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roop 166 Handbook Revised 10-07

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Troop 166

For Scouts, Parents, and Prospective Members of Our Community
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Troop 166 Handbook

Created by David Hoff a long time ago

With revisions by Malcolm Taran, Bill Pickard, Wes Thompson, Sue Thompson, Ed Millman, Eileen Van Hollobeke, Arla Guy, Preston Briggs, Marya Silvernale, Mike Clark, Bill Montgomery, and a bunch of other people we forgot so we are sorry.
© 2003, 2005, 2007 BSA Troop 166, all rights reserved because we own it, but “Copy Left” i.e. borrow all you want, but please give us some credit.

BSA Troop 166,

Charter Organization: Wedgwood Presbyterian Church 8008 35th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115-4815


The Troop Committee of Boy Scout Troop 166 welcomes you to the adventure of Scouting in Troop 166 of the Seattle, BSA.

This material is provided as a source of information about Troop 166 and Boy Scouting in general, its background, operations and policies. There is a great deal here, and how you use it depends on what you are looking for. The material is dynamic meaning that if you have a paper copy of this, it is probably out of date already. The same information is published on our Web Site at , so you might want to check there too. There are forms, links, and other sorts of reference material.
Please scan the table of contents or site map below. This material is provided for Troop Members and their parents, as well as Prospective Members or our Troop, and finally for any Other Troops or individuals who find it useful. We have borrowed from other people, so please feel free to borrow from us. If you can get around to attributing our work to our Troop, we'd appreciate it.

Troop 166 was organized in 1956, in the Wedgwood neighborhood of Seattle and is chartered by the Chief Seattle Council, Boy Scouts of America (BSA), as a part of the Aurora District.

Our sponsor is:
Wedgwood Presbyterian Church

8008 35th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA 98115-4815

In the Fall of 2006 we celebrated our 50th year at Wedgwood Presbyterian Church. In the Fall of 2011 we will celebrate 50 years under the leadership of Bill Montgomery our Scoutmaster.

Anything published here - and all the mistakes and inaccuracies - are the property, responsibility, or fault of Troop 166. Contact the web master, and we'll fix it as soon as we reasonably can.

Site Map/Table of Contents

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Welcome 3

Join Our Troop! 5

Introduction 7

Frequently Asked Questions, Policies, & Information 14

Troop Administration & Organization 22

Outings 42

Work Sheets and Check Lists 44

Join Our Troop!

(For Potential Scouts and Their Parents)

Read This First

Troop 166 is the best Scout Troop in Seattle, Washington, and we want your family to join our Troop. Scout Troops differ because of who they are, how they treat each other, and what they do. The roles that leaders, boys, and parents take, their traditions, and a number of other things all combine to create a healthy environment - or not. The basis of our belief in our superiority as a Troop is primarily that:
We do more and we get more out of what we do.
There are other things though, and anyone who is thoughtfully evaluating Scout Troops will first deal with the issue of “Why Scouts” at all. If you are reading this, you are probably thinking positively about your boy joining Boy Scouts. It is our job to get all the really great boys and really great parents within range of Wedgwood to join Troop 166. We have members who live in Wedgwood, but also from as far away as Leschi in South Seattle, plus Shoreline, Ballard, Greenwood, Lake Forest Park, Laurelhurst, View Ridge and other neighborhoods from a diverse cross section of the City. We believe our geographic diversity shows that we must be doing something right. Our kids attend public and private middle and high schools, and represent a range of religious backgrounds including various denominations of Christian and Jewish faiths. In the recent past we have also had Buddhist and Hindu members.
When you look at a Troop, you should look for the things that are important to you and your son(s). Scouting isn't the best option for every boy or every family - but it's a good one, so it bears studying. Look at the organization - because the friends who may join with you today may not be there tomorrow, and if you decide to remain, you will want to be comfortable with the group you join because you like it - not because your friends or your son's friends liked it. Every year new members join who started out somewhere else, and came to us – most often because all the kids they joined with have dropped out of their original troop or because the Troop just doesn't do enough to keep them interested.
You will have already weighed things like proximity to your home, school and other activities, friends, existing scouting relationships, etc. Some other factors we believe you should evaluate about different Troops are included here in our Handbook:

Leadership Continuity


Monthly Outings


Fund Raising

Leader Training

District and Council Projects and Recognition

Patrol Method

Weekly Meetings


Long Term Outings

Parent Involvement

Service Projects

Incredibly Great Manuals like this one

We believe we do very well compared with other troops based on these measures. It is our intent here to point out our strengths and the things that might make us different from other troops. We don't just talk about monthly outings and long term hikes, for example - we really go. Our boys really do run things - and sometimes that can be a problem - but they really do run things because that is the basis of the Patrol Method.
So please read this material, and if you agree with our philosophy and what we do, please join us.
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