Ontario Reliability Compliance Program Requirements Form Market Rules: Chapter 4, Appendix 2, Category 1: Off-Nominal Frequency and Category 2: Speed/Frequency Regulation

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Ontario Reliability Compliance Program

Requirements Form
Market Rules: Chapter 4, Appendix 4.2, Category 1: Off-Nominal Frequency and Category 2:

Speed/Frequency Regulation

NOTICE TO MARKET PARTICIPANTS: The market rules require market participants to provide to the IESO such data as may be required and within the time prescribed by the IESO for reliability purposes and to enable the IESO to satisfy a request by a standards authority (ref Chapter 5, sections 14.1.2 and 14.1.4). The IESO has developed the Ontario Reliability Compliance Program (ORCP) to assist market participants in meeting these obligations. As part of the ORCP, market participants are required to submit to the IESO electronic certification forms using the IESO Reliability Compliance Tool accessed via the IESO Web Portal.

This requirements form does not replace the electronic certification forms. Rather, it is primarily intended for use by the IESO when the Reliability Compliance Tool becomes unavailable for use.

Terms and acronyms used in this Form that are italicized have the meanings ascribed thereto in Chapter 11 of the “Market Rules”.

Part 1 – General Information

Market Participant Information

Market Participant Name:      

Market Participant ID:      

Compliance Information

Compliance Year:      

Reporting Period:

From:       To:      

Part 2 – Market Participant Compliance Reporting

Part 1 – Market Participant Compliance Reporting

As an authorized representative of the market participant, I certify that the market participant was:
 COMPLIANT with requirements of IESO-FORM-1754 stated below for the entire Reporting Period.


 NON-COMPLIANT for a portion of or the entire Reporting Period with some or all requirement(s) of IESO-FORM-1754, but in compliance with all other applicable requirements of IESO-FORM-1754 for the entire Reporting Period, as indicated below.

 R1. Operate continuously between 59.4 Hz and 60.6 Hz and for a limited period of time in the region above straight lines on a log-linear scale defined by the points (0.0 s, 57.0 Hz), (3.3 s, 57.0 Hz), and (300 s, 59.0 Hz).

 R2. With due consideration given to inherent limitations, such as mill points and gate limits when evaluating active power changes, the following are the speed/frequency regulation requirements:

 R2.1: Regulate speed with an average droop based on maximum active power adjustable between 3% and 7% and set at 4% unless otherwise specified by the IESO.

 R2.2: Regulate speed with a frequency deadband not wider than ± 0.06%.

 R2.3: Control speed in a stable fashion in both interconnected and island operation.

 R2.4: Achieve a sustained 10% change of rated active power after 10 s in response to a constant rate of change of speed of 0.1%/s during interconnected operation.

 R2.5: Enabled control systems that inhibit governor response have been approved by the IESO.

NOTE: For clarification, the COMPLIANT with requirements of IESO-FORM-1754 is for all of the registered facilities owned by the market participant.

NOTE 2: The above requirements are applicable to generation facilities directly connected to the IESO-controlled grid, to generation facilities greater than 50 MW, or to generation units greater than 10 MW.
NOTE 3: Clarifications for the above requirements for:

  • R1: Generators shall not be manually or automatically tripped for under frequency conditions in the area above the curve defined by the points without prior approval from the IESO.

  • R2.1: The droop for hydraulic units may be calculated on the basis of governor stroke and speed.  Deviations from average droop over the operating range due to a non-linear relationship between a governor gate/valve position and the flow of the energy source (e.g. water, steam, gas) are permissible.

  • R2.2: A ± 0.06% deadband corresponds to 60 Hz ± 36 mHz (i.e. 59.964 Hz to 60.036 Hz).

  • R2.3: It is acceptable to have automatic schemes that change governor parameters when island operation is detected.

  • R2.5: IESO approval is not required for control systems that inhibit governor response within the boundaries established by R2.1, R2.2, R2.3, and R2.4.


 N/A - the requirements of IESO-FORM-1754 do not apply to the market participant.


Reference Document(s)

Market Rules Chapter 4 Grid Connection Requirements – Appendices, Appendix 4.2 – Generation Facility Requirements
Market Manual 2 - Market Administration: Performance Validation, Sections 3.1 and 3.2


I have full authority to bind the market participant. I certify that all information set out or referred to in this form is true, accurate and complete as at the date of this certification. I further understand that this information is provided in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 5, Section 14.1.1 of the market rules.  I understand that this information is subject to verification by the IESO and that such a review or audit will require all information set out or referred to in this form be verified by appropriate documentation.

Certified by MPCC1:      

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Date of Certification:      

1 market participant compliance contact

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