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Terrie Bert

Vice President

David Denholm


Susana Pouso


Royal Bruce

Upcoming Meeting
Location: Selby Gardens

Date: Date Monday

March 12,2012

Time: Workshop 6:45 p.m.

Regular Meeting time 7:30pm

Speaker: Marty Baxley from St Petersburg


Marty and his father operate a large nursery with a collection of over 1500 species and hybrid bromeliads.

He will be bring plants for

WORKSHOP: Ken Phelps

Will be speaking on what

you need to know to get plants ready for the Show
DINNER Menu.—Corn beef

& cabbage with potatoes.

Rolls and salad. Donation $ 2.00

Future Events

The annual SHOW &

SALE will be held April 19- 22. At the Manatee Convention Center. The Society banquet Friday evening will provide the meat and beverages. For the banquet We will need a count of the attendees to provide table spaces and the meat dishes. Please plan ahead.





The WORLD BROMELIAD CONFERENCE will held in Orlando later this year.

Mark your calendar for September 24- Oct. 1st



The auction plant this month will be an Aechmea Mexicana—a large, beautiful, showy Aechmea.

from Terrie Bert


Previous Meeting Minutes

Sarasota Bromeliad Society Meeting
Sarasota Bromeliad Society Meeting

February 13, 2012
The Sarasota Bromeliad Society Meeting was called to order by President Terrie Bert at 7:30 P.M. All members were welcomed and Terrie stated that all new members receive a free raffle plant so both Judith Hycleman and Chareese Peters chose a free plant. There were 35 people in attendance.
Guest Speaker:

The speaker this month was Ray Lemieux from Tropiflora. He gave a very informative presentation on how he grows Bromeliads from seeds. He brought many different stages of the seed growths. He was available for questions afterwards.

David Denholm announced that next month the guest speaker will be Marty Baxley from The Clearwater Bromeliad Club who will speak on Bromeliads from growing to showing.
Business Meeting:

Minutes: Last months minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Royal stated that there was no spending to report because the auditors were not able to complete the audit. He passed out the Treasurers report which only showed income. Terrie then proposed that the budget be approved as is or be tabled until the audit committee had a chance to complete the audit. It was then tabled until next month giving additional time to the audit committee. One of the suggestions proposed was to have only two accounts for this year, a CD savings account and a working checking account. A separate show account was said not to be needed. This would simplify the accounting records. Terrie then said that since the budget had not been approved we would be operating under the 2011 budget.

Auction Plants: Terrie stated that she would be happy to bring the auction plants every month since she had plenty of wonderful plants to share. This month she brought 3 Pitcairnias which was won by Tony Tucker.

Door Prize: Roger Gale brought a X Cryptbergia “Red Burst” which was won by Diane Cantalamessa.

Membership: Membership directory was discussed and a hard copy will be made available soon. There was some discussion about having the membership list on our website. The roster is on the website under membership. Then it was brought up that we can not get into the members tab on the website. Terrie said she will discuss the website next month.

Refreshments: A $2.00 donation suggestion was requested from the members for the deliciously prepared spaghetti and meatball dinner provided by Debra Lemieux

Supplies: Supplies will be available in March and April for the show.

Workshops: Ken will have another workshop in March to give helpful hints on how to prepare your Bromeliads for the show.

Show: Bill Timm gave new details for the Bromeliad show including instructions on filling out the forms. Make sure only pencil is used.

Special Event: Selby Gardens will have a show and sale on February 25 & 26. Selby has invited all societies to have a table. David Johnson was taking names of volunteers to help. Susana volunteered to help out on the 26th. More volunteers are needed.

Show & Tell: Terrie did an exceptional job at describing not only the many plants but also their parentage. Bill Timm showed his hybrids and also showed some unique decorative containers. David Denholm described his Neorogelia Sarasota Sunday.

Tip of the Month: Put your plant I.D. tag upside down into the soil. This helps the tag retain the writing longer. This tip was provided by Terrie.
The meeting was adjourned following the raffle held by Mick Garza.
Respectfully submitted by Susana Pouso

The door prize was donated by Dr. Terrie Bert.

The Selby Gardens Plant & Garden Festival; 2/25-26th
Our Society table was staffed by Susana Pouso, Sara de Godol, and Eva Talbert and your editor. We provided info on our activities, (to recruit members), and raffled a plant that 53 persons tried to win. Our e-mail collection will help us recruit. Many thanks to our fine helpers Sat. & Sunday.

Our annual SHOW & SALE is chaired by Bill Timm with a large committee of helpers. Bill is still accepting volunteers, so see Bill and sign up.


Each S.B.S. show gives members the opportunity to exhibit their most worthy Bromeliads. All plants are judged by national accredited judges. Each plant judged on its own merit and awarded ribbons or awards according to its merits.

If you would like to sponsor an award or donate any amount of money to defer the cost of the awards, contact Shirley Evans at the March 12th or April 9th meeting. Any money or awards must be made 4 days before the show. All sponsors names will be displayed on the head table unless otherwise specified. (Please make checks to SBS and note “awards sponsor” or donation.
We would like to thank all those generous people who contributed in the past and encourage others to donate to our biggest source of income each year.
Participation by members is essential for our shows success. To find out how you can help, contact Bill Timm at or 941-426-1133. To jobs too big or too small, there’s an opportunity for all.

Checks for any part of show should be to S.B.S. on note line: awards – banquet or

Auction plant sale, etc. This will clarify which portion of show is to receive credit.

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