Pastoral letter to the faithful in Probizhna

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Pastoral letter to the faithful in Probizhna
Glory to Jesus Christ!
Dear faithful,

we, the bishops of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church, are turning to You.

Who has common sense asks oneself: What evil was done by the defenceless sisters who have been living in Your village for 4 years? Have they caused harm to anyone of You? Are they preaching heresies? What crime did they commit that the local parish priest has stood against them with a defamation that they are a sect, that they have fallen away from the true faith and that it is necessary to drive them out of their monastery and out of the village?

Bishop Iryneyi Bilyk OSBM, who lawfully received the sisters into the eparchy and, concretely, into Your parish, was driven out of Your eparchy in a similar way.

Question: Who stands behind that all?

Behind the whole action is Card. L. Husar and the administrator of the eparchy D. Hryhorak OSBM. However, dirty work has been done by the priest Orest Vilchynskyi, especially by means of a so-called spiritual retreat carried out from 1st to 7th September 2009, and by Your parish priest Zenobyi Pasichnyk.

Question: What is their aim?

By means of lies to blacken the innocent sisters and drive them out of their monastery.

Question: Who preaches heresies, who has changed the faith, who has betrayed the Church and Jesus Christ? Innocent sisters?

No! It is Card. L. Husar who preaches heresies (see his book Discussions with His Beatitude L. Husar: On Postconfessional Christianity, 1st edition, Lvov – UCU 2006, ISBN 966-8197-10-0). His heresies are shared, besides others, by the administrator of the Chortkiv eparchy D. Hryhorak as well as by the priest O. Vilchynskyi. Both of them are excluded from the Church and both are under God’s anathema – curse. They have excommunicated themselves from the Church because they maintain heresies which destroy not only the Catholic Church but whole Christianity!

Question: But they recite the Creed during the Divine Liturgy and claim that they believe everything that the Catholic Church teaches. How is one to understand it?

In essence, it is a great deceit, though covert. Even Jehovah’s Witnesses say that they believe that Jesus is God, but they understand it in a different way! It is similar with these apostates. Therefore it is not possible to say that they believe everything that the Catholic Church teaches and at the same time to be in interior unity with the heresies of Card. L. Husar which deny this Catholic teaching!

Heresies of Card. L. Husar:

  1. casting doubt upon the Divinity of Christ (pg. 50)

  2. casting doubt upon the Virginity of the Mother of God (pgs. 48-51)

  3. casting doubt upon the eternity of hell (pg. 61)

  4. divination by pendulum (pg. 63)

  5. propagation of occultism and syncretism (pgs. 58, 62, 63)

  6. approval of homosexuality and relativism (pgs. 67,68)

  7. denial of the primacy and infallibility of the Pope (pgs. 57, 58, 59)

  8. propagation of reincarnation (Voskresinya /Resurrection/ Radio: A discussion about the soul)

By his heresies Card. L. Husar leads the whole Church to a betrayal of Christ and of the whole Tradition.

These heresies erode the saving faith without which noone will be saved. Husar preaches a different Christ, a different Gospel and a different spirit (cf. 2Cor 11:4). That was why we received episcopal consecration without his recommendation, established a new Synod and separated from the heretical structure. It was necessary to save the true Catholic and Christian faith. We have announced, and we publicly announce, all our steps before the whole Church to the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

Bestowing upon You our blessing and praying for You

Bishops of the Synod of the UOGCC Lvov, 5th October 2009

An appeal to the faithful
Dear faithful of the parishes of Probizhna and Shmankivtsi,

we announce to You that Your parish priest, Fr. Zenobyi Pasichnyk, is excluded from the Catholic Church for two heavy crimes. He has publicly united with the heresies of Card. L. Husar and heavily blackened innocent and defenceless religious sisters of the contemplative monastery in Probizhna. Thereby he has drawn down upon himself as well as upon those who are subordinated to him God’s curse according to Gal 1:8-9.

If You will be subordinated to him, obey him as a heretic and attend the Divine Liturgies officiated by him, God’s curse which lies on him will then unfortunately fall even on You.

What are You to do? Let the church committee of Twenty choose another priest. We have to point out that Fr. D. Hryhorak OSBM, administrator of the Chortkiv eparchy, and Fr. Orest Vilchynskyi are excluded from the Church as well. The Divine Liturgies officiated by Your parish priest Zenobyi, the Confessions heard by him as well as administration of other sacraments except for Baptism are invalid.

Praying for You and for the whole parish

Bishops’ Synod of the UOGCC

Lvov, 6th October 2009

Anathema on the priest Zenobyi Pasichnyk
Reverend Father,

we announce to You that Divine Liturgies officiated by You are invalid, the same as the Confessions heard by You. Likewise Your conferment of other sacraments, excepting the sacrament of Baptism, is invalid.

We have to warn You that the curse falls not only on You but also on Your family if it remains in unity with the spirit of heresies which You maintain.

The curse also falls on all who voluntarily remain in spiritual subordination to You! If You do not repent and if You remain in stubbornness, in case of death You will be eternally condemned.
Bishops of the Ukrainian orthodox Greek-Catholic Church

+ Markian OSBM

+ Metoděj OSBM

+ Samuel OSBM

+ Eliáš OSBM

Lvov-Bryukhovychi, 6th October 2009

Copy of anathema to: The Holy Father Benedict XVI


If You want to repent, You have to confess the faith and renounce heresies. We present to You a formula therefor. As a heretic who repents You can be received into the Church only by an orthodox Bishop or by the Pope. However, according to the Church Tradition You will no more be able to perform clerical duties.


  1. Do You believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, that means even for you and for your sins, and the third day He rose again from the dead historically and really?


  1. Do You believe that there is salvation in noone else, only in Jesus Christ?


  1. Card. L. Husar writes that hell is not eternal. Do You renounce this heresy?


  1. Card. L. Husar approves of homosexuality. Do You consider homosexual activity a sin and do You renounce this heretical attitude of Card. L. Husar?


  1. Card. L. Husar divines by pendulum. Do You consider divination a sin and do You renounce this divinatory practice?


Do you renounce:

  1. historical-critical theology (HCT) and the spirit which is behind it?

Answer: (YES, I DO.)

  1. the spirit of relativism, syncretism and false interpretation of Nostra aetate?


  1. satan and demons, especially those which nowadays work through different forms of magic and divination, and the spirit of New Age?


  1. the spirit working through Freemasons as well as, as the case may be, membership in Masonic lodges or the Rotary or the Lions Club?

__________________________ on ___________ 2009, in ________________


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