Operation without a license; classification

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3688636-886.  Operation without a license; classification

A.  If it appears that any person is maintaining or operating a child care facility without a license, the department shall notify the facility's operator either by mail, by certified mail with return receipt requested or by delivery in person.  The person affected by the notice shall, within ten days from  its receipt, cease and desist operation or show proof of having a valid license.  The person may, within ten days, request in writing a hearing before the director.

B.  On application of the department, a magistrate shall issue a warrant to the department authorizing inspection of a child care facility if there is probable cause to believe that a person is operating the facility without a license.

C.  If a person does not comply with this section the department shall notify the county attorney of the county in which the child care facility is being operated of the violation and request that criminal prosecution be commenced against the violator.  The department may request the attorney general to apply for injunctive relief.

D.  Any person who continues to maintain or operate a child care facility without a license ten days after receipt of notice from the department is guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.36886

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