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PAF Form 528-A


Ref No ______________________ Dated ___________ 20
Dear Sirs,
You are invited to state hereon the rates at which you are prepared to perform the following service or supply the following articles to the Officer Commanding ----------------------- subject to the condition of contract in regard to packing and notification of delivery and despatch as stated overleaf and the particulars given below, I reserve power to accept the whole or any portion of the tender, and not bound to accept the lowest or any tender.
In the interests of economy it is requested that unless you receive a reply within 14 days from the Closing date of tendering you will assume that your quotation has not been accepted.
Yours faithfully
(Base) Officer Commanding




Section and

Reference No

Description of

Articles or service



Rate per








Delivery terms Total value of order --- Rs

We offer to perform the above service, or to supply all or any portion of the above named articles at the prices quoted. And the accordance with conditions of contract, etc, specified above.

The work tobe performed under this contract will be carried out at your premises situated at------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Date __________________ 20 Signature (P T O)

To be returned in a sealed cover by ------------------------ the 20 address to the Officer

Commanding with the words “Tender for --------------------------------------------- “written in the left hand

bottom corner

(1) All packing cases, containers, packing and other similar materials should be supplied free by the Contractor and will not be returned. Every bale or package shall be clearly marked with the Contractor’s name, consignee’s name and the gross weight and shall contain a packing note quoting the Order No and date, and showing its contents in detail. The Contractor will be held responsible for stores being sufficiently and properly packed so as to ensure their safe arrival at their destination.
(2) Notification delivery or despatch in regard to each and every consignment shall be made to the consignee and immediately after despatch or delivery. The Contractor shall further supply to the consignee a priced invoice and packing Accounts quoting the Order No and dated, of all stored delivered or despatched. All packages, containers, bundles and loose materials forming part of each and every consignment shall be described fully in the packing Account, and full details of contents of packages and quantity of material are to be given to enable the consignee to check the stores on arrival at destination.
(3) the Contractor is to be entirely responsible for the execution of the contract in all respects in accordance with the conditions, of contract, notwithstanding any approval which the Inspector may have given of materials or other parts of the work involved in the contract or of test carried out either by the Contractor or by the Inspector.

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