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4P Festival Chainsaw Carving Competition

2015 Carver Registration Form

$25 registration fees for carvers. Each registration must include at least 2 photos of previous work. These photos are used to help in the selection process of applicants and to promote the carvers in attendance.

First & Last Name _________________________________________________

Nick Name_______________________________________ Age_____________

Mailing Address _____________________________ City/Town ____________

Province ______________________ Postal Code ________________

Email Address ____________________________________________________


Home Phone _________________________Cell Phone ___________________

To help us create your bio, please tell us about yourself, your carvings, things your fans should know:
How long have you been carving?
How did you get started in your carving career?

Are you a professional carver or is this a hobby?

What types of carvings are you most known for?
What type of carvings do you enjoy creating the most?

For further information contact: Russ Kubara at 204-268-0031 or Lori at the 4P Festival Office at 204-367-9142

Email completed form along with two of your best carving pictures to edgewater@mts.net

Or snail mail:

4P Festival

P.O. Box 222

St. Georges, MB R0E 1V0
Information on the competition is available online at www.edgewaterrecreation.com or on facebook 4P Festival

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