Organizational Design and Change Guidelines for Article/Chapter Presentations

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Mgmt 445

Organizational Design and Change

Guidelines for Article/Chapter Presentations

Group/Chapter Article Presentations

As indicated on the syllabus (p.3), these will be small group 10-minute mini-presentations (+questions) revolving around the specific articles/chapters that are available on electronic reserve in the PSU library OR on my web page OR specific chapters in Managing Transitions. These presentations should be done in groups that will be no larger than 5-6 people. Please note that all members of the group are expected to be present and to take an active part in the presentation.
Your presentation should be divided clearly into these parts:

  1. Clear explanation of three main concepts from the article. The articles/chapters cover a variety of topics so the expectation will be that you and your group will settle on the main ideas and review those with the class. This should be the shortest part of your presentation.

  2. A real-life example of the idea in action. This shouldn’t be an example used in the reading itself; instead, this could be something from your own experience, the experience of a friend or colleague, or a story from a relevant book or other publication. The example should assist us in understanding the meaning of the reading as you and your group explain it to us.

  3. Practical suggestions for ways to use or apply the concept/s. These could come from the reading itself, your own thoughts and ideas, or other course or outside material; they might be in the form of “tips” or “practical suggestions” or “steps to take in order to….”

  4. One suggestion for how to use one or more of these ideas in your final group project. Remember this project deals with an analysis of a change process in the organization your group chose. This part will undoubtedly be fairly brief but useful to all of us.

  5. One suggestion for an appropriate exam question with the answer based on this article/chapter. This could be in either multiple-choice or essay form. Finally,

  6. Identify the Ways of Knowing (with examples) that your group has included in your presentation.

Please remember that using appropriate active learning activities (think: WOK) will ensure that you and your group have gone a long way toward helping us fully comprehend what lessons the reading has to offer. Keep in mind how creative the Bridges’ interpretations were. Also, keep in mind my suggestions regarding the various ways that we learn using logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, musical-rhythmic, kinesthetic, naturalist, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and/or verbal-linguistic approaches to understanding. Your group needs to choose one or more of these approaches and engage us in your presentation in this active fashion.

Plan to have a brief handout summarizing these 6 main ideas. As I indicted earlier, I will duplicate this for you, given adequate lead time (by noon of the week day before you presentation.) Also please submit a copy of any slides to me that your group plans to use when your group assembles prior to your presentation.
I look forward to your presentations and know that we will learn much from what you and your group share with us. Thanks in advance for your efforts.

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