Okay. These guys have so much good stuff that you must check this out

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Okay. These guys have so much good stuff that you MUST check this out.

Picks. Jeff Waters and the guys use either .88 mm or 1 mm Jim Dunlop Black Nylon picks. The best. They grip like no other (when ya sweat, they stick to you like glue!) and for that Annihilator picking sound and style, this is how to do it.

Much like Wayne Gretzky was to hockey; as Michael Jordan was to basketball; as Tiger Woods is to golf… Eddie Van Halen has been the top guitar player in history. No question. No one has ever combined the highest results of songwriting, rhythm guitar playing, lead guitar playing and sound and style innovation. No one has all these qualities and, if they do, they don’t have the marks he does. Not even close.

So it is only natural that Annihilator’s Jeff Waters, who grew up listening to Van Halen’s genius, would want to use Eddies Flanger (below) and Phase 90 (above). Annihilator’s Schizo Deluxe (2005) showcases the phase 90 on most every guitar solo (which Jeff says “has a nice frequency sweep that really brings out the picking”) while Jeff adds the flanger to his arsenal for the next Annihilator cd, due out in late 2008.

To power up your effects pedals, you either need a whole mess of adapters or lots of expensive batteries. No more. Dunlop gives you the beautiful DC-Brick. Beautiful describes it well as there is no mess of cables amongst your pedalboard anymore! Clean and safe power by Dunlop.

Everyone must have a Cry Baby. Visit Dunlop’s website for all the different models of wah pedals they have available and there are some KILLER one’s. Jeff uses the Classic.

The newest pedal in Jeff’s arsenal. The MXR GT-OD. A long-time user of the old Boss OD-1 (discontinued since the 80’s), Jeff has searched the world for a “new” version that can match and even surpass the overdrive he sought for his “sound”. Now, in combination with his Jeff Waters Laboga amplifier, he has found it!

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