accommodations as required by the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973, title v, section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), which will enable students with disabilities to participate in and benefit from all post-secondary educational programs and activities.
Academic Integrity

Students are expected to abide by the university’s academic honesty policy in all matters concerning this course.  (  In particular, plagiarism, “Representing as one’s own work the work of another without acknowledging the source,” whether intentional or unintentional, will not be tolerated.  Cheating in any form will result in an F for the course.

Course Schedule: see Calendar posting on WebCT
If you stop attending class and do not have yourself formally dropped (your name is still on the roll), you will receive an ‘F’ in the class. Tuesday, November 4th is the last day to withdraw from a class. Remember that you are only allowed 6 Ws throughout your academic career and drops must be initiated by the student. Students need to get a drop form from the Welcome Center, fill it out, and have it signed by the instructor by the due date. Do this early as not all instructors are on campus full time.

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