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Oxford III – Ch. 53 Vocabulary Info for cards page Page |

  1. All this information should appear on the vocabulary flashcards, including 6 derivatives

  2. Latin on one side of the card, English meanings and derivatives on the other

  3. Learn definitions of derivatives for tests. See www.wordinfo.info

  4. Do not Reuse Cards or recycle them for other/different words

Chapter 53 (p. 117)

pōtō, pōtāre, pōtāvī, pōtātus/a/um = to drink

[aqua potabile, Hydropotes = The Water Deer (Hydropotes inermis), impotable, narcotic poisoning, poison, poisonous, poisonously, poisonousness, potability, potable, potation (s), potations (pl), potatory, potion, potomania, potomaniac, potometer, potometry, potophobia, Potus = (The goddess of drinking.), ptomaine poisoning, thermopoto-]

peragō, peragere, perēgī, peractus/a/um = to finish, accomplish

[ab agendo, act, action, activate, activation, activity, actor, actress, actual, actuate, agency, agenda, agent, agile, Agilisaurus, agility, agitant, agitate, agitatrix, agitographia, agitolalia,ambiguous, circumagitation, coagulate, cogent, cogitate, corrigible, counteract, cutireaction, deactivate, ecoactivist, enact, exact, exagitate, exigency, exiguous, fumigate, hyperactive, inaction, inactive, incorrigible, interaction, intransigence, intransigent, litigation, litigious, mitigate, objurgate, paragitate, photoactive, proactive, prodigal, prodigious, psychoactive, radioactive, ramifactive, react, retroactive, squatter, subagitation, transaction, variegated]

prōpōnō, prōpōnere, prōposuī, prōpositus/a/um = to put forward, propose, explain

[appose, apposite, appositely, appositeness, apposition, appositive, apropos, compone, component, compose, composite, composition, compost, composure, compound, compounder, contraposition, counterpose, decompose, decomposite, decomposition, decompound, decompress, depone, deponent, depose, deposit, deposition, depository, depositary, depot, dextroposition, dispose, disposition, electrodeposit, exponent, exponential, exponentially, expose, exposition, expository, expound, expounder, impose, imposition, impost, impostor, imposter, imposture, impound, impounder, indispose, indisposition, interpose, interposition, juxtapose, juxtaposed, juxtaposit, juxtaposition, opponent, oppose, opposite, opposition, pose, posit, position, positive, positively, positiveness, positivism, positivist, post, postage, postal, poster, postilion, postmaster, postoffice, postpone, postponement, postponer, postposition, postpositive, posture, posturer, predispose, predisposition, prepose, preposition, prepositional, prepositionally, propone, proponent, proposal, propose, proposition, propound, propounder, provost, purpose, purposely, repose, reposition, repository, superimpose, superpose, superposition, suppose, supposition, suppositional, supposititious, suppository, transpose, transposition, transpositive]

polliceor, pollicērī, pollicitus sum = to promise

[No obvious derivatives, but probably related to the Latin word for thumb – pollex, pollicis M = thumb]

tueor, tuērī, tuitus sum = to protect

[intuit, intuition, intuition, intuitionalism, intuitionalist, intuitive, intuitively, intuitiveness, tuition, tuitional, tutelage, tutelary, tutorage, tutor, tutorial, tutorially, tutorship]

cor, cordis N. = heart

[accord, accordance, accordant, accordantly, according, accordingly, concord, concordance, concordant, concordantly, condordant, cordatem, cordial, cordiality, cordially, cordialness, cordiform, cordopexy, core, courage, courageous, courageously, courageousness, discord, discordance, discordant, discordantly, discordantness, discourage, discouragement, discouraging, discouragingly, encourage, encouragement, encouragingly, morbus cordis, obcordate, record, recordable, recorder, recording]

hospes, hospitis M./F. = guest, host friend

[hospice, hospitable, hospitableness, hospitably, hospital, hospitaler, hospitality, hospiticide, host, hostel, hostelry, hostler, hotel, inhospitable, inhospitableness, inhospitably]

salūs, salūtis F. = safety; greetings; health

[Morituri te salutamus. = “We who are about to die salute you.”, salubrious, salubriously, salubriousness, salubrity, salus mundi = “The welfare of the world.”, salutarily, salutary, salutatorian; salutator, salutatory, salute]

sors, sortis F = lot, fate, destiny

[assort, assortment, assortion, consort, consortable, consorter, consortion, ensorcell, ensorcel, resort, sorcerer, sorceress, sorcerize, sorcerous, sorcery (s), sorceries (pl), sort, sorter, sortable, sortably]

ūsus, ūsūs M. = use; benefit

[abuse, abusive, reuse, use, useful, user-friendly, usual, usufruct, usufructuary, userer, usorious, usurp, usurpation, usury, utensil, utile, utilitarian, utility, utilize, utilization]

ambō, ambae, ambō = both (dative/abl. plural = ambōbus)
[ambiance, ambiciliate, ambicolorate, ambidexter, ambidexterity, ambidextrous, ambidextrously, ambidextrousness, ambience, ambiguity, ambiguous, ambiguousness, ambilateral, ambilevosity, ambilevous, ambilingualism, ambiloquent, ambiopia, ambiparous, ambisexual, ambisexuality, ambisinister, ambisinistrous, ambisinistrodextrous, ambisonics, ambisonic, ambitendency,

ambition, ambitious, ambivalence, ambivalency, ambivalent, ambiversion, ambivert, ambivorous, ambivore, ambivory, amboceptor, amboceptorgen, ambo dexter, ambomalleal, incudomalleal, ambosexual, ambosexous, amputate, amputation, amputator, amputee, amputees, circumambience, circumambiency, circumambient, circumambiently, reamputation, unambiguity, unambiguous, unambigously, unambitious, unambitiously]

modicus, modica, modicum = moderate, small

[accommodate, accommodation, Amplitude Modulation, commode, commodious, commodity, countermeasure, discommode, immoderate, immoderately, immoderation, immodest, incommode, measure, modal, modalism, modality, mode, model, moderate, moderation, modern, modernism, modernist, modernity, modernization, modernize, modest, modesty, modification, modifier, modify, modulate, modulation, module, modus operandi; M.O., modus vivendi, mold, molding, mood, mould, ultramodern]

nocturnus/a/um = happening at night

[equinoctial, equinoctium, equinox, noctalbuminuria, noctambulate, noctambulating, noctambulation, noctambulant, noctambulic, noctambulism, noctambulator, noctambulist, noctambulous, noctambulatory, noctidial, noctifer, noctiferous, noctiluca, noctilucence, noctilucent, noctilucine, noctilucous, noctimania, noctomania, noctiphobia, noctophobia, noctiphobic, noctophobic, nocturia, (also nycturia), nocturnae, nocturnal, nocturne, Nox, noxial, pernoctation, seminocturnal, trinoctial]

illā nocte = that night (abl. of time when)

quis? = who?, quid? = (1) what? (2) why?
(interrogatives - These are used in questions)

The Short List for this chapter’s vocab:

pōtō, pōtāre, pōtāvī, pōtātus/a/um = to drink

peragō, peragere, perēgī, peractus/a/um = to finish, accomplish

prōpōnō, prōpōnere, prōposuī, prōpositus/a/um = to put forward, propose, explain

polliceor, pollicērī, pollicitus sum = to promise

tueor, tuērī, tuitus sum = to protect

cor, cordis N. = heart

hospes, hospitis, M./F. = guest, host friend

salūs, salūtis F. = safety; greetings; health

sors, sortis F = lot, fate, destiny

ūsus, ūsūs M. = to use; benefit

ambō, ambae, ambō = both (dative/abl. plural = ambōbus)

modicus, modica, modicum = moderate, small

nocturnus/a/um = happening at night

illā nocte = that night (abl. of time when)

quis? = who?, quid? = (1) what? (2) why?(interrogatives - These are used in questions)

Ch. 53 Vocab folding practice

1st Column (to be folded back later)

Give English meaning(s)

Fold 1st column back, then give Latin

pōtō, pōtāre,

pōtāvī, pōtātus/a/um

peragō, peragere,

perēgī, peractus/a/um

prōpōnō, prōpōnere,

prōposuī, prōpositus/a/um

polliceor, pollicērī,

pollicitus sum

tueor, tuērī,

tuitus sum

cor, cordis N

hospes, hospitis M./F.

salūs, salūtis F.

sors, sortis F

ūsus, ūsūs M.

ambō, ambae, ambō

(dative/abl. plural = ambōbus)

modicus, modica, modicum


illā nocte

quis?, quid?


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