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RD Instruction 1940-G

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Subpart G - Environmental Program
Sec. Page

1940.301 Purpose. 1

1940.302 Definitions. 3
(a) Emergency circumstance. 3

(b) Environmental review documents. 3

(c) Flood or Flooding. 4

(d) Floodplains. 4

(e) Indirect impacts. 4

(f) Mitigation measure. 5

(g) No action alternative. 5

(h) Practicable alternative. 5

(i) Preparer of environmental review documents. 6

(j) Water resource project. 7

1940.303 General Policy. 7

1940.304 Special Policy. 8

(a) Land use. 8

(b) Endangered species. 10

(c) Wild and scenic rivers. 11

(d) Historic and cultural properties. 11

(e) Coastal barriers. 11

(f) Water and energy conservation. 11

(g) Intergovernmental initiative on important

land resources. 11

(h) Water quality. 12
1940.305 Policy Implementation. 12
(a) Environmental impact analysis. 12

(b) Natural resource management. 12

(c) Intergovernmental initiatives. 13

(d) Farmland Protection Policy Act and

Departmental Regulation 9500-3,

Land Use Policy. 13

(e) Endangered species. 13

(f) Wild and scenic rivers. 13

(g) Historic and cultural properties. 13

(h) Coastal barriers. 14

(i) Water and energy conservation. 15
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RD Instruction 1940-G

Table of Contents

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(j) Noise abatement. 15

(k) Water quality. 15

1940.306 Environmental responsibilities within the

National Office. 15

(a) Administrator. 15

(b) Deputy Administrator Program Operations. 15

(c) Assistant Administrators for Programs. 17
1940-307 Environmental responsibilities within

the State Office. 17

(a) State Director. 17

(b) State Environmental Coordinator (SEC). 17

Program Chiefs. 19
1940.308 Environmental responsibilities at the District

and County office levels. 19

1940.309 Responsibilities of the prospective applicant. 19

1940.310 Categorical exclusions from National Environmental

Policy Act (NEPA) reviews. 21
(a) General guidelines. 21

(b) Housing assistance. 22

(c) Community and business programs and nonprofit

national corporations program. 23

(d) Farm programs. 24

(e) General exclusions. 26

1940.311 Environmental assessments for Class I actions. 27
(a) Housing assistance. 27

(b) Community and business programs and nonprofit

national corporations program. 28

(c) Farm programs. 29

(d) General. 31
1940.312 Environmental assessments for Class II actions. 31
(a) Housing assistance. 31

(b) Community and business programs and nonprofit

national corporations program. 32

(c) Farm programs. 32

(d) General. 33

RD Instruction 1940-G

Table of Contents

Page 3

Sec. Page

1940.313 Actions that normally require the preparation

of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). 34

1940.314 Criteria for determining a significant environmental

impact. 34

1940.315 Timing of the environmental review process. 36

1940.316 Responsible officials for the environmental

review process. 37

(a) Approving official. 37

(b) State Office level. 37

(c) District or County Office level. 38

(d) Multilevel review. 38

(e) Reservation of authority. 38
1940.317 Methods for ensuring proper implementation of

categorical exclusions. 38

1940.318 Completing environmental assessments for

Class II actions. 43

1940.319 Completing environmental assessments for

Class I actions. 48

1940.320 Preparing EIS's. 50
(a) Responsibility. 50

(b) Organizing the EIS process. 51

(c) Scoping process. 51

(d) Interdisciplinary approach. 53

(e) Content and format of EIS. 53

(f) Circulation of the EIS. 53

(g) Filing of the EIS. 53

(h) Public information meetings. 54

(i) Response to comments. 54

(j) Timing of review. 54

1940.321 Use of completed EIS. 54

1940.322 Record of decision. 54

1940.323 Preparing supplements to EIS's. 55

1940.324 Adoption of EIS or environmental assessment

prepared by the other Federal Agency. 56

1940.325 FmHA as a cooperating Agency. 57

1940.326 FmHA as a lead Agency. 58

1940.327 Tiering. 58

1940.328 State Environmental Policy Acts. 59

1940.329 Commenting on other agencies' EIS's. 60

1940.330 Monitoring. 60
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RD Instruction 1940-G

Table of Contents

Page 4

Sec. Page
1940.331 Public involvement. 61
(a) Objective. 61

(b) Public notice requirements. 61

(c) Public information meetings. 63

(d) Distribution of environmental documents. 63

1940.332 Emergencies. 64
(a) Action requiring EIS. 64

(b) Action not requiring EIS. 64

1940.333 Applicability to planning assistance. 64

1940.334 Direct participation of State agencies in the

preparation of FmHA EIS's. 65

1940.335 Environmental review of FmHA proposals for

legislation. 65

1940.336 Contracting for professional services. 66

1940.337 - 1940.349 [Reserved]

1940.350 Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Control number. 66

Exhibits - A Departmental Regulation 9500-3, Land Use Policy.
B Development and Implementation of Natural Resource

Management Guide.

C Implementation Procedures for the Farmland Protection

Policy Act; Executive Order 11988, Floodplain Management;

Executive Order 11990, Protection of Wetlands; and

Departmental Regulation 9500-3, Land Use Policy.

D Implementation Procedures for the Endangered Species Act.
E Implementation Procedures for the Wild and Scenic Rivers

F Implementation procedures for the Coastal Barrier

Resources Act.
G [Reserved]
H Environmental Assessment for Class II Actions.
I Finding of No Significant Environmental Impact.

RD Instruction 1940-G

Table of Contents

Page 5

J Locations and Telephone Numbers of Federal Emergency

Management Administration's Regional Offices.

K Locations and Telephone Numbers of U.S. Fish and Wildlife

Service's Wetland Coordinators.

L Exceptions to Restrictions of Coastal Barrier Resources

M Implementation Procedures for the Conservation of Wetlands

and Highly Erodible Land Affecting Farmer Program Loans

and Loans to Indian Tribes and Tribal Corporations.

Authority: 7 U.S.C. 1989; 42 U.S.C. 1480; 7 CFR 2.23; 7 CFR 2.70

(10-19-88) SPECIAL PN

RD Instruction 1940-G

Part 1940 - General

Subpart G - Environmental Program
§1940.301 Purpose.
(a) This subpart contains the major environmental policies of the Farmers Home Administration (FmHA). It also provides the procedures and guidelines for preparing the environmental impact analyses required for a series of Federal laws, regulations, and Executive orders within one environmental document. The timing and use of this environmental document within the FmHA decision-making process is also outlined.
(b) This subpart is intended to be consistent with the Council on Environmental Quality's (CEQ) Regulations for Implementing the Procedural Provisions of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), 40 CFR Parts 1500-1508. CEQ's regulations will not be repeated in this subpart except when essential for clarification of important procedural or substantive points. Otherwise, citations to applicable sections of the regulations will be provided. The CEQ regulations will be available at all FmHA offices.
(c) This subpart is designed to integrate the requirements of NEPA with other planning and environmental review procedures required by law, or by Agency practice, so that all such procedures run concurrently rather than consecutively. The environmental document, which results from the implementation of this Subpart, provides on a project basis a single reference point for the Agency's compliance and/or implementation of the following requirements and policies:
(1) The National Environmental Policy Act, 42 U.S.C. 4321
(2) Safe Drinking Water Act - Section 1424(e), 42 U.S.C. 300h
(3) Endangered Species Act, 16 U.S.C. 1531
(4) Wild and Scenic Rivers Act, 16 U.S.C. 1271
(5) The National Historic Preservation Act, 16 U.S.C. 470 (See Subpart F of Part 1901 of this chapter for more specific implementation procedures.)
(6) Archaeological and Historic Preservation Act, 16 U.S.C. 469 (See Subpart F of Part 1901 of this chapter for more specific implementation procedures.)

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