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Oil & Automotive Company Maps (Updated 12/28/15) Page of

This map list is temporarily suspended while I do some updating. I have maintained this list for nearly 25 years and am rethinking how to offer my maps and the pricing. It might be 2 or 3 months until it is reinstated.

I have opened an eBay store (Vintage Maps and More) in which I plan to offer some maps. You can also find my offerings by searching for my eBay user name, which is: craigsolo
If you have any questions or have some specific maps you are searching for, contact me through email at: craig@solomonson.net
Thanks for your interest,
Craig Solomonson

Craig Solomonson – 949 334th Ave. NE – Cambridge, MN 55008 – Phone: (763) 689-4076 – Email: craig@solomonson.net

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