Pack 1592 Pinewood Derby Race Rules 2016

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Pack 1592

Pinewood Derby

Race Rules


The Pinewood Derby is a long-standing Cub Scout tradition. The scouts should do most of the work while the parents serve as a mentors, guides, and coaches. The more designing, cutting, sanding, and painting your scout is involved in, the more they will get out of the activity. If done correctly, they will learn some great life lessons and take pride in their success. The time you spend with your son building the car can be as memorable as the race itself.

Eligibility: Participants must be currently registered scouts from Pack 1592. For adults, siblings, or scouts’ 2nd cars please refer to “Master Division” information below.
Acknowledgement Statement: Prior to registering a car in the derby a parent or guardian will be required to sign an acknowledgement stating that they have read and understand the derby rules. If 2 of the 3 Pack 1592 Inspection Officials agree that a car does not comply with the rules, they may disqualify that car. The scout will be informed of the violation(s) and given an opportunity to correct them time permitting. Unsportsmanlike conduct by race participants or audience members will be grounds for expulsion from the competition area.
Derby Kits: All cars must be constructed from the BSA Official Grand Prix Pinewood Derby Kit provided by the pack. All performance car parts (e.g. axles, wheels, and body) are provided in the kit. Add-on parts such as small plastic drivers, fenders, stickers, etc. are acceptable.

  • You may not substitute the nails or add a full axle.

  • Performance parts from other sources are not allowed, including wet lubricants.

  • If you are missing or break a part please contact the derby coordinator or committee chair.

Weight Rules: Cars may not weigh more than 5.00 ounces as determined by the official scale at registration. For the cars to be competitive it is important that they weigh as close to 5.00 ounces as possible. Weight may be added to the car. Weight is defined as any material attached to the car that is not provided in the kit. All weight must be securely fastened and will be considered part of the car for measurement purposes.

  • Weights shall be non-moveable. Hollowing out a portion of the car body and placing rolling lead shot pellets, steel bearings, mercury, etc. is not allowed.

Wheels: Wheel treatment (hub and tread smoothing and polishing) may not result in the substantial removal of mass or in the reduction of tread width from the original Derby Kit wheels. Wheel tread surface can be lightly sanded/scuffed. Official BSA-approved wheels of varying colors (“BSA” stamped on sidewall) may be substituted for the black wheels provided. Wheels from other kits are prohibited. The car must be propelled by gravity only.

  • The wheels must retain the original ¼ inch width tread as provided in the kit.

  • Hubcaps, washers, sleeves, bearings, etc. may not be used to aide the wheels or axles (nail).

  • Dry graphite is the only lubricant allowed. No lubricants can be added once the car has been through registration.

Main Division Specifications:

Weight (Max)

Length (Max)

Height (Max)

Width (Max)


Wheel Spacing

Clearance (Minimum)

5.00 oz.

7 in.

3 in.

2 3/4 in.

4 3/8 in.

1 3/4

3/8 in.

  • Max height does not include decorations and drivers

  • If you build the car using the instructions and materials in the kit these measurements will be fine.

  • The body of the car may not have any moving parts. We will use an official Car Inspection Go/No Go Gauge during registration. The car will be placed into the gauge to check for proper measurements.

Race Day: One car per scout is allowed in the main derby race. Once the car has been registered it can only be handled by race staff unless repairs are necessary. Each car will race once in each of the 4 lanes. The fastest cars will move into playoff rounds. Essential parts (wheels, weights) falling off the car may be reattached. Non-essential parts including decorations, drivers, etc. may not be re-attached. Race staff will mediate disputes.
Awards: All derby participants will receive a participation ribbon. The top 4 finishers will receive annotated place trophies. The fastest three cars in each rank, outside of the top 4 finishers, will receive a special certificate.
Design Contest:

Some scouts prefer to be more creative rather than performance-driven in the design of their car. To recognize their efforts we will be judging the cars’ designs according to the following themes:

The winner of each category will be awarded a prize and runner-ups will be recognized with a ribbon.

Master Division:
The “Master Division” derby race is for children and adults who wish to race their cars competitively on our Pinewood Derby track. The race will be held separately from the official derby race. The Pack will provide derby kits for those who wish to participate in this race for a nominal fee of $5. Please contact Dave Gioia at to request a kit.
Master Division Specifications:

Weight (Max)

Length (Max)

Width (Max)

7.00 oz.

12 in.

2 3/4 in.

  • Second cars made by Pack 1592 scouts are eligible unless their car was disqualified from the regular derby registration and was placed into this division.

  • Depending on the number of participants there will be a preliminary and final round of the Master Division. The top 4 finishers of the Master Division are not eligible to participate in the District Pinewood Derby.

  • The participant can use ANY derby kits and derby kit parts they desire.

  • No more than two cars per entrant.

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