Order appointing examiner

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Form 39
P. 27, r. 1D.
1. That (name and address (or description)) be appointed examiner for the purpose of taking the examination of a witness (name) of (address out of the State) in accordance with the rules of this Court (but without the power to compel a witness to attend, if this is required by a convention).
2. That the party obtaining this order give to each other interested party (4) days' notice in writing of the date on which he proposes to send the minute of this order to the examiner.
3. That not less than (4) days after that notice has been given each party shall give to the other the name of his agent at (place) to whom notices may be sent.
(Complete as in general form of minute of order under Part 41 rule 11.)
(This form does not apply where a Judge or a Master or other officer of the Court is appointed examiner.)

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