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Terrie Bert

Vice President

Ray Lemieux


David Denholm


Susan Stobo

Edmundoa lindenii has several varieties, var. rosea is the most colorful.

Upcoming Meeting
LOCATION: Selby Gardens

DATE: August 12, 2013

TIME: 7:30 PM

IMPORTANT-- The SBS will be meeting at the South Gate Community Center, 3145 South Gate Circle, Sarasota, this month. It is on Tuttle St. Directions:

from the south

Take your best route to the intersection of Bee Ridge Road and Tuttle Avenue. Proceed north on Tuttle to the traffic circle (South Gate Circle). You will see a UPS drop box and a U.S. Mail box ahead on your right. The driveway IMMEDIATELY after these boxes is the entry to the South Gate Center. There is a large sign at the left of the driveway with our name and the number 3145 on it.

Take Tuttle Avenue south until you reach the traffic circle (South Gate Circle). Proceed approximately ¾ of the way around the circle. You will see a UPS drop box and a U.S. Mail box on your right. The driveway IMMEDIATELY after these boxes is the entry to the South Gate Center. There is a large sign at the left of the driveway with our name and the number 3145 on it.

from the west

Take your best route to the intersection of Tamiami Trail and Siesta Drive. Follow Siesta Drive east to the traffic circle (South Gate Circle). Proceed approximately ½ way around the circle. You will see a UPS drop box and a U.S. Mail box on your right. The driveway IMMEDIATELY after these boxes is the entry to the South Gate Center. There is a large sign at the left of the driveway with our name and the number 3145 on it.

from the east

Take Bee Ridge Road west to Tuttle Avenue. Make a right (north) onto Tuttle Avenue and proceed to the traffic circle (South Gate Circle). You will see a UPS drop box and a U.S. Mail box ahead to your right. The driveway IMMEDIATELY after these boxes is the entry to the South Gate Center. There is a large sign at the left of the driveway with our name and the number 3145 on it.

This is a very nice facility, complete with kitchen. Please feel free to bring something good to eat or drink.
UPCOMING EVENT: The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies’ annual Extravaganza will be held Saturday, Sept. 21, at the Holiday Inn Harborside, 401 2nd Street, Indian Rocks Beach 33785, Phone: 727-595-9484. (Toll Free Number: 1-800-726-0865, Local Phone: (727) 595-9484

E-mail: There’s a special hotel rate if you mention the Extravaganza. There will be plant sales all day, a banquet and rare plant auction at night, and a Friday-night reception for registrants. Admission to the plant sale is free. Registration for the banquet is $60 per person. Hotel rooms are about $100 per night (for up to 4 people per room). The registration form is available at . A reasonable facsimile is at the end of this newsletter.

This is a great event, where you can see and purchase many rare bromeliads, meet Florida bromeliad experts, and have a great time! It’s just up the road a bit, so you actually don’t have to worry about a hotel room. Plan to attend!


Food-- Debbie Lemieux will provide a dinner (yeah!)--hot dogs, sauerkraut, baked beans, and green salad. Debbie appreciates any monetary donations you’d like to give. Please feel free to bring an appetizer or dessert if you wish. Bon apatite.
Workshop, starts 6:40 -- Creative Ways to Grow and Enjoy our Bromeliads, by Debbie Lemieux.

We all love our plants, they bring us much happiness and the pleasure of our club. This work shop will inspire you to grow and display your plants in a more artistic and fun way. Now all of us can enjoy the upcoming show and sale with the joy of entering a work of art!


Shopkeeper--Michael Beal, Mick Garza, and John Osteen would like to be the shopkeepers, but they’d rather not purchase loads of pots, potting soil, etc with their own money. (Understandable!) We’ll discuss how the shopkeeper activities could proceed at the meeting.

The 2013 Show and Sale--Terrie Bert has assumed the position of General Show Chair (again!). Please help her and all of the show chairpeople by volunteering to assist them with their activities and duties. The show is loads of fun. Participation is exciting! Terrie will also be seeking a person or group to prepare an educational display for the show.

Terrie will have copies of a preliminary show schedule for everyone interested in showing or selling plants. It’s time to start solidifying plans for the show!

Below is the semi-final list of show committee chairs and co-chairs. Please check the entries and give any corrections to Terrie Bert.

SBS Show and Sale Officers

General Chair

Terrie Bert



Rick Bisio,

Ray Lemieux




Terrie Bert



Eva Talbert,

Sara de Godoi



Terrie Bert,

Bruce Holst




Mick Garza, John Osteen


Educational exhibit



Terrie Bert




Luncheon for show workers (Thurs.)

Debbie Lemieux,

Shirley Evans




Ray Lemieux





David Johnson,

Inez Dolatowski




Bob Stickney



all plant sellers and exhibitors

Show Schedule, posters, ballets, etc.

Terrie Bert


Showroom Staging

Michael Beal


The principal duties of each committee are again appended to the end of this newsletter.

A draft of the show Guidelines for Exhibitors and Vendors is being sent to you with this newsletter. Please read it (or at least check it briefly) and let Terrie Bert know if you see any mistakes. The final version, which should be very similar to the draft version, will be distributed in both email and paper versions in September.
GOOD NEWS ABOUT THE SHOW---it looks like we’ll have payment by credit card! Stay tuned...
Program--Charlie Birdsong, Bromeliad Society of Baton Rouge, Neos of the Amazon

Charlie has been growing bromeliad since the 1960’s and is a founding member of the Brom. Soc. of Baton Rouge. He’s held every office in that society and is president this year. He’s chaired auctions at three BSI world conferences and has chaired or co-chaired bromeliad activities and events at the local, regional, and international levels. He is the BSI Director from Louisiana. Charlie is an accredited BSi Master Judge and has helped to revise the BSI Judges’ Handbook. He is a popular speaker and has given talkes to bromeliad societies and other plant societies in Texas, Louisiana, and Florida. Charlie has written articles for the BSI Journal and other plant journals and newsletters. He has grown about 2,000 different bromeliads, in numerous genera; and billbergias and neoregelias are his favorites. His collection suffered enormously in the freeze of January 2010; currently, he’s rebuilding his collection. Look for Charlie at bromeliad sales throughout Florida! Please welcome Charlie. He’s a great guy with a great sense of humor.

Auction plant--this month’s auction plant will be a collection of tillandsias.


Bring your extra, clean, labeled plants for the monthly raffle! We’ll have lots of room this month, so bring all you want. Please remember, all plants must be clean, free of loose dirt or scale, and labeled (genus, species).

Bring money to buy raffle tickets and to bid on the auction plants!


Both June and July minutes are below. We’ll consider both for approval at this month’s meeting.

June minutes:

Minutes of SBS Meeting for June 10, 2013

The meeting was called to order by Terrie Bert, President. Attendance for the meeting was 38. There were two visitors, Judy Herman, and Kay Weber.

Minutes for May’s meeting were approved by the Club.

Treasurers Report: Susan Stobo gave balances of our savings account and CD account.

Show Update: Dates for the show and sale were noted to be the last weekend in September. Members with plants for sale will keep 75% of sales price for themselves, and 25% will go to the club.  Club’s Auction will be the Saturday night of the show.

Speaker Update: Speaker for the July meeting will be David Johnson from the Tampa Bay club, and for the August meeting will by Charles Birdsong.

The auction plant was brought in by Terrie--a Dyckia Cherry Coke, which is a very cold-hardy plant.

The door prize was a Vriesea neoglutinosa, brought in by Ray Lemieux. It is a salt- and sun-tolerant plant from Brazil.  

Library Committee: Ray Lemieux has modernized the current library and it is now open for members of SBS on a monthly basis the first time in several years. Congratulation to Ray for his work.  

The raffle plants for the evening included Neoregelia rubins and others donated by Emmett Scott and Bob Stickney.

Workshop next month will be by Debbie Lemieux on ways to make items for the Show and Sale.  David Johnson gave a report on the FCBS meeting which he attended on April 13th. Items of discussion at the FCBS were a donation to Dr. Teresa Cooper for her work on the Bromeliad weevil.  Also, Don Beadle is donating photos for the FCBS website.  Also, relations between the FCBS and the BSI were discussed in light of the recent world conference held in Orlando.
Report from materials committee:  John Osteen is going to take over selling plastic pots and fertilizer to club members at meetings.  Susan Stoby moved to withhold further donations to Selby Gardens, which passed by a unanimous vote. Salby Gardens “Lights in Bloom” date has been set for December 27th for all who are going to volunteer. Regarding the show and sale, Eva Talbert and Sarah deGodoi are going to prepare a main dish and club members will bring in pot luck items.

Show and Tell presentation speakers were Ray Lemieux and Terrie Bert.

Ray Lemieux brought in landscaping plants Tillandsia utriculata, a native plant of Florida, and a Belize variant of the same species.  Ray also brought in Tillandsia subuliferia and Aechmea brevicollis grown from seeds. Free samples of seeds were given to club members.  Ray also brought Vrisea harrylutheri, Dyckia fragrans (a species not yet formally described), Araeococcus micranthus, Pepinia bulbosa, Aechmea germinyana, an Encholirium species, Pitcairnia echinata, Pitcairnia andreana, Pitcairnia burle-marxii, Pepinia sanguinea, and Navia igneosicola
Terrie Bert brought in a Werauhia capuriina, Lymenia azurea, Brocchinia reducta (a Lost World plant), Fascicularia bicolor, Canistrum seidelianum, Fosterella albicans, a Nidularium species, a Tillandsia species, Aechmea dichlamyda, Aechmea maculata, and a Hohenbergia species.

Respectfully submitted, David Denholm, Secretary.

July minutes:

Minutes of SBS Meeting for July 8, 2013

Meeting was called to order by Terrie Bert, President. Attendance for the meeting was 17.

there was one new member: Kay Weber.

Minutes for June’s meeting were distributed by hand and members will have the opportunity to approve them at the next meeting.

Officer Reports were limited due to the meeting being held in the classroom of the MSBG Activities Building.

A workshop was not held due to the location and logistics of the meeting. Next month Debbie Lemieux will hold a workshop on how to make items for sale at the upcoming show and sale. Meeting location for next month is tentatively set for the same classroom while Selby Gardens if remodeling the activities building. A possible alternative meeting location for next month was discussed as the Gulf Gate Community Center, further information to follow on that.

Treasurer's report, Susan Stobo will update us next month.

Auction plant: A pair of billbergias from Terrie Bert's collection was donated.

Door Prize: Variegated Pitcairnia echinata, donated by Ray Lemieux

On September 15, there will be a meeting at Selby for all club presidents. Terrie Bert will represent us at the meeting.

Tonight's speaker is David Johnston from the Bromeliad Guild of Tampa Bay. David runs his own nursery and greenhouse and is located on 90th Ave. in Tampa. David spoke on the hybrids of Chester Skotak. Chester is known as one of the best hybridizers of bromeliads, particularly neoregelias. David took time to give the club a history on Chester throughout the talk and I can best summarize it from an excerpt on Chester's webpage.

" Chester Skotak is a world-renowned bromeliad hybridizer with a sharp sense of humor. Born and raised in Texas, he lived in Naples, Florida, for a few years before escaping to Costa Rica in 1978. He developed a fascination with rare plants at an early age. The Skotak name is synonymous with innovation. His creative talents have made him a leading expert in the field of bromeliad hybridization. He was the first to produce variegated Neoregelia hybrids from seed. This prolific hybridizer holds many bromeliad patents. He has led plant-collecting expeditions throughout Central and South America and has introduced countless unusual bromeliad hybrids into horticulture. Two bromeliads have been named in his honor: Guzmania skotakii (Costa Rica) and Aechmea skotakii (Ecuador). A Costa Rican tree species even bears his name, Palicourea skotakii."

David showed many pictures of Chester's plants and of his greenhouses. Chester specializes on difficult plants such as alcantareas. There are many popular hybrids that Chester produces, and they are in great demand.
Show Update: Dates for the show and sale are September 26 to September 29th. The theme of the show will be "Dazzling Bromeliads". Additional committee members are needed. Awards to be presented will be a Members’ Choice Award; a Children's Choice Award, sponsored by Terrie Bert; a Visitors’ Choice Award; and the Connie Timm Award for Best Miniature Neoregelia, sponsored by Bill Timm. Advertising work will be done by David Johnson. Terrie Bert will serve as General Show Chair and will make the necessary posters, labels, and other items as well as develop the show schedule. Plants must be entered on Thursday Sept. 26th and then the show will be held on the 27th, 28th and 29th. The Banquet and Auction with pot luck dinner will be on Saturday night the 28th. Members will be needed for clean up after the show and sale.
Speaker Update: Speakers for August meeting will be Charles Birdsong.
Show and Tell presentation speaker was Terrie Bert. Terrie presented variety of billbergias, including Billbergia Firewalker, a Billbergia species, Billbergia Incendiary Delight, Billbergia Sacabamba, and Billbergia Casa Blanca - an almost pure white plant with very little chlorophyll. Auctioned off were two of these plants: Billbergia Mamie B and a Billbergia amoena (hybrid).

Respectfully submitted, David Denholm, Secretary.

Extravaganza 2013



Sponsored by: The Florida Council of Bromeliad Societies

Hosted by: The Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

September 21, 2013

Event Site:

The Holiday Inn Harbourside, 401 2nd Street, Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785


Toll Free Number: 1-800-726-0865, Local Phone: (727) 595-9484


Banquet Reservation Deadline: August 20, 2013

Hotel Reservation Deadline (for low rate): August 21, 2013


Please fill in the form below and return with payment. Your reservation includes entry to all

seminars (speakers include Don Beadle, Charlie Birdsong and Dennis Cathcart), the Friday night get together and the Extravaganza Banquet.

Reservations are $60.00 per person. Checks should be made payable to FWCBS.

The Rare Plant Auction will be held after the banquet (seating as available).

Please mail to: Judy Lund

Florida West Coast Bromeliad Society

904 Oakwood Drive

Largo, FL 33770

Please print:

Name(s): ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

E-Mail: ___________________________________________Phone: ( ____ ) ____________________

Bromeliad Society Name :_____________________________________________________________

Dinner Selection: (Please put number of dinners requested next to item)

___________ Pollo Coloda (Chicken with Pina Colada sauce)

___________ Stuffed Prawns (Shrimp with Crabmeat Stuffing)

___________ Vegetarian Dish (Pasta)

The 2013 SBS Show--The September show will not be a judged show.

General Show Chair --oversees all committees, ensures that everything is read for the show. All other committee chairs must get the approval of the General Show Chair for any purchases related to the show and sale.

The show (chairs in parentheses):

Advertising Committee (David Johnson, Inez Dolatowski)--Notify appropriate editors of local newspapers, appropriate plant-oriented journals in Sarasota, Manatee, and Lee counties of the event, sufficiently far ahead of the event to allow for timely publicizing the event. Notify garden clubs and other plant societies.

Set-up Committee (Michael Beal)--On Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 25, this committee sets up the props and tables needed for entering plants in the show and exhibiting the plants in the show.

Entries Committee (Terrie Bert)--On Thursday, Sept. 26, people who want to exhibit plants in the show bring them to the classroom in the Activities Center at Selby Gardens so they can be entered and placed in the show room. At least 4 people are needed for this committee. Terrie needs 3 people to assist with the entries on Thursday.

Placement Committee (Ray Lemieux)--On Thursday, Sept. 26, this committee moves the plants from the entries room to the show room and arranges the plants for showing.

Food Committee (Eva Talbert, Sara de Godoi)--This committee organizes and provides lunch for the SBS members working to organize the show and sale on Thursday, Sept. 26.and ensures that the kitchen is clean at the end of the day. (Any leftover food or drinks will be available to members working in the show or sale during the following days, until the leftover items are gone; the people consuming those items will be responsible for cleaning up after themselves.)

Banquet Committee (Eva Talbert, Sara de Godoi)-- This year, this committee will organize a pot luck dinner for the banquet (held Sat. night, Sept. 28). The committee is responsible for finding a source of centerpieces for the tables; obtaining mixers and ice for the cocktail hour, disposable plates, flatware, and napkins for dinner, and cups for drinks; setting up the tables and chairs for the banquet, and helping to clean up after dinner. Eva and Sara will need help. Please volunteer to assist them.

Auction Committee (Rick Bisio, Ray Lemieux, and Terrie Bert)--This committee finds donors for the bromeliad auction, which follows the banquet on Sat. night, Sept. 28, ensures that the donated plants are delivered to the show holding area by Saturday afternoon, labels the plants for the auction, and staffs the auction (auctioneer; helper to describe the plants; two people to handle and organize the plants before and after they are auctioned; and two people to record the bidder numbers, which bidders bought which plants, and collect the money after the auction). The auction committee will need at least 3 helpers. Please volunteer to help them with this fun event.

Clean-up Committees (Michael Beal)--People will be needed to help clean up the entries room (Friday, Sept., 27), the banquet/auction area after the auction (Sat. night, Sept. 28), and the show room after the show (Sun. afternoon, Sept. 29, after 4 PM). When they attend the show and sale, all members are asked to help keep the show and sale area clean and tidy during the entire event.

Hospitality Committee (NEED SOME VOLUNTEERS)--This committee staffs the show during the days and times open. They solicit votes for the Members’ Choice, Children’s Choice, and Visitors’ Choice voting and let people know that they can register to win a free bromeliad. They also answer questions about bromeliads and encourage people to attend an SBS meeting. This committee needs to be formed! Volunteers are needed.

Plant sales.

Set-up Committee (Bob Stickney)--Thursday, Sept. 26, people will be needed to set up the sales benches (provided by Selby Gardens) outside of the Activities Center at the Gardens on and to help sellers organize their plants and the general show area. People who sell plants are expected to help Bob during the sale.

Cashiers--One or two people are needed to help with collection of money from buyers and with tracking, sorting, and counting price tags.

Sales--Sellers are responsible for helping with the sales throughout the show and sale period, for disassembling and stacking the sales benches, and for ensuring that the sales area is clean and tidy after the sale.

Fascicularia bicolor, native to Chile, can be grown here in Florida.

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