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Press Release
WHEN: August 12th and 13th, 2005

WHERE: Aeroklub Tábor

In the coming summer Interkoncerts, in cooperation with D Smack U Promotion, is putting its many years of experience in the field of organising cultural events (concerts, parties, festivals, theatre productions, film productions or sports tournaments) to good use by presenting the first annual two-day open-air LOVE PLANET festival.

The festival will take place on August 12th and 13th on the air field of the Aeroklub Tábor. Interkoncerts and D Smack U Promotion will bring the full extent of their dramaturgical diversity to the festival event, which has no parallel in the Czech Republic. In addition to live bands and DJs, the visitors will be able to enjoy the theatrical or cinematic arts or exhibitions of several extreme sports.

The festival area will be divided into many sections: live concerts will take place on the two main open-air stages - NICK CAVE and THE BAD SEEDS, APOCALYPTICA, DREADZONE, KOSHEEN, STEREO MC’S, THE SISTERS OF MERCY, RALPH MYERZ & THE JACK HERREN BAND, SKINNY PUPPY, I AM X and several Czech performers. DJs such as RONI SIZE, JEFF MILLS, ZINC, ADAM FREELAND, HYPER, OMID 16 B, JIMMY VAN M and many other top local DJs will perform on the DJs’ podiums, which will be divided by themes.

Nor will a display of the current theatrical elite be lacking, with an emphasis on dance and movement projects (including Bílé divadlo, Theatr Novogo Fronta, Nora Spoková, Ken Mai, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Minotaurus, Divadlo Okolo and DNO among others), workshops in many areas, interesting lectures and discussions. The film tent will offer an overview of international animated student films (in cooperation with Anifest), international live-action student films (in cooperation with Fresh Film Fest) and night-time projections of Czech feature films (Kinematograf bratří Čadíků).

An extreme sports area, where visitors will be able to try out adrenaline sports first-hand or only watch races in the categories of skateboarding, bmx bikes, etc., will also be part of the festival. This section will be complemented with a hip-hop stage, on which INDY&WICH and PENEŘI STRÝČKA HOMEBOYE, among other groups, will perform.

It is a two-day festival, so a space will be prepared for a tent city with facilities to arise. Two-day tickets to the festival are sold at very favourable prices that can easily compete with the price of tickets to the individual bands' concerts in Prague. The price of an advance ticket to the festival is 890 CZK until August 12th. From August 12th it is 990 CZK. Tickets can be purchased in the Ticketpro network. It is possible to use a parking lot for cars for 150 CZK.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Apocalyptica, Dreadzone, Kosheen, Stereo MCs, The Sisters of Mercy, Sugarhill Gang, Slut, Skinny Puppy, Pelzig, Sportfreunde Stiller, Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band, I am X
100°C, Al Yaman, Albion, Alvik, Another Day, Bow wave, Clou, De Fuck To, De Zrechts, Dub-O-Net, Here, Hypnotix, Khoiba, Jesus & Cossiga, Lenka Dusilová, Pražský výběr, Lety Mimo, Indy & Wich, Julia(A), Landmine Spring, Lety Mimo, Living Room, Loonaloop, LU, Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilists, Nana Zorin, Nierika, November 2nd,Ohm Square, OTK, Pavilon 2M, Pelzig (D), Pragounion, Priessnitz, PSH, Roe Deer, Selfbrush, Skyline, Slut (D), Soil, Southpaw, Sunshine, Švihadlo, Tata Bojs, Umakart, Wohnout,

Roni Size, Zinc, Hyper, Adam Freeland, Omid 16 B (UK), Jimmy van M (USA), Sway Dasafo (UK), Dj Tuco (UK), The Regime (UK, USA), Yun Gun & dj Mr. Thing (UK), Grand Agent (USA), Jeff Mills (UK)
2K & Nitrous, Airto, Akira, Heytos, Hyde, Illuzionists dj´s team Im Cyber, Jan 2, Joel Einhorn, Kaplick, Koogi, Ladida, Loutka & Tráva, Nika 77, Pavel Krejdl, Rai, Saboteur, Saku, Sweg & Anakin, Voita

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tel: +420 602 187 427

Martina Reková

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